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"A beer, please." I said to the lady bartender. She eyed me before getting me a beer. Ofcourse, it's my 6th beer and along with 2 shots earlier. I am in a suit which explains I am here for no fun.

I paid for my drinks and left the bar. I started driving the car back home. I am so frustrated today. "HOW CAN SHE??!" I yelled and I slammed the steering wheel. How can she move on that fast? Its only been a year and she is dating someone else? Wasn't I worthy enough? She dumped me because I cheated on her when I was drunk? Is that even a valid excuse? I don't even know how long they have been dating.

I parked my car in the garage and went inside. As I entered my bedroom, I went to her large portrait and said "Baby girl, I am gonna get you back. By hook or by crook."

Its been four months since I am dating but today when I was out with Sean, I got a creepy feeling like I was being watched. The kind of feeling I had till last year. He still haunts me. Sometimes to the extent of losing my sanity. I hate that I was so weak. Four years, in a toxic and abusive relationship. He was so obsessive, that he never liked me talking to anyone guys but him. I can picture his reaction when he would find out I am in a relationship. And it won't be long before he hunts me down. But my body still responds to him. Whenever I think of our time together, I get wet instantly.

No matter how much I am afraid of him, I can't control my feelings. But I won't let him break me again. He had have enough.


A week later, I went to my office earlier than before. I work as an event manager. And as I opened my computer, I saw an email from the CEO of D&D. Sounds weird but okay. They want to meet me today. So I replied back saying I will be there by 11am.
At 11am, I m here infront of the building, all sweaty and nervous. I m never like this. Okay, first thing first,after this meeting I am having a strong ass drink. Will this I wiped my hands in my dress and headed to the CEO's office. I successfully shooed my nervousness to the back of my mind. I knocked on the door and a deep voice asked me to come in. Voice I know too well. I didn't want to believe it. I even almost convinced myself that this all in my head. But I failed miserably. There he was sitting on the other side of the table with a smile. The smile which used to turn me on so bad. It turns me on now too but the predatory gaze is scaring me. I can't seem to stop but get soaking wait. I don't even know how much time we have been there, not moving, but I nearly flinched when the chair screeched as he stood up.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him as I gathered my courage.

"Well, I am the CEO. Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" He wasn't the CEO of any company when we were together.

"This is my dad's company." I swear I lost words.

"Your dad? I don't remember you mentioning anything about your dad owning a company."

"You don't?"

"How could I know when you saw me nothing more than a whore to warm your bed." I said a little loud. Inside I was freaking out. But I wouldn't show my weakness.

"You changed a lot. It would be fun to break you again, wouldn't it baby girl.?" He said and I felt a jolt with both fear and excitement. No, I can't let him break me again.

I moved back to the door and prepared to leave.

"You did think that I invited you over so that you can leave me again, didn't you?" He asked as he pulled me with my arms.

"You don't own me. Get the fuck away asshole." I said and tried to shove him away but he is too big to even budge. I am gonna get a self defence training as I leave this place.

"If I were you, I would mind my words." He growled near my ears. My heart is thumping against my chest. All my courage jumped off from the 19th floor of this building.

"Lemme go, Darren." I whispered. I was pretty sure he heard me. He kissed my neck and licked my earlobe. "Please!" I whisper screamed.

"And why would I do that? Do you not love me anymore?" He asked. Do I? I don't know. All I know I am so scared right now.

"Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to you?"

"You forgot that you, baby girl, belong to me."

I whimpered as I felt his hands sliding down from my waist to my panties. I am so wet, he is gonna know.
"Aah baby, all wet for me, you want your daddy so much? You could just ask." He said as he flicked my swollen nub. All my sanity flew out and here I am, moaning and whining for him. I am such a slut.
We didn't even change our place,there against the door, I felt his finger between my folds. He was rubbing his finger between my folds and I felt him put a finger inside. He moved in and out as he put another one and third finger. By now I am facing him and I felt his thumb on my clit. Slowly stimuating and flicking. I am now a moaning mess
"Darren Please."

"Please what? Baby."

"I can't hold it." And he started moving faster. I came so hard on his fingers.

He licked all my cums and moaned. "You taste as good as I remember." He said as he scooped me to his table.
He pulled his drawer and took a pill from it. Looks suspicious.
"What is that?" I asked in an accusing tone.
"Oh baby, I know you don't want to get pregnant any soon." Yeah, at least not from him. I swallowed the pill and drank some water. In a flash, he flipped me over on my stomach and fingered my dripping core. He licked it once before positioning himself. I felt his tip on my opening, rubbing against my clit. I wiggled my ass a little.

"So impatient?" He said and chuckled and pushed himself in one go. I gasped and stopped breathing. He still takes me off guard. He didn't even get me time to adjust as he moved inside me deep and hard. I couldn't even form words without moaning. After a few moments I felt something cold in my other hole. What the fuck?

"Darren, no. Please." I haven't done anal and I don't intend to do it with him.

"You don't get to choose baby." He said as he pushed his cock inside my ass. I screamed at the burning sensation of being ripped apart. He is being so cruel. He wasn't like when we we're dating. I couldn't help the tears that were falling.

"Darren please, it hurts. Please stop." I said sobbing. My words fell to deaf ears. He kept ramming like a beast. May be even unaware of my tears. Just then I heard a buzzing sound and turned to look at a vibrator in his hands.
"Darren don't no ple-" he inserted the vibrator in my pussy. I couldn't stop the screams of pain bursting out of me. He kept forcing on me for as long as possible. Which was the whole afternoon.


I might have passed out, as I am on the couch with a blanket on me, all dressed up. It was almost 8 when I woke up. How long was I out?

"You have been out for 2 hours." He said from the other side of his table. The light here was off so I didn't see him.

"Okay, just so you know. It's never gonna happen again. Are we clear?"
He chuckled and his sinister look was giving me chills.
"I don't remember giving you any choices baby."

"YOU don't get to make choices for me."

"But I did!"

"What do you mean?"

"You will soon be pregnant with my child. You current boyfriend will leave you and I will be there for you. You Belong to me Chloe."

"What the fuck that's suppose to mean? You gave me the pill-"

"Fertility pill, a really strong one." He said and I felt myself getting pale. I let him break myself again?

"No no no! That can't be it."

"Nine months, I will win you back, baby girl"

He expression got dark, darker than I have seen before. He grabbed my neck and said "Should have thought before break up."

"Don't you remember the reason." I asked.
"Because I cheated on you?"
"No, cause you treat me like a whore. You know what? Fuck you. If my boyfriend dumps me, I will manage my own. But I won't let you in my life again."
"That's not for you to decide baby."
"FUCK YOU!!" I yelled as I took my stuffs and walked to the door. There I saw Sean. Fuck!

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.
He looked at me and then at Darren.

"I hope your work is done brother?"
"Is this too a part of your plan?"
"Just wanted a revenge baby, for killing Ethan, my baby brother."

I just stood there, speechless, not at all ready to face the world, with no one by my side.

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