Sexcapade (Completed)

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Future Mrs. Mitchell

This chapter is taken from my book Lakeview: Falling for Brie. Exclusively available on Goodnovel.

The story of Jake and Brianna

Back at the lake house Brianna and Jake were getting ready for bed. She had her low cut spaghetti strap nightie that barely came down her bottom.

With slits on the side, exposing her matching silk thong in navy blue, without a bra. She sat at her vanity combing her hair as Jake came out the bathroom wrapped in a towel, his body still full of water droplets running down his chest.

He opened a drawer at his side of the bed and pulled out his boxers, dropping the towel and putting them on.

He knew Brianna liked to keep the place tidy. He grabbed the towel off the floor and placed it on the door hinge inside the bathroom. He came back out closing the door behind him. Regardless of how comfortable she was with him about her body, she still couldn't help but blush when she starred to admire her body.

She placed her brush down and made her way close to him.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him on his lips. His smile always melted her. He knew he had her all wrapped up in his finger. But he admitted, she had her ways to make him soft too.

He was still that stubborn, hard ass, can't mess with him personality in front of everyone else. But it was different with her. She was his weakness.

"Mmmh, baby girl.... you look so damn tempting right now you know that?" He whispered as he ran his fingers down her thigh, his other hand cupping her breasts as he closed the gapped between them.

"Hmm you don't look so bad yourself now Mr.Mitchell." she whispered next to his lips as he claimed her lips vigorously.

Their kiss intensified with mere lust.

He ran both hands down her butt, squeezing them hard making her squeal.

"Jake," she laughed, making him chuckle. Demanding for domain over her.

He grabbed her butt tighter, pushing her against him, she placed her hands over his bare chest as her hands softly went over the top of his nipples making them hard as she drew soft circles around them.

He trailed kisses with his tongue over her neck and down the crevice between her breast. She tilted her head back as her hands went around his neck, wrapping her arms around him.

She moaned, letting him know he was winning dominance over her. He pulled one of her straps down, exposing her breast before him, her nipple a hard bud in a tinted pink color. He wrapped his hand over it, taking his tongue to the top of her breast sucking it lightly.

She moaned, making him growl softly. His free hand going under her night gown, as he caressed her butt and worked his way to her inner thigh, pulling her thong to the side, he felt her arousal building... she was wet at the touch of his hand.

He stroke his hand gently, allowing her to get completely soaked for his liking.
Her stomach fluttered, she arched her back as he worked his magic over her body.

She kissed him vigorously, biting his lip and making their tongues dance in a syncful rhythm. She broke the kiss to catch her breath momentarily. Kissing his bare chest working her way down slowly to his stomach, his muscles contracting to the touch of her lips.

She slowly rolled his boxers down, exposing the beauty of his length in full arousal. It made a slight twitch at her touch making her giggled causing him blush. She grabbed the tip with her hand, pulling back the excess of his shaft skin, exposing the head. She ran her tongue gently over the parting of it. Making him moan and raising his hand to grab her hair. His fingers interlaced with her hair.

She took his shaft in her mouth gently engulfing it in a slow and steady motion. Allowing him to relax and enjoy as she tried to please her man. She continued to work her way, sucking it in and out of her mouth slowly as his stomach muscles contracted vigorously.

"Oh, baby.... what are you doing to me? It feels so good. Don't stop baby. Take it all in." She picked up her pace a bit faster as her hands went around to grab his butt. She rolled down his boxers completely down his body, she could feel the precum discharging inside her mouth.

She began to move faster and faster as he moved in rithm with her.
"Fuck, Brie... I'm almost there... Babe." She took it out her mouth just in time as he released in the middle of her breasts. The warm liquid running down her breast, and down to the middle of her stomach.

He gently grabbed her hand,and pulled her up to her feet. Taking her in his arms, making her wrapped her legs over his waist, she hugged him tightly throwing her arms around his neck kissing him with full force, biting his tongue. He sat her on his side of the bed, pulling her gown over her head and tossing it to the ground.

He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them gently. Cleaning her breasts and stomach, and made her lay on her back. He trailed her body with the back of his fingers, encircling the peak of her nipples. Gently licking the tip, goosebumps making themselves present in her body as she arched her back to the feel of his hand. She sighted as she tried to compose her erratic breathing. Gripping the sides of her duvet.

He lifted her left foot, bringing his lips to kiss her inner thigh, as he worked his way down kissing her gently. Stopping in front of her entrance, smelling her arousal and bringing his finger to caress her opening gently. She arched her back uncontrollably.
"Oh Baby.... claim me now... please." She pleaded to be penetrated.

"So impatient my love." He whispered.

Taking his mouth, and completely engulfing himself in her. He kissed her, moving his tongue swiftly around her opening and to the tip of her clit.

Encircling her clit with his finger and tip of his tongue gently, as her juices poured out of her. "Baby please... no more torture."

"Hmm, baby, I am just barely getting started." He proclaimed.

He penetrated her with his finger as he licked her outer lining and up to her clit in unison motion. He continued to enter and exit his finger again and again as she moaned and arched her back before him. When he felt she was close. He demanded her to withhold it till he said so.

"oh Jake, I can't, I can't hold it anymore... baby I need to, I'm gonna cum." Her breathing erratic, she was loosing her self in utter ecstasy from his touch.

"Don't you dare Brie.... hold it for me baby." He demanded as he placed another finger in, his tongue becoming more vigorous around her clit.

"Jake! Please" She yelled, tears running down her eyes.

"Ok, you ready baby....? "

"Yes!" She was more then ready to release and reach her orgasm.

He sucked on her clit harshly, making her arch uncontrollably.

"Now baby.." he whispered.

As he began to suck harshly on her clit. Her juices spilling around his mouth, as he slowly drank her, slowly moving his fingers inside her,making her slowly relax, licking her softly.

When he felt she was clean, he slowly worked his tongue upward, tracing her stomach till he reached her breast. Grabbing both her mounts,softly in his hands, licking the middle of them, and sucking the tip of each of her nipples.

"Jake, now... please baby."

"Call me daddy, B." He demanded in a whisper. Biting her nipple softly. Making her giggle.

"Yes, daddy." She replied with a grin in her face.

He pulled her over him, making her straddle him as he place himself inside her. She moaned aloud as she felt him inside.

Moving in a graceful rhythm on top of him as he grabbed her thighs. He tilted his head back, his length twitching with mere satisfaction inside of her as she continued to go up and down, rocking her hips the way she knew he liked her to do so on top of him. Their bodies covering in a cold sweat as she continued to pick up her pace. She rocked her hips vigorously, his head tilting back enjoying her every move, a loud grunt escaping him involuntary.

He pulled her down, hovering over her turning her on her stomach, moving her leg to the side. He entered her from behind with force. He pounded her faster and harder.Gripping her thighs holding her in place. He couldn't control himself anymore. She gripped the sides of her cover, as she moaned aloud "yes, baby..."

"you like that baby?" He asked gripping her hair pulling it back as he pounded her hard.

"Oh, yes baby... I love it." She said in a shakey voice.

"What do you want baby? What do you want me to do?" He asked, his voice dominant and husky toned.

"Give me more please. Go faster daddy. Please, faster." She came again, he could feel her juices running down his inner thigh. Which only made him get turned on more then he already was. "Jake, I'm gonna come again baby... I can feel.. another orgasm coming.... baby.." she yelled on her pillow, as they both reached their orgasm. His length twitch inside her as he finished, letting out a loud grunt. He didn't worry she'd get pregnant. She had been on the pill for the last two months as they had made their relationship official.

She collapsed on her spot, him throwing his sweaty body next to hers. His leg still over her body on top of her thigh. She turned towards him, caressing his chest admiring his sculpted pecks. Making him feel goosebumps all over as she traced her f I'l fingers over him.

"Stop it... or next time your gonna suffer more." He said, making her chuckle.

"Is that so?" She dared him.

He hovered over her, kissing her gently as his tongue danced with hers gently.

Ten Years Later

Brianna's POV

I have been incredibly busy and nervous today. Aiden just turned ten years old.....TEN! Can you believe that?

Why are my babies growning up so fast. My baby girl Emily just turned eight herself in late August. For a while when I was pregnant with her, I thought she was going to be born on my birthday. But, she was born a week after mine, on the twentyfirst.

Though their birthday's are not the reason why I am completely nervous. But rather because Jake has something planned for us this weekend, doesn't want to tell me, and I am now preparing Aiden and Emily's bags to travel with grandma Loretta and grandpa Phill to California to visit their godparents, aunt Evey and uncle Matt.

They have never traveled anywhere without me or daddy... So that makes me so nervous.

On top of that, Jake told me to pack warm clothes and nothing more. Saying he'd take care of the rest.

I make my way to the lving room, bags in hand. "Ok Loretta, please.... Make sure Aiden eats and is not all day on those games."I say to her as grandpa Phill and Aiden sit in my living room playing video games on their Xbox device. He gets completely lost in his world when he's playing in those things.

Loretta laughs, as we both glance at them. She sighs shaking her head. "I don't know who's the kid here. Look at them? Completely lost in that game." She says while placing her hand on her hip and shaking her head in amusement.

I smile as I feel warm hands on my waist and a big stern one on my shoulder. Emily had been out with daddy for his daily horse back writing class with her daddy. I love that Jake is so attentive with them, teaching them all the basics of taking care of their horse and how to properly ride them.

"Hi baby... Are you all set?" He says as he leans over kissing my lips. "I am.... But I'm so nervous to leave my babies for a whole week without seeing them." I say, my face pouting in sadness. He chuckles and nods while tightening his grip on me.

"Mom, is auntie Sarah and Coral going to be in California with us?" She asks making me turn to her. She loves spending time with her cousin Coral, who is just a year older then her.

"Yeah baby, they're going to California to visit auntie Evey and Matt with you guys too. And guess what?" I say as I tighten my grip on her. Her eyes widen in amazement.

"What?" She asks

"Grandpa Robbie and grandma Livie are coming from New York as well." I say, we rarely get to see my dad anymore. They moved to New York about five years ago and retired up there. They love it, buying a house away from all the New York noise and settling for a beautiful home out in the country.

"Ok, I guess it's time we make our way out before we lose our plane. You guys ready? Say bye to mom and dad?" Loretta says to Aiden and Emily. They stand, Aiden is a bit reluctant to turn off his game until Jake gives him the look. He gets serious, but honestly Aiden has just as big of a temper as he does. Aiden turns off his console and walks towards us.

He clears his throat, as he sees his dad's serious expression. "Sorry Dad...... I'll miss you!" He says trying to ease off his dad's menacing look. Jake never really gets mad at them, but he plays the though daddy to get them to listen to us. They are amazing kids over all.

We say goodbye to them as they grab their seat in their grandpa's car and they drive off.

Jake holds me from my back, placing his warm hands around my waist. His chin rests on my right shoulder, his stubble tickling my cheek. I can feel his broad chest pressed against my back. I put my arms over his, leaning back with a smile and kiss his cheek, his gaze towards the car as it disappears down the road.

"I love you Mrs. Mitchell"

"And I love you Mr.Mitchell."

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