Sexcapade (Completed)

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Forbidden Love

The Story of Blair and Carter

I was obsessed with her. Her geeky charm, her small frame and long dark raven hair. Those beautiful gray orbs that hid behind her glasses.

She was shy, and fairly new in our town. Rarely anyone knew her, because she kept to herself. Never went out. She hid herself in the walls of her room and buried in her books when we were young.

I, on the other hand, was one of the jocks back in high school. I could have any girl I wanted, whether popular girls or not. Yet she was off limits to me, making me want her more.

She was my step-sister. Her dad married my mom after she had just turned 16. Above everyone else, she hated me the most. While I lusted and dreamed of being with her almost every night.

I knew she thought I was a dick. And I played the part perfectly. Playing the careless asshole with the reckless behavior.

I was egoistic, immature, and stupid. All the things she didn't want, and despised in a guy.

It didn't matter how hard I tried. . . I would never be good enough for her. And that was something I was going to have to live with.

I gave up trying to get her to talk to me, and left for New York. I worked for a friend of mine under Knights enterprise.

Now, she's about to turn 23, and announced she was coming home to visit just for the new years weekend, I was bound to make my way home and see her. I would do anything she asked, just to make her favor me.

I drove through the old paved road to my house after arriving on the plane. I was skeptic to come back. I had the worst reputation here, a reputation I wanted to bury in the depts of the ocean and forget about. But I knew I could never cover all my wrong with just words.

I needed to show her I had changed. Changed for her, changed to be worthy of her.

I turned to my street and parked my car on my old spot. I made my way inside carrying my bag and phone on hand trying to silence all the damn emails from work.

"Hello! Hello!" I called out, my gaze still averting to my phone as I placed it in silence and swiped off unnecessary emails.

My eyes averted towards the kitchen of our opened concept living room.

She sat there with mom. Her beauty was incredible. It was really cold out. She wore tight blue jeans, nice tight sweater with black boots and her hair up in a messy bun.

Mom came quickly, hugging me and lead me towards the kitchen. She didn't even bother to look up. She kept eating her sandwich and drank her sweet tea.

"Hi Blair. Long time no see. How are you?" She cleared her throat and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"Fine. I'll go see if dad needs some help. Thanks Cynthia." She smiled at mom and walked out.

I sighed and groaned. I guess nothing much has changed between us. She still hated my guts.

"Give her time honey. She hasn't had it easy at work lately."

"What do you mean? I thought you said she was doing great in her new job? Didn't she just finish interning?" Mom sighs and looks out towards the backyard where Kevin, mom's husband was cooking on the grill and Blair stood by the pool.

"They're cutting back on staff. She got a letter from her boss a few days ago. She might be laid off since she's one of the new members. She says more than 20 new staff have already been laid off."

"Damn! That's horrible."

"Yeah. But anyway, how's work with you sweetheart? I heard you just got promoted again. Is that true?" I smiled at mom's enthuse.

"Now who went and ratted on me before I could tell you the news?" I squinted my eyes with a smile. I was really working hard at work.

I was now the VP of finances in my job.

"Who else? Logan. He's such a nice young man. I'm so happy for the both of you. You two are doing so good." I chuckled, Logan and I had patched our differences and became good friends. Despite the fact I was an asshole to him and his girlfriend the most.

We sat for lunch. It was a bit awkward. I wanted to talk to her, say anything to break the eyes. But I have never been so tongue tied and clueless on what to say then when I'm around her.

I have never been like this around a girl. . . .and I mean, NEVER. We still managed to have small talk. I was glad she was at least talking to me a little.

I helped mom clean dishes and went out for a stroll around town for a bit. Said hi to a few friends and caught up with them.

The next day for New Year's Eve, we all went out to celebrate around the lake. There was a lot of eating and games. A shit load of drinking of course. I stole a few glances from her from time to time. I could of sworn she smiled a few times my way, but I could be delusional.

By ten, I headed out to a local bar for drinks with a few friends. I stood by the edge of the bar drinking a beer.

My eyes went wide and I almost spit out my damn beer when I saw her walk in. Here I was, thinking she had gone home. She looked fucking hot. I had never seen her dress so damn sexy until this weekend, even if it was winter gear, it made her curves look so damn hot. I loved it.

It made me jealous to see how many heads she turned. "Hey Carter. Isn't that Blair walking in with Sophie and Lexie?" Logan's jaw clenched at the sight of Sophie. They were barely patching things up between them as well.

"Yeahp. That's her."

"Man she looks hot. Mind if I talk to her?" I glared at him in anger. He knew I had a thing for her. He backed off and dismissed the idea at the sight of my glare.

The whole time she was there, I couldn't help but stare at her. She looked so fucking hot. I wanted to corner her and rip her clothes off. Explore every inch of her and do things we were both prohibited from each other.

The night went off smoothly for the most part. Until a few fights broke off and I had to step in to break them off. Logan had taken Sophie home, lucky bastard. I knew sooner or later they'd end up in bed again.

Lexie had taken off as well, and Blair looked like she wanted to go home. I stood next to her and smiled. She rolled her eyes and grabbed her last shot, trying to down it. I took it away before she ended drunk and pukes all over herself.

"Ok. No more Blair. Let's go home." I pulled her up and got her to stand on her feet.

"No, I don't want to. Go away Carter." She said as I held her against my body and walked out the bar.

"Blair, enough. Look at you? You're starting to get drunk. Let's go home so you can rest."

"No." She whined like a little kid, making me chuckle.

It was close to count down. The last she needed was to be here drunk and spend her new years throwing up.

"Blair, I said enough. We're going home." I glared angry at her, and for once, she didn't yell back. She looked at me with a serious tone. There was a feeling she needed to say something, but she held back.

She pulled her hand away and walked out towards my car. She turned her body against the car with her hands crossed over her chest. "Hurry up then. It's cold." I laughed at her childish reaction.

I unlocked the car and went over. I stood before her, inches away as I leaned in and opened the door for her. Her breath caught in her chest. Her sweet eyes looked at me with intensity. Maybe I was reading her wrong. But one thing I knew, if she kept looking at me like that I was going to rip those jeans off and fuck her right here and now.


I was so tired of acting the nice girl. The perfect daughter and the perfect worker. Everything around me seemed to crumble up either way. I got pushed around and used by everyone, including my boss.

I was bound to change that. I wanted to take charge of my life. All of it- starting here. With Carter. I have always made him believe I hated him. But in all honesty? I wanted him in more ways than I should.

Loving him is wrong because he's my step-brother. But I feel so attracted to him, it scares me. 23 years old and I have only been with one guy.

The worst mistake too. My ex was the worst ever. He was only with me for sex and to get a cheaper rent in our area. I had enough when I caught him on a date with a coworker. Since then I have been single.

But is it wrong for me to say that everytime I was with my ex, I pictured Carter with me? Fuck! This is so wrong.

What is the matter with me? He's my step-brother for fucks sake.

His minty breath and invigorating cologne filled my nostrils making me feel weak. I instantly felt my panties wet and wanted to pull him in for a kiss, but I had to compose myself before I did something I may regret. A relationship between him and I could never be.

Besides, he's so damn hot I'm sure he has a girlfriend back in his new home.

He slowly opens the door. His hand softly grips my waist, pulling me close to him to open the door for me.

"Get in." He whispers by my ear sending shivers down my spine. My eyes locked on his lips. The sensual way he moves those lips making me want to bite that lower lip softly.

"Blair." He brings me out of my trance.

"What?" I ask dumbfounded making him chuckle. His lips smirk playfully like he always does.

"I said if you're that cold, then get inside so I can take you home."

"Oh. Right." I shake my head and turn getting inside the car.

He drives us home. But surprisingly no one is home. It's just me and Carter. I try to make my way to my room, stumbling on the last step like always. He catches me in mid air, pressing me against his chest.

"Blair! Careful. Fuck this stupid step. You think mom or your pops would of already fixed it. I'll fix it tomorrow. Promise, ok?" He looks at me with a smile on his face.

My heart pounding in my ear. I can't take this damn tension any more. My panties are so damn wet by just looking at him, if I let him hold me one more second I'm going to go crazy.

'Take charge Blair! Take charge of what you want.' I think to myself.

My hands glide softly on his chest. I can see the way his chest rises up and down softly. His heart similar to mine. Fast, loud, and irritated by all this sexual tension between us.

I want him bad. My core throbbed with need and lust.

"Carter." I whisper leaning closer to him. He closes the gap more, our lips just an inch away. "Blair, what are you doing?" He whispers in my lips.

But I know he wants this, just as bad as I do. I see the way he looks at me. The same way I secretly lust for him.

"Kiss me Carter." I whisper, his mouth forms into a smile before he claims my lips. His arms tightening around my waist as I press myself against him.

Before I know it, our kiss deepens and our hands are all over each others body. I take off his jacket and shirt, tossing it over my head. His hands swiftly pull off my sweater and shirt as we slowly make way to my room.

He grips my ass, parting my legs and pulling me up, making me wrap my legs around him. Our breaths erratic as he closes the door behind us and locks it.

"Blair, this is wrong. We shouldn't-" His breath erratic as he speaks. I know it may be wrong. His mom and my dad are married, but I want him so bad, and I know he wants me.

"I don't care. I want you Carter. And I want you now." I say as I claim his lips again. His hands gripping my butt against him, making me feel his hard bulge.

I unclasp the belt and undo his jeans, making them fall on the ground. "Now! Carter." I demand, holding his hand and pulling him to my bed.

I strip before him completely naked. His eyes full of lust as he sees me take my bra off and carefully throwing it on the floor. His hands softly caressing my breasts as he slowly takes one in his mouth.

My back arching towards him and my head tilts back, allowing myself to enjoy his soft sensual touch. I sigh with eagerness as I tug on his boxers. My core throbbing desperately to feel him between my legs.

"Mmmmh Carter! Now. Please?" I plead, pulling of his boxers and grip his length. He feels as good as I imagined. Long and thick.

"Baby you have no idea how long I've dreamed of this. I'm gonna fuck you so good, you'll be screaming my name over and over again."

He lays me in the bed. His lips softly graze my neck and down to my breasts. Leaving a trail of wet kisses on my skin until he gets in between my legs. He takes me in his mouth savagely. No mercy towards how rough and hungry he licks and sucks on my clit.

"Fuck!" I moan and cry for him desperately. His rough licks and sucking making me want to cry in pain and pleasure. "Oh god-Carter. I need you now. . . please?" My pleads do no good as he continues his torture between my legs. I quiver and buck my hips against him, interlacing my fingers on his perfectly maintained brown hair.

"Carter please! Now. . . I'm almost there. . . oh fuck! Mmmmmh!" I moan desperately as the pressure mounts inside me. His fingers glide inside, softly at first. His tongue playing expertly with my clit.

I rock my hips along his fingers as he continues to fuck me with them. His fingers picking up a quicker pace, making me so fucking wet.

I tug in his hand, pulling it away and tug his hair to come forward. His lips crash onto mine, letting me taste myself on his lips.

He enters me quickly. No hesitation, the rawness and fast pace he takes lets me know he has been wanting this just as bad.

His thrusts so harsh and yet so sensual. So damn good as he fills me all the way to my womb. He takes my breast in his mouth sucking and flicking the other one with hos thumb as he thrusts deep in side me. My nails digging on his back as I allow myself to enjoy his touch, his kisses, and the beautiful way he thrusts inside me.

"Fuck Blair. You feel so good. Better than I'd ever imagine. I could do this all night baby." I moan as his hand slowly glides against my clit, his thrusts becoming harder each time.

"Don't let me stop you. We got all night baby." I whisper in his ear as I bite on the curve of his neck and suck gently making him moan.

"You're driving me crazy Blair. So fucking insane for you." I smile at his words. His fingers rubbing vigorously on my clit, along with his sensual thrusts build a knot in my stomach.

I can feel my walls tightening around him. And I know he feels it too as an involuntary moan escapes us both.

"God- don't stop baby! Don't stop!" My voice sounding more like a whimper at how good my climax is building up inside me.

I bite my lips to suppress myself from yelling his name. "I'm almost there. Oh god- CARTER! I'm going to come!" I whimper out, my back arching towards him. His fingers digging on my hips to support his thrusts.

"Mmhhmmm.... Carter!" I yell out, tears run down my eyes as I indulge on the best damn orgasm I have ever felt in my life. A grunt escapes him as he spills inside me, filling me with hus seed.

The feel of his dick spasms as his seed spills inside me making my orgasm feel so much better. I can feel myself spill around his dick, making me feel like I just fucking peed on myself, but I can careless.

His thrusts slow to a sensual pace as he slowly begins to cares my face. His lips and nose softly graze against mine. A smile forms on both our face as I slowly kiss him.

"Wow. I can't believe we just-"

"I know. Best sex I've had in my life." I respond making him smile.

2 years later.

"Carter! Come on we're going to be late!" I nagged at him. He takes so damn long helping our daughter Zoe getting dressed.

Yeah, that's right. Daughter. He knocked me up the first night we had sex. But, to be honest? It was the best thing that could of happened to us.

Our parents were pissed off at first. Mainly with him because of his past reputation, but he is so responsible.

We had to tell them because we secretly got married right after. I did loose my job, but it didn't matter. He asked me to move in with him at his new place in New York. We married weeks after when we found out we were having a baby.

He spoils me in everyway possible. He never tires himself trying to prove to me that he has changed.

But the best part is- He's the best dad he could ever be with Zoe. She has his beautiful brown hair, same nose, same blue eyes, and the same silly attitude.

I could not have asked for a better turn out for the two of us. I love this man! More than I could ever imagine.

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