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Two college girls share a dorm room, an apartment, boyfriends and much more. Not in their wildest dreams did they think being roomies would lead them down this road.

Erotica / Fantasy
marsha rice
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Untitled chapter


“C’mon, time to rise and shine.” I said, “Coffee’s on.” I pulled the covers back to let the sunshine beat down on her tightly squinted eyelids.

“Two more minutes.” She mumbled.

“Nope, today is laundry day and it’s my turn. After the noises that I heard last night, I’m quite sure that your sheets need to be done. C’mon, get up.” And I yanked the top sheet off of her, leaving her exposed, naked to the world.

“What ever happened to a little privacy?” Robin asked as she sat on the edge of the bed and swung her feet to the floor.

“That’s funny.” I said.

She stood up, stretched, and attempted to get some control of her rat’s-nest head of hair, looked at me and yawned and said, “Bed-hair.”

“Call it what you will. And you might want to think about a shower before coffee this morning. I don’t know which odor is stronger, the sex or the booze.” I stood there waiting for her to leave the room.

“Jealous?” she asked, and took a step closer to me and gave me a good-morning hug.

Robin left the room and headed for the shower, swaying her hips from side to side exaggeratedly, and looked over her shoulder to make sure I was watching her. She had an amazing body, kind of a cross between a magazine model and the girl next door, and she loved to flaunt it when the occasion arose.


Robin and I had been roomies since the first day of our freshman year at the university. It was just by chance that we ended up together, but we hit it off right away. Like all schools, the first-year students have to live in the dorms, and we decided to stay there our sophomore year because of the convenience. This year we were able to get our own apartment off campus. It’s not huge but we each have our own bedrooms which is a real plus.

Robin quite frequently would sneak a date into our dorm room and they would “entertain themselves” while I laid in bed right across the room. Most times I would pretend to be asleep and wait until they were finished. Other times I would pull the covers over my head and peak out between the sheets.

Robin is in the nursing program and she says that exploring the male anatomy is part of her research. I say, yeah, whatever. I’ve probably watched Robin have sex more times in the last two years than I have had in my entire life. She can, however, be quite energetic and fun to watch while she is researching.


I poured the coffee when I didn’t hear the water running in the shower anymore. Robin emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Water was beaded up on her shoulders and her long blonde hair was combed straight back and cascaded down her neck.

“Why the towel? Modest all of a sudden?” I inquired.

“I swear you like watching me walk around naked as much as I like being naked.” She replied.

“I’ve kind of gotten so used to it that I notice when you are covered up. You’d think that you grew up in a nudist colony.” I said.

She rose to he feet, dropped the towel and said, “Happy now?”

“It’s not like I live and breathe to see you naked, but you must admit you have given me plenty of opportunities to do so. Besides,” I said, “ looking at you is a lot easier on the eyes than looking in the mirror.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, you are very attractive, you just don’t know it. Any guy would be lucky to be with a girl like you. You just have to make yourself available.” She said, “When was the last time you were on a date?”

“I don’t need to date. I get your leftovers any time I want.” I said.

“What the hell does that mean?” She said, staring a hole in me.

“There have been times that you were so drunk that you passed out and couldn’t do whatever you were going to do that night.” I said.

“You are imaging things, name one.” She insisted.

“Okay, if you really want to know. I was asleep one night and I woke up to go to the bathroom. You were asleep, or passed out, and left the bathroom light on. Your ‘date’ was standing in front of the sink masturbating when I walked in on him. He was so drunk, he turned and looked at me and slurred, ‘Who are you? You’re not her.’ Well, he was really good looking, and very well endowed, and you know, it was hard not to help the poor guy out, so I turned him back toward the sink, reached around and gave him a hand, if you know what I mean, all the while I was grinding on his bare ass. I took care of myself and him at the same time. He left and I never saw him again.”

“Oh, well, I don’t remember that. Anyone else?” she asked.

“Seriously?” I asked, “Do you remember Ryan from State? We both thought he was hot, but I begged off and you two went out one night and you ended up bringing him home. I was awake but pretended to be sleeping. You were both pretty shitfaced and got into it hot and heavy. I laid there watching as the clothes came flying off. First your top, then his shirt, then your pants then his, then your bra, then your panties, then his boxers. By the time you were done grabbing and groping each other, it was like you both passed out at the same time. There he was, on his back, out cold and stiff as a board. You laid next to him sound asleep. I snuck across the room to your bed and took advantage of the situation. Just like that movie, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’, he never came to and I had the best orgasm you could imagine.”

“You fucked my date right in front of me?”

“It’s not like you cared.” I said.

“Is that it?” she asked one more time.

“No, there was one other time when you brought that guy from the swim team back to the dorm.” I said.

“I remember him, I wasn’t drunk that night and you weren’t even there.” Robin said.

“Right, I came home late and you two were sound asleep. I had just settled into bed when he got up and went to the bathroom. When he came out, he must’ve gotten confused in the dark and crawled into bed with me. He snuggled up and spooned me for a minute. He asked me if I was awake and did I want to go again. It was then that I realized he thought that he was with you. He was becoming erect and pushing it between my ass cheeks. I rolled over and said that I wasn’t you. He said he didn’t care what name you wanted to call yourself and climbed on top. What can I say, I let him. He must’ve thought that he was king shit because he asked me if it was as good as he was the first time.” I said.

“Yeah, I never saw him again. His whole world revolved around how good he thought he was.” Robin said, reminiscing.

“Of course, then there was you.” I said laughing.

“What are you talking about?” She asked.

“Don’t you remember, our freshman year, you went out with what’s-his-name, and you were giving him a blowjob and puked all over him? And yourself. And you came stumbling in reeking of vomit. That was the first time that I saw you naked. I threw you into the shower and rinsed your clothes the best I could and then stripped you naked. You really needed your hair washed, and the easiest way was to get into the shower with you. I don’t know what you thought was happening, but while I was hosing the chunks out of your hair, you were searching for my penis because you wanted to finish your blow job. You were quite upset when you put your hand between my legs that I didn’t have one.” I told her.

“I don’t remember any of that.” She said.

“Shall I continue?” I asked.

“No. that’s enough. Let’s talk about something else.” She said.


Robin went to her room and got dressed. It was apparent that she didn’t plan on leaving the apartment today as she had put on her “slob” clothes as she calls them, cotton shorts that are so worn you can almost see though them, a “husband beater” tank top that’s two sizes too big and no bra. Of course, she would look good in almost anything.

“So,” she says to me, “you know the DNA project we were doing for lab class and I volunteered you? We got the results back and guess what?”

“Well, I know you’re going to tell me, so, tell me.” I said.

“The test said that you and I are closely related.” She said.

“What, like long lost cousins or something?” I asked.

“No, closer, more like siblings.” She answered.

“How can that be? Don’t you think for a minute that our mothers would know?” I said.

“Science doesn’t lie.” She added.

“But, that would mean that we would have to have the same father. That just can’t be. You are fucking with my brain cells. I can’t think.” I could hear myself start to ramble so I shut up.

“I know, but stranger things have happened. Haven’t you ever watched ‘The Twilight Zone’?” Robin asked.


“Robin, I’m home. Where are you?” I yelled out as I dropped my keys in the bowl by the door. The apartment is only so big, where could she be? Obviously, not here.

I put all of my clothes away. One of the nice things about going home to see my mom is that she does my laundry for me, saving me the cost of the laundromat.

I had just hung up my last blouse in the closet and sat down on the toilet when I heard the door.

“Where are you?” Thankfully it was Robin’s voice.

“Sitting down with my pants around my ankles. Where do you think I am?” I answered.

“Always the smart ass, aren’t you?” She replied while bursting in.

“You here to wipe my ass for me?” I asked.

“Never mind that. How’s your mom and what did she say? What did you find out? Come on I wanna know. What do ya know? Out with it.”

“Can we at least do this in the other room? My god I can’t even pee in peace.” I said.

“Look, that was the worst conversation that I’ve ever had with my mom. She was more nervous than our talk about the birds and the bees for Christ’s sake.”, I began. “My mom worked for an insurance company before she had me, and my dad was an over-the-road trucker. She got the opportunity to go to a weekend conference in Chicago once. While she was at the conference she met this guy, who was real nice to her, and paid a lot of attention to her. She said that with my dad away so much of the time, she liked the attention and in a weak moment invited the guy up to her hotel room. The rest they say is history. I asked her why she kept it from me, and she said that she felt like there never had been a reason for me to know. It was between her and my dad, and that they had worked through it once and never talked about it again.”

“Did she tell you his name?” Robin asked.

“No, and I wasn’t about to ask either.”


I heard the door slam shut, “I’m in the bedroom.” I shouted.

Robin came in and tossed her overnight bag on the bed, “Well, I’m not going to give you the third degree. How’d it go with your mom?” I asked.

Robin shook her head and said, “You will never believe in a million years.”

“Try me.”

“Okay, well first my mom wasn’t even home when I got there. So, I started rifling through an old lock box looking for my birth certificate, which I found, and I found my parent’s marriage license. They weren’t married until I was two years old. I asked my mother about it when she got home and she told me that it was none of my fucking business, and left again. So, when my dad got home I told him about the DNA project and that I felt like I deserved to know the truth. About everything. God love the man, but he didn’t leave anything out. Man, he told me shit that I now wish that he hadn’t. But anyway, to make a long story short, my mom was one of his many conquests and it wasn’t until I was almost two that he settled down and realized that my mom was who he wanted to be with, and they’ve been together ever since.”

“What about Chicago?”

Robin took a deep long breath and said, “My dad told me that, yes, he did work for an insurance company around that time and he did attend a conference in Chicago, but that he never heard anything after that from that lady that he met there, your mom, or knew anything about you.”

“So, we really are sisters. Just like the DNA test indicated.” I was mesmerized.


The birds were chirping rather loudly this morning, more than usual. I could hear them over the sound of the shower. I was on my way to the kitchen when I noticed that Robin was still in her bed. I stepped into her room and sat on the edge of her bed and nudged her, “Hey, who’s in the shower?”

She grumbled a little and said, “Zack.” With a little smile beginning to form in the corner of her mouth.

“Zack, still seeing him, huh? He must be special. This is the longest you’ve ever been with the same guy.” I said, most bewildered.

“Get out, leave me alone.” Then she paused and asked, “How long has he been in there?”

“Not long, if you hurry you can make it before he’s done.” And with that she threw the covers back and high-tailed it for the bathroom. “Just what I like to see first thing in the morning, my naked sister.” And I laughed.

Because the doors in our apartment are very rarely closed, I could hear the moaning coming from the steam-filled shower. “If you two lovebirds aren’t going to be long, I’ll make breakfast.”

The shower curtain scraped back across the rod and Zack stuck his head out and said, “Or you could come in here and join us, and I’ll make breakfast.”

Robin pulled the curtain back further and said, “He’s almost finished, we’ll be right out.”

The French toast was frying up on the griddle when Zack came up from behind me, without even turning around, I said, “You’d better not still be wet.”

“I just wanted to show you what you missed this morning.”

I could tell that he wanted me to turn around and see him, most likely without even a towel, and I knew that he wouldn’t be happy until I did, so, with spatula in hand, I turned and shook it at him and said, “Put that thing away, it could be dangerous. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

Robin stepped into the doorway, gave him the evil-eye and said, “Stop being so childish and get dressed.”

“Come here,” I said to Robin, “your boyfriend is crazy-assed nuts.”

With a twinkle in her eye and a shit-eaten grin she looked at me and said, “Yeah. Me too!” And she opened her towel, laughed and ran to the bedroom.

“Not again, no time. Breakfast is ready.” I yelled.


I walked in and threw my keys in the bowl by the door like I always do, and I could see Robin sitting at the kitchen table, it looked as though she had been crying. Without saying a word, I sat across from her and waited. I knew that she’d open up when she was ready.

Very quietly she said, “do you remember the DNA tests?”

“Of course, I do.” What was she going to say next, that they were wrong and we weren’t really sisters? Because that certainly wasn’t going to change how I felt about her.

“Well, someone else in the lab had an extra, so I had Zack do it.”

“And?” I waited for what was next.

“It came back that he also is a match to us.” And Robin began to sob.

“So, you, me and Zack all share the same father?” I asked as my mind was going in circles.

“I’ve been fucking my brother and I think I love him, oh my god, what am I going to do?” Is what came out of her mouth in between sobs.

I moved my chair next to her and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tight and thought to myself, I was with him too, my brother. I didn’t know quite what to say to her, but, “Things will work out somehow, you’ll see.”, came out of my mouth.

“That’s not the worst of it.” She said, and pulled back from me, “I’m late!”

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