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4- Neighbor


"Daddy, I have a play date with Nova, remember?"
Brian, my 5 year old son said from across the room.
"Yes, let me call Vanessa real quick."
"You know daddy, she blushes every time you look at her." And that got my attention.
"Why would you say that?"
"Because I have seen her face getting red like a tomato. Stop messing with her." He said in a scolding voice. He gets really protective of Vanessa sometimes. That woman makes me imagine things that I will lebel as sinful and dirty and forbidden.
Well Nova is Vanessa's half sister and their age gap is quite huge. Her mom died a few years ago in an accident. Leaving her alone with a two years old Nova and no one to help. Vanessa has always been a hardworking woman. I have seen her taking care of her sister while having a job which isn't as easy for I know how much of work it is. And that makes her even more attractive apart from how attractive and ravishing she looks.

Where as I am a 26 years old Manager in my company and a single father. Brian was a result of a random hookup. The mother of my child straight away denied to Have any custody of our child. She never visited after she gave birth to him. And after Brian I am no longer into hookups. No offense I really respect women. But what she did doesn't justify our mistakes. She blamed it on me. Hell,I blame myself but she was equally guilty. Okay, no more digging into what happened.
I called Vanessa and after 4 calls she picked up her phone.
"Hello, am I talking to Vanessa?"
"Um Ke-Keon?"
Damn! I do have an effect on her.
"I am. Are you home?"
"Yes, I am. And also I remember the play date."
"Great. So I will be their in a few minutes?"
"Yeah. Sure, I-I am waiting."
"See ya."

"Brian, get ready. We will leave." I said and turned around as I heard small footsteps. He was wearing a simple outfit but had a lot of Craft works.
"What are those?" I asked him.
"Well, you see daddy. Nova loves it when I do such things. So this is a present for her."
So romantic. Kid these days. I thought as I smiled at him.


Okay, calm down Vanessa. He isn't gonna bite you. Don't make yourself look stupid. Just another playdate and might become a sleepover because Nova can't stop ranting for it. You will be fine.
I repeated myself. But I know it is of no use because as soon as I see him my common sense will be everywhere but in me. I have made pasta for snacks and lasagna for dinner and have made brownies and pudding for desserts.
"Vanessa, please!" Nova said for the zillionth time today. Requesting me for a sleepover with Brian. I looked at her only to see those puppy eyes looking at me with sadness.
"Okay baby, fine. Let them come, I will try to convince them." I said with a sigh. Her big puppy eyes blamed at me.
"You are the best sister. I love you." She said kissed my cheek.
"I love you too." I said and kissed her forehead.
I see so much of mom in her and that makes me so much more miserable with what's if and doubt's whether I am a better guardian to her. Before I could go all emotional and get my eyes red the door bell rang. I rushed to the door. Took a few deep breaths and opened the door.
"VANESSA!!" Brian exclaimed and hugged me.
"Hey young man. How are you?"
"Apart from daddy being a pain in my butt. I am doing good."
I stared at him with my big eyes and mouth open.
My eyes made their ways to look at him. A low breath left me with his sight. He was wearing casuals and had an amused look on his face.
"Brian, buddy, don't be like that." He said and turned to me "I wonder what they teach at school these days." I chuckled.
"Same here. Nova makes me wonder the same thing."
"BRIAN!" Speak of the devil.
By now they have settled on the sofa.
"Are you Hungry?" I asked the trio.
"No daddy wanted me to eat something but I cannot miss your food."
"Very nice." I said with a smile. I am an amazing cook and know that.
"Vanessa, we are going to my room. Can you bring our food there?" Nova said as they made their way to get room.
"Yes, I will be there in a minute."
"Also, don't forget something." Brat!
"I get it ma'am."

I was serving pasta into the bowl when I felt his presence in the kitchen. Why does he effect me so much. There was total silence in the kitchen until he broke.
"What was she talking about?"
See what I mean?
"Uh. Um she was talking. Well, if u don't mind. You know." I was blabbering until I felt him near me. He was so close, I could smell his cologne. Goosebumps erupted on my body when I felt his warm breath on my ear.
"Relax. Take a deep breath and slowly let go."
I did as he said and my nerves started to calm down. He wasn't even touching me and I was all flustered. I turned to look at him and my eyes locked with his. His usual emerald green eyes were looking black with....lust and desire?
"Nova was saying if it is okay for Brian to stay here for a sleepover." I whispered back. There was a twinkle in his eyes.
"Sure, I don't mind. But can you handle the two brats?" He said and we laughed. But the look on his face said something else.
"Do you want to stay and help?" I asked with a husky voice. I don't know how that happened. But it did.
"I will be glad to help." He said with those bedroom eyes. Damn if I m not so wet right now.
I glanced away from him. And that's when I felt him behind me. His front chest was touching my back while his one hand gripped my waist and the other hand made it way to my throat,keeping me in place. He inhaled my scent and groaned. I lost my voice at that moment. I pushed myself back to him. I took a long breathe when his lips touched my neck. He continued with his small kisses. A moan left my lips when he sucked on my skin, enough to leave a mark.
"The kid. They will come any minute." I said in a breathy tone.
"I don't think they mind."
"I need to get them the pasta." And pulled myself from his grasp. We were both panting when I took the bowl to the kids.
"Did you say Keon about the sleepover?" Nova asked me.
"Yes, and he allowed." The kids squealed.
Keon entered the room.
"Brian,I m going to get an overnight bag. Do you need something?"
"No dad. But will you stay here too?"
He looked at me and said yes.
"So will you both sleep in the same room?"
That caused me to choke on my breath. Keon tried his best not to laugh.
"No sweetie, we won't sleep in the same room."
"But you know Vanessa, cuddles with daddy is so good. Whenever I am afraid, I sleep with him. You should try too."
These kids aren't helping with what happened back in the kitchen. I can imagine my face looking like a tomato. I looked at Keon to see him enjoying it more than he should.
"Alright kids, that's it. Finish your food and enjoy."
With that I left the room. I took a bottle of cold water to ease myself. I leaned on the kitchen counter and drank the water. Some of the water were falling from my chin to my cleavage and into my shirt. But I didn't care more. I was feeling way to hot so I opened first two buttons of my shirt. Keon was looking at me with hunger in his eyes. He eyes dark and jaw hard made him look like a beast ready to devour its prey, me.
I gulped as he made his way towards me. I tried to turn my back but was already late. He clutched my hair and titled my face to look at him. Our lips were inches apart.
"Are you trying to tease me?"
So he thought I am teasing him. I smirked, two can play the games.
"Maybe I am."
"You are playing with fire baby, stop me from burning you."
I stood on my toes and sucked on his earlobe and whispered
"Maybe I want you to burn me."
As if that was the green signal. He lifted me to the counter and slammed his lips to mine. It started with a sensual kiss and in no time there was an urgency. Our tongue fighting for dominance.
He opened my legs wide and stood between them, gripped my throat tight enough not to block air. While his other hand was inside the shirt. His touch was making my heart do somersaults. He broke the kiss and kept his forehead over mine, gasping for breath. I opened my eyes only find him staring at me intensely.
"Do you want to take this further-"
"Yes, my bedroom. Now!" I said in a commanding voice.
"Who's said you can control?" He asked in a deep voice. I was already in a frenzy to care but his words did flip flops in my stomach.
"Please." I started whining.
"Please what?" He asked, running the pad of his thumb over my lower lip.
"Please Master." He gave me the smile which he knows has an effect on every girl. Noe that you don't know, I am very much into bdsm. Which is how I know what he wants from me.
He walked away from me.
"Do you have toys?"
"Yes I have a few."
Though my ex boyfriend wasn't into these stuffs. I only have toys that only I can use.
"I have nipple clamps, butt plugs, a dildo and a vibrator. I have used them to myself and I don't have any experience with a dominant."
"Do you want me to get something from my house?" He asked.
"Anything you feel like we can use tonight."
Okay. After dinner, when the kids are asleep." He said as he licked my lips and retired from the house. My mind was everywhere. I was so nervous yet excited thinking about tonight.


After dinner. We put the kids to bed and they were fast asleep. The sexual tension during dinner was very thick. That results in the constant wetness of my panties.
I was in my bathroom, putting on the best lingerie after taking a shower. I did a light makeup, enough to look like a seductress. It feels good when someone notices us. I walkd out of the bathroom to find Keon wearing his jeans a little lower than his waist. His perfect muscular body on show, ready for me to pounce, and the v beneath his abdomen disappearing in the jeans. The lighting of the room screamed sex and he was already putting the toys to his hands length. I swallowed hard when I saw his eyes drinking in the sight of me in the lingerie that haven't covered my parts. I wore a high heel that matched the outfit. Slowly and seductively I made my way to him and he pulled me to his chest grabbing my ass cheeks, kissed and sucked parts of my neck and shoulder, leaving marks on them.
He stepped back and commanded pointing to the bed.
"Oh your knees, head down and hands behind."
I did as he said as he said and heard the sound of clinking. I immediately knew what that was. He cuffed my hands.
"Now, you are not allowed to speak until you are asked something. And call me Master, unless you want to be punished. Is that clear?"
"Ye-yes Master."
"It is your first time. I want you to relax and do you have a safe word?"
I took my time thinking.
He was silent for a few seconds.
"Very well, now I don't want you to hesitate before using the word if you are not comfortable. Is that clear."
"Yes what?" And SPANK!
"Yes master." I moaned out.
"Good girl." I don't know why. But saying him 'good girl' was turning me on more. I heard little noises.
"I am using a whip. It won't hurt much but it will sting a little. Are you okay with it?" He asked.
"Good." And he whipped. I gasped. The feeling so foreign yet welcoming. He was right. It didn't hurt but there was a stinging sensation. I love that feeling.
He used that for at least 10 times before he stopped.
"How often do you use butt plug?" He asked.
"I am not regular, but I have used it many times."
A few seconds later I felt something cold on my ass crack. The lube. He slowly inserted the butt plug while stimuating my clit. I couldn't stop the moans as they escaped my lips.
"Are you okay?" He asked massaging my ass cheeks.
"Yes master. Please don't stop."
He uncuffed me and placed me on my back and cuffing me to the bed post. And bought the nipple clamps to me. The coldness of the metal made me shudder. He clamped my nipples, got the vibrator and pussed it to my clit. The suddenness of the vibrator drove me crazy and by now I was screaming. Don't worry, my room is soundproof. He pulled on the chain of the clamps as he continued the torture with the vibrator. He continued this for what felt like hours. I was about to come when he stopped.
"Master please."
"You will come only when you are allowed." With that he un shuffled his belt and clicked opened his jeans. He climbed over me until his crotch was near my mouth. The thin fabric of his boxers was the only thing that stopped us.


I watched as she licked my hardness over the boxers. After a few licks I got it out her reaction was worth it. My cock was a little less than 8 inches but its thickness was about 3 inches. Her eyes wide as saucers.
"Don't worry, it will fit."
She opened her mouth for me to put my dick in but she gagged until I was half in. She asked me to continue and by now I was face fucking her. Her face was all sweaty and red, saliva dripping off her mouth and her makeup smudge. The sight made my inner beast to claw out.
"Aah! Vanessa, I am about to come." I was about to take out when she shook her head. After a few more thrusts I came in her mouth with a groan. My cum was dripping out, slipping into the neck while she swallowed the rest.
I rest my forehead against her.
"Are you Okay?"
"Yes master. But I need you inside me please."
"I don't think I can be gentle."
"Then don't be. I need you."
"Are you on pills?"
I kissed her lips and tasted myself on her.
"What's your safe word?"
"Do not deny to use it. You understand?"
"Yes. Master."
I said and parted her legs wide. The sight of her swollen shaven pussy with a little hair was mouth watering. I licked the nub and she gasped. I will taste her later for I am getting impatient to get inside. Rubbing her clit twice with the head of my cock, he trusted into her in one go and she moaned loudly. She wasn't a virgin, but she definately felr like one. She was so tight and the buttplug was making her tighter. I didn't move for a few minutes letting her adjust. The sight of my cock inside her, her hair disheveled and makeup smudge with eyes watering was turning me more than it should. I started moving, in and out slowly. I started hard and deep thrusts as I pulled the chain of the nipple clamps every now and then.

Her insided started clenching on my member and tears were coming out of her eyes. I licked off the tears and kissed her lips.
"Master please." She pleaded.
"Don't cum." I whined more.
I felt myself about to get done. I started moving faster and faster. He was sobbing loudly by now.
"Master please, I can't anymore. Stop"
"Wanna use your safe word?"
"Then I am not stopping." I said as I grabbed her throat. After a couple of minutes I couldn't take it anymore.
"Cum. NOW!" She screamed as she came all over my cock and collapsed on the bed. But i didn't stop until I came inside her. I fell on her, careful enough not to crush her beneath me. After catching our breaths for a few minutes I asked
"You okay?"
"I am. It was amazing." She said and smiled lazily.
I kissed her forehead.
"It was." I got off the bed and got an wet washcloth. I wiped off her face and inner thighs and helped her out of the lingerie. She mumbled something incoherent when sleep took over her delicate feature.
I got inside the covers and slept in peace for the first time in years.

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