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5- Best Friend

I was watching him as he slurped the last drop of the milkshake I got him And to say that I was turned on would be an understatement. I started imagining his face between my legs slurping my cum as well. If we weren't in a busy place he could have heard the slick sound between my legs. Yes, I Was this wet. And I doubt he knows the effect he has on me. I, involuntarily, moaned at the thought and I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks when he looked at me with a look I can't pin point And quickly looked away. And the worst thing about it is he is my best friend and it doesn't feels wrong as it seems.

I could feel that he didn't look away from me and I pretended to look the crowd around us and the tension around us could be felt by anyone. And just then I saw one of our friends and she waved at me. I waved back and she approached us. I mentally thanked her for easing the tension around us.
"Hey Renee, Hey Kian." She greeted us. And I saw a slight change in the expression as she looked between us but disappeared.

"Hey, Shelley." Both me and Lian greeted. "How you doing? Have a seat." I said and motioned her to seat. Kian smiled at her and now his focus I'd back at me. I looked at him dead in his eyes for a couple seconds before looking at Shelley.
We chatted for a few minutes and she said she is supposed to be somewhere else. I walked a few steps away from where we were sitting leaving Kian and as if waiting for this very moment she stopped talking about whatever she was talking and asked
"What's going on between you two?"
"What do you mean?" I asked acting dumb.
"Don't shit with me Ree. You know what I mean. What's with all the sexual tension?" I coughed. Like really coughed. And tried to cover up by laughing.
"I don't think I would call it sexual tension."
"Yeah? I saw him giving you the 'I will rip your clothes off and have my ways with you' look." She Said as she raised her perfectly shaped eyebrows.
"Yeah well, long story short, I kinda had some dirty thoughts and a moaned Escaped my lips. It happened seconds before you came." I said as I looked away.
"Well, you aren't the only one to have such thought." She winked.
"What do you mean?"
"Don't look but Kian as you pinned and is looking you with lust filled eyes." And that has me frozen. I couldn't form words over this And decided not to drag anymore. I bid her goodbye and went Back. I don't know what came to me but I looked up at Kian. And the intense look he gave me had my thighs clenching. I needed more friction so I clenched hard And his eyes moved to my lower portion and a smirk formed on his face when he saw the movement of my legs. I composef myself in a few seconds and cleared my mind and throat.

He has been your best friend from years dumbass, Why the fuck are you nervous?

"I wanna give back to my room." I said out of nowhere.
He eyed me for a moment and his eyes held an excited glint.
"Okay." He said and we Grabbed out stuffs and left.
I really needed a release and I can use my purple dildo for it. It had been my boyfriend since my first time. My first time was crap and ever since I have been for my own service. And being a shy girl doesn't help. Kian scares away any guy that comes to me.
I put all of our things at the backseat of the car and sat infront.

Kian kept his hands on my thigh once we were out and my breathing stopped. WE have always locked our hands and this is one of the gesture that pulls me to him more.
The ride to my room was short. Once I was out of the car, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. He helped me carry the stuffs to my room And I was so tempted to be alone. But he wasn't leaving my room so I asked him to sit. It would be rude to ask him to leave. So I went to the bathroom and stripped off my clothes after Turning the tap of my Bathtub on and waited for it to fill. I took dildo and settled myself in the tub. The water on my body while I pleasure myself feels better.

I slowly inserted the thing inside and a loud moan slipped past me resulting in clamping my mouth shut with the other hand. Its been a while since I masturbated. And Started moving and I might have only moved a couple times when the door of my bathroom opened revealing a shirtless and smirking Kian. Shit! I am so used to not locking the door as I live alone.

I quickly look out the purple thing and got out of the tub and was about to grab a towel when he said in the sexiest voice ever
"No Kitten. Do what you were doing."
"I am sorry, I should have checked the lock" I started blabbering.
"Shh, get back there. I want to see you please yourself." His voice held authority. Fuck! I love this Kian more. I was hesitant before he said
"Don't make me repeat." I went back to how I was and rubbed the tip of the dildo Along my slit While the other hand spread my folds apart.
"Eyes on me, kitten." He said and I looked at him. I started inserting it inside and saw Kian taking a huge breath. Seconds later I started moving. I couldn't help but close my eyes.
"Keep your eyes on me. And move faster." I did as he said and moved faster. I bit my lips, trying not to let out any sound but was failing. Having Kian watching while I please myself was turning me more. I kept moving faster And I felt my lower stomach clenching. Few thrusts later I moaned as I had one of the intense orgasm. I couldn't move as I was catching on my breathes. I saw Kian moving towards me and helped me get up. The touch sent electricity shoot my whole body. I looked at him to find him so composed. If I didn't know him, I couldn't have known how bad he is fighting to control himself. He is a beast, well that's what I heard from his exes.

I got out the bathtub and turned to him but didn't look. My breathing was still heavy and my whole body was burning with need. He tilted my head and smashed his lips on mine. My mind went blank and all I could feel was his lips on mine and his hands exploring my naked wet body. His palm hard set soft felt so good on me. Oh how I wish the time to stop.
I moaned in his mouth and wrapped my hands tighter around his neck as he squeezed my ass cheeks and spank me hard. Like really hard.
"Jump!" He said huskily and I obeyed, wrapping my legs around his torso.
Slowly he pushed me towards the wall and pressed himself against me. I can feel how hard he is against myself and involuntarily, I started to move my hips like some sex starved maniac and felt him smile against the crook of my neck.

All of a sudden, he let go of me making me whine with the loss of contact and back away a little taking my whole body. He chuckled
"I don't want to take you hear in the bathroom against the wall. I want to take my time to devour you whole and make you feel special like you deserve." He said and my heart skipped a beat. I stared at his eyes and made my way to my bedroom with him behind me.

One thing I noticed today was that, Kian didn't look at me with just lust like I thought he or anyone would. He didn't just stare at my body but my eyes and with the way he did. I feel butterflies.
I stopped after walking to the bed and felt his hands snaking around my waist, His eyelashes near my eyes and his breath against my neck. He started licking my neck and tilted it, giving him more access and moaned when he found the sensitive spot. He sucked on it and I was damn sure there would be a huge ass hickey.
"Kian!" I gasped when he reached between my thighs and rubbed a finger between the folds until he pressed on my clit. He drew circles on it and seconds later I had my orgasm. He turned me around and I sucked in a breath when I saw him locking his fingers.

He grabbed me by the back of my neck and kissed me. I allowed him to take the total control and tasted myself. We broke the kiss and he pushed me slightly towards the bed. I laid on my back with my legs wide open and bent with my knees up. I am fully aware of the sight infront of me and how much he is controlling himself. He took off his jeans leaving his boxers on and climbed on the bed between my thighs.

He lowered his head between my thighs and sucked on the side and locked each of my legs to keep me in place. It was such a torture.
"Kian please!" I whimpered.
"What do you want Baby girl?"
"Please." I said again.
"You need to be more assertive, tell me what do you want."
"Eat me." I breathed out. And he did. He licked my clit and sucked on it hard making me lose control. I cried out with the sensation I never felt before. He kept on sucking and licking like a pro and would occasionally bite my pussy lips. It wasn't long before I felt another orgasm making it way. My moans increased and I squirted all over his mouth.
Wow! I never squirted before.
"Fuck!" He said and sucked away all the cum. By the time he left me, I was panting. I opened my eyes to look at him, like he would rip me apart.
He slowly took off his boxers and rubbed the tip of his length between my folds. He would only let the tip inside and take out. Way to torture me.
I can't wait for him to be inside me.
"Kian please." I said.
"Tell me what do you want Renee." He said.
"Fuck me. Like you need to." I said in such a seductive way, I didn't recognize my voice. And that was it for him to let out the beast. He slammed all the way inside and I screamed arching my back, making my boobs pop up. Fuck, He's huge. He stilled, letting me adjust to his size and peppered small kisses on my neck and cheeks.
"You can move now." I said lowly.
And he started moving. Careful not to hurt me. He moaned in sync and man! That's the sexiest voice I have ever heard. I could even feel the way he is stretching my insides as he made his way inside. I had my eyes closed while my hands were around his neck. He had one of his hand around my waist and the other one the bed by my side for support.
"Look at me." He said And I did. His pupils kept on dilating and the sweats were dripping off his forehead. His hairs were all over the place.
"Renee, tell me to go fast baby." He moaned. And unable to form words I nodded.
"Words, I need words." He said.
"Yes. Please go fast." I said as clearly I could.
And he started ploughing inside me faster. By now I was a screaming mess and he kept on sucking and biting parts of body he could reach at that very moment. And I didn't care. Keeping my eyes open was impossible but looking at his eyes was making me feel differently. He looked so beautiful at that moment and everything around us seemed to disappear. He would occasionally slam hard but slow, hitting it deep inside. Minutes later, I lower belly started clenching and moaned louder. He wrapped his hand around my neck when he felt my insides clenching around him And his breathing got ragged.
"Don't cum yet." He said. And moved faster. Tears started prickling from the corner of my eyes and it was painful to hold. I saw him reach over and lick off my tears and it got worse. I was feeling so overwhelmed with emotions and with all of his attentions.
"Cum, now." He said and I moaned in ecstasy as I came all over his dick. He stayed a few more seconds inside before pulling out. I felt his cum seeking out of me and he seems to like the sight with the look on his face. He then looked at me to find me looking at him and smiled. He got to my side and wrapped me around him. It felt like it meant to. He felt home and I snuggled closer.
"You are mine now." He said and that was the last thing I heard before passed out.

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