Sexcapade (Completed)

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My Old Boyfriend

The Story of Lola and Xion

"Order up!" Chef Max calls out from the window as he places the orders on the top counter. I quickly fill glass cups with soda and place them on trays along with napkins, grabbing a few straws, placing them on my apron's pocket and grab the plate with fries and burger.

I scurry from one side of the restaurant to the other.

This day was a complete chaos. It was so busy today, I just knew I was going to end up pulling over time. I didn't mind. I needed the extra cash to pay rent this upcoming week. But things always end up like this when it's too busy.

The night shift cashier will call in sick, the other girls will refuse to stay. Leaving no option than to have me stay and cover.

I was a college drop out, who worked at a local diner. I struggled to pay all my bills. No matter how hard I tried, things just always ended bad for me. I had the worst luck ever.

I wasn't always like this. I had a nice home, happy family, before dad started drinking because mom decided this life was just not good enough for her. I had a gorgeous boyfriend who I loved.

Until one day, when he suddenly just up and left. Never heard from him again.

Since then, things just turned for the worst. My little sister was the only untainted thing by all this. I made sure she didn't struggle with anything.

She had excellent grades, top of her class in her junior year of high school, a good car. Though not new, but it ran perfectly. I made sure she carried cash all the time.

The phone rings, and I pick it up hurriedly trying to get the orders out. Mandy comes, grabbing my tray and sends it off to table 9.

"Maggie's Diner. How can I help you?"

"Lollies! Can I come by and get a burger?" My little sister was on the other side of the line. I glanced at the clock on the wall. 3p.m. school was out.

"Ok baby come on by. I might be staying to close though so I need you to get on home right after. Ok?"

She whined on the line making me laugh. "Can I just do my homework there and wait for you? I don't mind waiting. I can help you clean up after. Please?"

I looked at max and sighed. He nodded his head. He knew that look on my face already. "Ok. Fine. But bring me a coffee from next door first. Ok?" I loved the coffee from Carissa's cafe. It was the best damn coffee I've had in my life.

Talia shrieked with joy and agreed. I hung up the phone and sighed, placing my hand on my forehead.

A clash was heard. Mandy was trying to apologize to a few kids who I'm pretty sure they made her spill the drinks purposely. This always happens. Stupid teenage kids trying to act like little assholes and get waived on their check. But! I'm here today, so it's not happening.

I went over and helped Mandy clean up. "What happened?" I asked Mandy. A cheerleader butt in speaking arrogantly.

"What happened is you need to hire better staff. She's reckless and incompetent. She spill my damn drink."

I glared at her in fury, making her shut her trap. "I was talking to Mandy. And if I'm not mistaken I would say one of you made her spill the drinks. Am I right?"

"Excuse me? Are you accusing us? Where the hell is your manager? I want to complaint." The crowd quiet down looking at us.

I pointed to my name tag, there was a reason why I didn't wear the same navy shirt and kakis pants like the staff. I had to wear a stupid button up and black slacks.

My badge had my name and said chief manager on the bottom. Her face turned red. Mandy kept grabbing paper towels to clean the table and obe of the cooks came by with a mop.

"Perfect. Management is just as bad here." One of the boys sneered.

I was just about to respond when his husky voice startled me. I could never forget his voice. Though now. . . it sounded deeper. More manly. More rugged.

"Watch your fucking tone boy. That's my women you're talking to." My heart raised. My eyes prickled with tears as I turned slowly on my heel.

"Xion?" My voice breaking. He was standing there. Standing feets away. My heart leaped to my throat as I looked at his physique. He wore a fancy black suit with sunglasses and a white button up.

I could tell he was extremely built. He looked so good. He walks past me and glares at the kid. "Did I make myself clear boy? That's my woman you're talking to. Apologize before I tell my men to play a little chase the mouse game with you." He stood inches away from the kids face making him shake and stutter.

"Xion. Please? Let him go." My voice sounded more like a whisper. He looked at me, his expression softened and took his glasses off. His beautiful green-hazel orbs looking back at me.

His hand cupped my face, pulling me to him as he claimed my lips. He had body guards behind him, which I didn't understand why. But I didn't care. He was back.

His kisses tasted just as sweet as before. But his tongue felt mire experienced, making me feel like I was floating in mid air.

He made those kids leave. The diner kept busy the whole day. He stayed the whole rest of the day waiting for me. I was surprised my sister remembered him. She was still in elementary when he left. They sat together talking, laughing and waiting for my shift to be over.

His expression changed to see how battered and run down my house was. I tried my best to keep it beautiful. But the paint was chipping. The shiplap was old and coming off. Dad hadn't been home in days. It worried me. He did this frequently, but I couldn't help think the worst.

Talia said goodnight and left to her room to give us privacy and allow us to catch up. I kept running my fingers through my hair. I wanted to be ok with all this. But I was so confused. I wanted to know why he left. Why dis he have to leave?

"Xion, I-"

"I know what you're gonna say. You're mad at me for leaving. You want to know why I left, where I been, and endless questions. I know." He pulls me by my waist. His hand gripped tight making me rest my hands on his chest.

Oh holy hell! His touch made me wet, his husky voice and woody scent made me want to jump and forget everything. But I was still mad.

"I miss you Madison." I pushed his chest. I hated my name. It was her name too. My mother.

"It's Lola." He smiles, leaning in to kiss my cheek, making my knees weak.

"Anything you say my queen." He lifts me up making me wrap my legs around him.

"You still in the same room?" He asks as he makes his way up the stairs.

"Mhhhm." I humm wrapping my arms around him and burying my face in his neck.

"I hate you. You left me. Do you have any idea how much I've missed you?" My voice broke, tears ran down my cheeks.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'm bound to make it up to you baby. I promise. I'll never leave your side again." He opens the door to my room, shutting it behind, and locking it.

His hands rip off my shirt effortlessly. "Xion, that's my uniform shirt." My eyes widen in surprise. He chuckles and leans closer to me as he peels my pants and underwear off.

"Who said you're going back there? You're about to become Mrs. Xion Moretti. And Mrs. Moretti doesn't have to work." I bite my tongue at his words.

My heart pounded in my ear, and my core throbbed with need as he began to undress before me.

His whole body filled with tattoos from neck, back, chest and full arms. He had a long tattoo on his leg with my name. 'Lola' it made me sneeker. I bright smile on my face when I saw it. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me.

I peeled of his boxers. I missed that beautiful shaft. It gave me endless pleasure almost every night.

"Get on all fours baby. I'm making you mine all fucking night." He says biting my bottom lip, making a moan escape me.

"Yes daddy." I wink and do as he says. I wait for him to enter me, but instead I gasp as I feel his tongue glide against my walls. "Oh fuck." I gasp making him chuckle. His finger softly glides inside as his tongue plays with my clit.

"Mmmhhh Xion. Please baby. I need you." I say as I rock my hip against his face and fingers.

"Say my name again baby." His husky voice demands as he speeds his fingers, continuously fucking me with his fingers and tongue.

"Oh Xion. Please baby. Xion please!" I quiver and shake as the pleasure mounts.

He drinks my juices, sucking hard against my walls and clit.

"Turn over baby." He says as he removes his fingers.

He slowly hovers over me, taking his hand to his dick, and pressing back his shaft. The tip filled with precum, making me realize he wants me just as bad as I want him.

He slowly lowers himself and enters me making me gasp.

"Wait! Xi! You're not wearing a condom?" He chuckles kissing my lips and biting my tongue. He begins thrusting deep and hard inside of me making me moan and tilt my head back.

"Why the fuck would I want a condom with the woman I want to have my babies with? You're mine Lola. Mine." His husky voice vibrating through my body as he fills me with his almost ten inches. My hands wrap on his back and my nails dig on his back.

He feels deeper and harder with each thrust inside me. "Oh god- Xi. I missed you so much." My throbbing only increases as I feel him thrusting inside me more. Faster, harder, hungrier each time. Our breath erratic and bodies sweaty. We hold each other so tight, it feels we're permanently glued.

My legs wrap around his waist, making me push him in deeper inside me. "Damn baby girl. I forgot how good you felt. I missed this tight pussy of yours. I can't believe I managed to live without it for so long."

My nails dug deeper on his back, he knew exactly how to move inside me. Hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I bit my tongue to suppress myself from yelling. But I couldn't contain my moans. He felt just so good inside me.

"Don't leave me Xi. Please don't leave me again?" My pleasure mounted, skyrocketing higher each time, tears ran down my eyes, and a lump formed in my throat.

I was afraid this was just a dream. A one hell of a good dream. "Never again. I promise baby. Never again."

We made love to each other over and over again until I could no longer feel my legs. I was so damn sore, I just knew I was not going to be able to walk right tomorrow.

"Why did you leave Xi? And why the hell did you have body guards?" I asked in a melancholic whisper. My hands softly caressing his chest. My head resting on his arm. I was a bit scared of his response, but something in me already knew the answer. His dad was a mobster.

He liked all the folks around here. The last he wanted was to see our generation lost in drugs and a life full of danger.

"Lola. I had to leave. Dad made me take over his business. That's all I can say for now. But I promise baby. I'm going to take care of you and Talia from now on. You two are going to live with me. I'm gonna make sure you go back to school and get your Masters. Same for Talia." My eyes pricked with tears.

I couldn't picture Xion as a big mafia boss. But I knew he had the backbone for it. He was always someone people didn't want to mess with.

"But why did you leave for so long? Why did it take you so long Xi?"

"Lola. Please- understand I was just trying to protect you. My life was in constant danger from the start. But I'm more powerful now. No one dares to mess with me or with what's mine. You are mine Lola! You're going to carry my babies and wear my ring on that pretty little hand from now on."

"Xi- Nothing would make me happier. I love you. I always have."

"I know baby. I know. And I'm sorry I wasn't able to prevent the way you were living. But things are about to change for you and Talia. I need you to pack your papers and things you want to keep. Don't worry about clothes, or phone, or anything. I already got all that covered."

My heart leaped. I worried what would happen to my dad. But like always, Xi knew what was on my mind.

He sighs and kisses me. "Your pop is in rehab. That's why he hasn't been here in days. I contemplated coming days ago. But I had things to take care of before I came get you."

"Things like what?" I asked quizzically.

"Your new home. Getting someone to buy your new clothes. All that shit." My eyes widened. Oh god- he was serious about all this.

"Xi- are you serious?" I lifted myself and turned looking at him.

"Didn't I made myself clear Madison? You're mine. You've always been mine. And you will always be ONLY mine."

Three years later:

"Lollies come on! Charlie is desperate for chocolate cake! Get your ass out here before he starts yelling!" Talia's voice calls out from down stairs.

Xion and I were at it again. He pounded hard into me. This second pregnancy made me so horny all the time. But Xi didn't mind. The more sex I demanded, the more he gave me.

"Mmmhh Xi- I'm almost there baby. Oh god!" My hands gripped hard around him. He lifts my foot higher against him as he pressed me against the vanity of our restroom. He felt so good.

"Fuck baby girl. You feel so good." He lets out a loud grunt as he spills inside me, filling me with his seed. My climax skyrocketing high.making my orgasm fill me so good it made my toes curl.

"I think I'm enjoying this pregnancy better on you baby. Maybe I should get you pregnant with girls more often." He chuckles as he lifts his pants and buckles his belt.

"Shut up! If Charlie heard you he'd say 'BAD DADDY! BAD DADDY!" we both chuckle as we made our way downstairs.

Our son waiting impatiently, looking at his birthday cake with the number 2 candle lit on top.

"Ok. We're here. Let's do this." I say kissing Charlie on his cheek making him giggle.

"Where's my champ? Come here boy!" Xion lifts him up on his shoulders making him giggle. He spins him around, Charlie holding for dear life, grasping his little hands around Xion's head.

Things had changed for Talia and me for the best. She was accepted into Harvard this year. She would be attending this upcoming sememster.

Xion and I just celebrated three years of being married. We have never been happier. He travels on business a lot. But I don't mind. He has good men looking after him. Just like daddy and a few good ladies stay here with me.

I'm four months pregnant with a baby girl. I'm calling her Amanda. Our baby girl.

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