Sexcapade (Completed)

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My Neighbor

The Story of Chrissy and Asher

My birthday had just passed. I was finally 18 years old. But sadly I was still a dumb virgin-nerd. I had been picked on all my life. Being in our high school was a bigger drag because we were in a small town.

Which meant that the same stupid people that I knew in elementary as my bullies, were my same tormentors in high school.

I was deep in depression most of my life. That was until she moved in next door. My angel- she had beautiful curves in all the right places, bee sting lips with the long batting-lashes that made me do anything she asked me to do.

Besides my best friend Russ and Brandon, she was my only friend. No one understood why she befriended me, hell- not even I knew why she was my friend.

She was so beautiful, she could easily be Victoria's Secret angel or a hustler model. She was smoking hot.

Chrissy had moved to our town this summer, just a few weeks after school ended.

She came over one night to hang out with me and talked about random stuff. We surprisingly hit it off right away. But she loved working out just as much as she loved studying. She was a weird- but beautiful combination of beauty and brains.

I was sure she'd stop talking to me soon as we got back to school. But here we are, weeks after my birthday, days after her birthday. Laughing like idiots at a movie neither one of us understood.

She had made me work out all summer with her. After one time I tried to hurt myself like I usually would when I felt depressed. She cried, slapped me, and gave me a better ultimatum.

"You and I are going to work out every day without a miss. Every time you want to numb yourself in pain because you feel sad, you call me. I don't care what time it is." She pointed a finger at me with anger in her eyes.

"But Chrissy ?"

"No Ash!" She yelled with tears in her eyes, piercing through my heart.

"I don't care what time it is. You call me, and we will pick up the weights, do cardio, run, whatever you want; until we can't feel a thing but the burn and soreness. Got it?" She looked at me sternly. We shook hands, and it has been like that ever since.

Needless to say, my scrawny and wimpy body was now ripped and filled with muscles, hardcore abs, and sculpted packs where a thin, food-deprived body once stood.

Besides the fact I tried to hide my body, I was now making female heads turn. Girls I never thought in a million would talk to me would constantly ask and flirt with me. But my eyes were only set on her- Chrissy Morrison. My new next-door neighbor.

The girl who gave me a boost of confidence each time I needed one. I was falling hard for her.

I couldn't help but look at her from time to time. Admire her beauty, inside and out. She was perfect. But I had never had a girlfriend before, hell- I didn't even know how to even approach a girl and flirt with her for all that matters.

Valentine's day was a few hours away. I know tomorrow is a school day. So technically, we should both be asleep already. Yet, it's past 11 at night, and we are still in my bed, watching a movie we can't understand, laughing away.

The movie ended, and my heart felt a little sore knowing she would finally get up and hug me, saying good night.

Except she didn't. She stretches her body, lifting her hands, and exposing her beautiful flat belly full of muscles. She yawns and lays down hugging my pillow.

"Goodnight Ash. I love you." My stomach leaps at her last words. I know she probably- no, most likely, she meant it as a friendly gesture. And- not as an actual I love you.

But who am I to make her leave right? I grab my phone, text her mom quickly.

'Hey, Emma- Chrissy fell asleep after the movie. Is it ok she spends the night?' I send the text and wait impatiently.

The thought of her in my bed made me hard. My dick twitch, it felt hot and throbbed wanting to rip those booty shorts she had on.

Damn it! What am I thinking? This is Chrissy for fucks sake! She's my best friend.

My phone dings with a reply from her mom. She has always been a joker
She would say from time to time how Chrissy and I would make a perfect couple.

'Ok, Ash! It's fine. Just make sure to get her on time for school. And please be safe- I'm not ready to be a grandma. Haha- jk' damn it!

My dick oozes precum and feels hotter as I read her text. She has no idea how bad I want Chrissy right now. I decide to quietly lay, hoping my dick calms the fuck down before Chrissy decides to snuggle into me.

I lay on my back, trying to think of anything other than her perfect body laying next to me. Her shirt slightly rose, exposing her stomach and hip bones. She looked so damn sexy.

"Ash." She utters out softly. I know she's asleep. Her breathing became deeper and relaxed. But I wondered what she was dreaming of, and why she dreamed of me.

I slowly leaned closer to her. Her breathing was normal. I pulled her hair away from her face, slowly, and smiled at her perfection.

"Mmmh, Ash!" She moaned softly, turning her body flat on her back. I bite my lip, the way my name sounded so sensual on her lips turned me on, making my dick harder than it already was.

"Chrissy," I whispered her name. Slowly trailing my hand on her arm. She moaned before shooting her eyes open. I didn't want her to get frightened, nor did I want her feeling awkward because of how hard my dick was.

"Asher?" Her voice sounded so sweet as she got up, resting on her elbows. I smiled at her trying to make her feel less tense.

"Yeah. I'm here. Go back to sleep sweetheart. Were you having a bad drea-"

She caught me off guard. She turned her body towards me, claiming my lips. Our tongues twirled eagerly, hungry, both fighting for dominance. I pushed her on her back, hovering over her.

I don't know what was taking over me, all I knew, I wanted her. I needed to be inside her- bad. I trailed my inexperienced tongue down her neck, sucking and leaving wet kisses behind. She moaned and shuttered at my touch. She tasted so sweet.

I just knew if we took this farther, there was no going back. For sure, I was going to be hooked on her. Her taste, her touch, her smell. She was too much perfection to let go of.

I explored her body with my hands and left kisses everywhere. Our breaths were a hot mess, so erotic, and tantalizing. Her soft moans making my dick get harder if it was even possible. The fabric of my jeans and boxers making it feel uncomfortable and painful.

"Ash. Please!" Her whispers sounded like the most beautiful melody, mixed with the invigorating scent of honeysuckle in her skin, combined with the sweet taste of her skin.

I needed more of her. All of her.

"Tell me to stop Chrissy. Please tell me to stop? and I swear I will."

She moaned and tugged at my hair as I lifted her shirt and kissed the mounts of her breasts through the lacey fabric of her bra.

"I want you, Ash. I want you so bad."
I growled at ger words. She hasn't just been my best friend, but my inspiration, motivation, and my muse to better myself for the past few months. I've dreamed countless nights about how good she would feel around my dick. How sweet she would taste when she's sitting on my face.

God- this girl drives me insane.

"Chrissy. You do know there is no going back to normal after this right? If we do this, I'm going to want more and more. I'll want you in my bed every night. And if you don't come to my bed, I will be breaking into yours every night."

"Mmmh! Ash, please. I want you. You can have me every night. You can have all of me. But for fucks sake- just fuck me already. Please?" She moaned as sucked on her left nipple gently, her back arching.

I slowly trailed my hand between her thighs. Her shorts were a tiny bit loose. I could feel her laced panties were completely socked. She was more than ready for me. But my inexperienced ass was too nervous to know what to do.

"Chrissy. I'm not sure how to do this. I have never been with-"

"It's ok Ash. It's my first time too. We can learn together. Just- be easy, ok? I've heard it's really painful the first time for girls." She bites her lower lip, making me smile. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and mixed with our raging hormones.

I gulped hard. I slowly undressed her and took my clothes off. I covered us with my duvet as I slowly parted her legs with my knees. Her lip was sure going to be swollen tomorrow from how hard she bit it.

"Ok. Tell me if it hurts, ok?" She nodded frantically. Her eyes locked in mine as I grabbed my shaft and pulled it back. Slowly placing myself between her folds.

God, I haven't even penetrated her and she was already feeling so good on my tip. She moaned as I glided in just an inch. I could feel her pussy throb. She was tight. Hugging my dick so perfectly, I thought I was going to come right then and there.

She dug her nails on my back as her back arched when she felt me enter another inch. "Mmmm, Ash. More, please?" She begged for me to enter more as she moaned my name through those sweet lips.

"Patients baby. Patients." I claimed her lips as I press another inch inside making her hiss. And I wasn't even half inside her.

"Please, Ash. Stop teasing. I need you inside baby. PLEASE!" her eyes pricked with tears, making my dick twitch. Oh fuck, I was so going to fuck her brains out from now on.

I looked forward to this moment from so long ago. I was sure to enjoy it. "More baby? Are you sure?" I teased her, pulling back a little causing her to whimper.

"Please, Ash!" I loved her reaction. She looked beautiful with her face flushed and body full of goosebumps as she shattered to my touch.

"Anything my queen desires," I said as I slowly entered all my eight inches inside her. Stoping just as I felt the wall of her crown. I bit down on my lip and locked eyes with her.

"Ok. This is going to hurt a little, ok? I'll wait until your pain goes down and then continue. Let me know you're ready."

"I'm ready. Oh fuck I am so ready!" She replied eagerly making me chuckle lightly.

I pulled a bit back and entered her slowly again, feeling her crown wall break. Her nails dug in my back, both of us embracing the sting. Her sting from her wall breaking, and me from the deep scratches she was leaving on my back.

I waited patiently as her pain subsided and kissed her lips softly, caressing her hair as I moved it away from her face. Slowly drying her tears with the back of my index.

"Ok. I think I'm ready." Her eyes open, taking a big sigh and biting her lip.

I begin to slowly thrust inside her. Her pussy hugging my dick so good! So tight. I could do this every day.

My thrusts slow and steady. Her juices a heaving pool as I thrust a little faster making her moan. I can tell her pain has now been replaced with the uttermost pleasure as her hands tug on my hair. She moans a sweet melody as I thrust inside her more. I make sure to go as deep as possible inside, enjoying her every touch and kissing her everywhere I can. Her breasts perky and her nipples hard rubbing against my chest.

"Oh, Ash. More baby. Please, more. Faster!" She shudders at my touch as I buck my hips harder and faster inside her. I can feel the blood mounting and I know I'm almost there. Ready to explode as I feel a fucking orgasm, the all-familiar feel from so many nights wanking myself to her image in my head riding my dick.

A beautiful dream now comes reality. "Oh fuck- Ash. . . I- I need to, fuck!" Her walls tighten around me making me feel on edge. She feels so tight, I know she's going to make me come faster.

"Come for me, baby. Come with me!" I say as I grunt loud, coming inside her. It feels so fucking heavenly as her pussy walls spasm around me, her juices pouring around my dick making my orgasm feel like the best I had all my life.

"Mmmmmh. . . .Ash! Oh god!" Her back arches and she lifts herself quickly, pulling me against her and claiming my lips. She bites my lip and sucks on it as she rides her orgasm.

"Oh fuck yes, Chrissy!" I grunt loud, as the last of my orgasm feels the best.

I kiss her, invading her mouth with my tongue as my fingers slowly pinch her nipples and her legs still hold me tight against her.

"Ash! I love you." Her words make my eyes widen, followed by a bright smile on my face resembling the damn kool-aid man.

"I love you too Chrissy," I say making my body fall beside her. I pull her against my chest, caressing her back and kissing her forehead.

She begins to fall asleep. But doubt of what's to come concerns my thoughts. "It's now or never Asher. Be a fucking man and ask her already." I think to myself.

"Chrissy?" I whisper her name getting a hummin return.

"Be my girlfriend," I ask, the pit of my stomach churns. Hoping for the right answer.

She looks at me, her eyebrows pursed together and her mouth slowly forms into a smile. She rests her head back down, cooing in my arms.

"I thought you'd never ask. Took you damn long enough Ash." She says making me chuckle. I kiss her forehead, grab her hand resting on my chest and kiss her knuckles.

I look at the clock and realize it's 3 in the morning. Valentine's day.

"Happy valentine's day baby," I say as she begins to softly snore.
Next morning:

We used to enter school side by side. She'd go her way, and I'd go mine as the beginning of the school day would start. Meeting for lunch and breaks and walking home together from school side by side as we laughed and talked.

Now, I can't help but hug her and kiss her any chance I can. When we walk home, I constantly stop and pull her for a hug. Kissing her with hunger as I know that the closer we get home, the closer we get to pulling off our clothes and giving in to our insatiable hunger for sex.

She went on the pill right after valentine's day. We easily fuck at least twice a day. If not more. I can't seem to get enough of her.

Her hips are wider, breasts seem perkier and bigger. She says that ever since our first time, my back kind of got wider. I don't see any difference, the only thing I know. . . . is that she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm happy with her.

We still work out every day. But our workout usually ends in us having sex as well. She's the best motivator. I love her.

She is not just my best friend, she's my queen, my girlfriend, my everything. My favorite next-door neighborhood.

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