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Patricia, a simple 19-year old girl, had an ordinary life and a boyfriend she didn't exactly like until her mother met Theo Garcia. A dangerously sexy, successful businessman and club owner in Manhattan. A man who is loaded with money and above all really hot? There is no way Patricia would ever be interested in someone like that. Someone who is much older than her. Someone so intimidating. Someone so dominant that makes her shiver by just looking at her. Someone so demanding that can awaken her dirtiest and most depraved sexual desires. Someone completely off-limits. She wouldn't dare now, would she? That's why Patricia shouldn't have any problems with keeping her hands to herself right? What could possibly go wrong? Except the fact that we always want what's forbidden...

Erotica / Romance
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Mr. Theo Garcia

Trigger warning: This story contains sex scenes (all have consented), violence, and assault. Only for 18+ readers!

P.s. : Most of the sex scenes were inspired by real-life experiences hehe..... Enjoy, you naughty people xoxo

P.s.s. : Stay wild! ;)

Sex. Only fucking sex went through his head. I’m not going to lie, even though I don’t like doing it that much, it didn’t bother me at all in the beginning, because I enjoyed myself every time we fucked. However, after 4 months of a relationship, you just get tired of having the same old boring sex all the time. But not Alex. He never gets tired. If only he was able to talk about anything other than sex. I’ve thought many times that he might be a nymphomaniac.

“Oh, fuck Patricia, I’m gonna cum!” He moaned as he fucked me from behind on the bench.

Every morning before class, we crawled to the men’s locker rooms, where we had a quick session. His scream immediately woke me from my thoughts, letting me know that it was my turn now.

“Mmmm Alex! What are you doing to me? Fuck me harder!” I yelled as if I was just filming a porno.

I squeezed Alex’s dick even harder with my pussy and waved my hair wildly around. Every time he was nearing a climax I made a show like that to make him cum as soon as possible. The tempo was getting faster and faster, and I pushed myself even further away from the lockers right onto his hard dick.

“Ughh, shit babe you are so tight! Did you cum?” He whispered lightly in my ear while his hot sperm was sliding down my thigh.

Did I come? Truth to be told, I have never experienced an orgasm during sex. When I masturbate, I experience it every time, but unfortunately, this has not happened during sex yet. Probably because sex was never something I really enjoyed, and also the guys never tried hard enough to please me. I guess that is what one can expect from nineteen-year-old fuck boys, like Alex, who only care about emptying their balls.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a long time,” I lied, pulling my thongs back to my hips as quickly as possible, but something bothered me about them.

The bastard had scraped them in a hurry and they were now crawling down on me.

“Are you still coming back to my place after school?” He asked me confused, frantically looking for his T-shirt.

To come to his place? Is he mad? Does he think my pussy is made out of steel? Thank God I actually had other plans.

“Oh? Alex, I am sorry, but I can’t. I promised my mom I would meet her new boyfriend.”

He slammed the wardrobe door without answering me.

That fucking bastard.

Even though I turned down Alex’s offer to come to his place after school, he still offered me a ride home, which shocked me above all, as he was always very resentful. For the first time in my life, I was grateful for my mom’s new boyfriend, because meeting him is going to save me from “hanging out” with Alex.

Ever since my father left her for a younger model and moved to Cuba, she has been going on dates regularly. All the guys she was dating were ordinary scum, disorganized, unemployed, and even more to the name. I never understood why she was descending to such a low level, while she was a real beauty with her long black hair and slender physique. Despite her forties, she looked 10 years younger, certainly too good for such losers. So I was never looking forward to meeting them, as I knew that a new, possibly shittier candidate would appear at the door in a month.

I say “Theo” more to myself than to Alex.

“Theo who?” He asks in surprise.

“Theo Garcia is the name of my mom’s new boyfriend,” I say absently.

“What? Theo Garcia! Patricia, he owns almost half of the clubs in Manhattan. The man bathes in money.”

I didn’t believe what I just heard. Is it possible that mom finally met her mind and didn’t get into a relationship with some moron for a change? The news should have cheered me up, but it didn’t.

“We’re here, I’ll call you later ok?” Alex says to me quickly after kissing me.

As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a huge black Mercedes parked in the driveway. Nothing good will come with this Theo, I thought.

“Mom, I’m home!” I shouted and entered the kitchen, where the sexiest man I have ever seen was leaning against the counter.

His skin was a little more tanned, and he wore a white shirt and black slightly tighter pants. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up and they willingly revealed his huge arms. The wrist of his right hand was adorned with a Rolex. When he turned towards me I could see his sculpted unshaven face with deep green eyes and his hair was cleanly cut. I’d say he was in his late thirties. The shirt gripped his sculpted body and not to mention the pants that were so tight on his manhood that it was a little left to the imagination. He was so fucking hot that my panties were getting wet.

“You must be Patricia. Evelyn told me so much about you. I’m Theo Garcia. I’m glad we finally met!” He said in the deepest voice and held out his hand to me.

Of course, he’s Theo fucking Garcia.

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine,” I replied shyly, trying to hide his influence on me, while I shook his hand.

My panties were getting wetter and wetter and I didn’t have to do anything to imagine him fucking me right there in the middle of the kitchen on the counter.

“Honey, you finally came home from school! I see you’ve already met Theo,” said my mother behind me.

Thank god she came into the kitchen and cut the tension in the air.

“Uhmm, yes. I will go to my room because we got a lot of homework today.” I said casually and almost ran to my room before my mother could tell me anything else.

When I got to the room, I immediately took off my soaked panties. What just happened? Never before has anyone made me horny by doing absolutely nothing. What’s going on with me? This is my mom’s boyfriend! I couldn’t believe my dirty mind. I decided that I will start doing my homework and occupied my thoughts for at least some time. A couple of hours later, my phone rang and the number of my best friend Trina appeared on the screen.

“Hey, baby! Alex told me your mom was dating Theo Garcia! This is crazy; the guy is filthy rich. Do you know what that means? Shopping 24/7!” Trina screamed into the phone.

“Ummm Trina calm down. If the guy had a ton of money, it doesn’t mean that he would just hand me his credit card, plus I can’t believe that Alex has already told you about it,” I replied indignantly.

“Ah, stop being so dramatic Patricia. Convince your mother to marry the guy. I mean she is a sexy babe, she must have completely charmed Mr. Theo already,” Trina replied enthusiastically.

We talked for a long time until I looked at my watch and saw that it was already well past one in the morning. I said goodnight to Trina and jumped in the shower. Exhausted, I laid down on the bed, trying to close my eyes until I suddenly heard moans coming out of my mom’s bedroom. Because the walls in the house where we live are very thin, everything can be heard through them. I was already used to my mother’s boyfriends spending the night. Every time they decided to have sex, I heard them and so I just put headphones in my ears and listened to music. But I’ve never heard my mom moan so loudly before. Because of course, that wasn’t enough, the moans turned into screams. Her bed was pounding against the wall so hard that literally, everything was shaking.

“Oh Theo, you are so big! Yes, Theo! Fuck me, Theo!” She shouted and gasped loudly.

“Kill me.” I angrily said to myself.

This is obviously going to be a long fucking night.

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