Sexcapade (Completed)

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The Story of Ryan and Holly

Saturday Morning. I should be comfortably sleeping, right? But instead, I'm on my way to school. I was awarded Saturday detention for arguing with Ryan Callaghan and dumping the rest of my chocolate milk on his head.

Not my fault, I swear. He pissed me off by slapping my ass hard. We usually get along, hell, I think sometimes I tolerate him enough to admire the fact that he is a hot-looking guy. But his ego is bigger than his head.

Mom was not happy with the fact I was going to be stuck all day at school. But I guess I have no choice. To make matters worse, we had to come dressed in our uniform just like any other school day.

We girls wore red and black plaid skirts, with white-buttoned-up shirts, red vests, and the matching black blazer.

Luckily, the school didn't care much for shoes as long as they weren't sandals or open-toed shoes.

So, I went for red high-top converse. I knew time was going to be crucial to passing by. I didn't want to be here as it is and to be sitting in a room for the next six hours was doing to be hell.

I just hoped that whoever is in charge of detention today allows us to listen to our music. I had my knapsack ready with books, snacks, a few juices, extra money, and my fully charged phone with a 500 plus list on my Spotify.

I placed my ear pod on my right ear and covered it with my hair, putting my music on and walking into the classroom.

Ryan was not here yet, thankfully, I could sit anywhere away from him. I was still a little mad, but I still felt guilty for pouring milk on him. I don't get how we can get along one minute, and argue the next.

I walked in, signed in, and took a seat almost to the near back of the classroom. I grabbed my book out and began to read my novel and listen to my music while I let the time go by.

I wasn't sure how long I had fallen asleep. The teacher was sitting on her desk with her laptop open. I looked around and didn't see Ryan, I smiled inwardly. He's going to be in such trouble.

I sat back in my seat and crossed my arms thankful he wasn't in my sight.

Yet, I cheered too quickly. I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and looked back.

"Ugg, you're here. Why the hell did you sit in the back of me? There are plenty of seats all over this room. Are you doing it intentionally to mess with me?" I whispered turning my body slightly towards him.

"What? Why would you say that? I would never mess with you beautiful. I thought we were friends. What's wrong with two friends sitting together?" Did he taunt me? Ugg, I hate him even more.

Ok, so maybe I don't hate him. But he does irritate me. Especially now that I'm starting to get hungry. There are only four other students here with us. Plus the few students outside, from the sports games, happening this weekend.

"Whatever Ryan. It's your fault we're both here." He chuckled softly.

"Sshhh, quiet down students." The teacher looked over her laptop and cleared her throat. She glances at her watch and sighs.

"Ok students. It's about time you guys get a break for a snack. You can go to the restroom and grab something to eat. Be back here in thirty minutes. Understood?"

Yes, I was so excited. My stomach was beginning to grumble. I grabbed my wallet, and phone and walked out. I can't straight to the nearest vending machine, I was glad for the vending machines we had. They offered more than just cookies, chips, and candy. Some machines had healthier options like sandwiches, water, and veggie snacks that were changed daily.

I decided on the turkey sandwich with a bag of baked chips and apple juice.

I needed to go pee badly. I sprinted to the girls' bathroom and placed my items on top of the caddy over the sink and went to the farthest stall. It was much roomier, so I always went for that one.

I did my business and cleaned myself up, lifted my panties back up, and was about to walk out of the stall when I was pushed back inside.

"What the? Ryan? What the hell are you doing in here?" I whispered as I stumbled back inside the stall.

"You owe me, sweetheart. You ruined my shirt, got me into this Saturday detention shit, making me lose my game today. Coach benched me for the next two games for this. And to top it off, my dad took away my car for the next two weeks. So, now, how do you plan on making it up to me? Because from what I hear, you only got Saturday detention and nothing else." I chuckled, covering my mouth to protrude my laughter.

"Oh my God, Ryan, I'm sorry. Honestly, I didn't mean to. Look, I honestly don't even know why you and I fight so much. I swear, but if it makes you feel better, I could give you a ride to and from school while you're car is gone. And maybe this." I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

I honestly have no idea why I did that. Maybe I was feeling sorry for what happened to him, maybe a little adventurous, or maybe it's just about damn time. I have been wanting to kiss him. Even if I can't stand him, he's still hot as fuck.

Some girls drool over him, and to be honest, I do sometimes as well.

His jaw clenched, his eyes turned darker as I pulled away slowly. I smiled sheepishly and was going to walk out when he pulled me back by my waist. His hard chest against my back. His hands gripped me tightly around my hips, pressing me against him.

"Ryan?" My heart began to thump in my chest so hard, I thought it would burst out of my chest. He leaned on my shoulder, grazing his lips on my neck, sending goosebumps on my skin.

"You're so fucking sexy you know that, Holly? I want you. All for me." My legs felt weak, and I began to feel a tingling sensation between my legs. My panties getting wet at the feel of his bulge against my butt.

"Ryan. We, we can't here." I whispered through my staggered breathing.

"Why not? We still have twenty minutes. No one else is here. No girls will be coming in, you're the only girl in detention. Plus, the teacher will most likely use the restroom in the teachers' lounge, we have time. I want to taste your lips, Holly. Let me taste you, all of you." His right hand slowly caressed my thigh, he slowly lifted my skirt. A slow moan escaping me. He took my hand off the door and locked it again.

His lips nipped and sucked on my neck, making my head tilt back against his shoulder. I couldn't help it. It took me back to the time he and I made out at a party at his house a while back. We were completely turned on, but we had gotten cut off by another person who had knocked on the door of his room.

"Oh, Holly. You're so wet, baby." His husky whisper sent shivers down my spine. His hand slowly rubbed against my core through my panties. He slowly tugged on my panty line and slid his fingers inside. "Oh shit," I uttered out with a moan as I felt his finger slowly part my folds. His strong but soft fingers slowly rubbing against my pussy and clit.

I began stroking his dick through his pants, making a grunt escaped him. He entered one finger inside and began fucking me with it. His thumb rubbing against my clit. I could tell he was getting turned on badly. His bulge felt so big and thick.

I turned and began to undo his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and let them fall on the floor. My pussy throbbed at the sight of his bulge, biting my bottom lip. I closed the space gap between us, attacking his lips with a hungry kiss.

Our mouths molding together, our tongues wrestling inside my mouth as I tried to fight him for dominance over the kiss. He was winning, just like last time. He was an amazing kisser. His hand slid inside my panties again, this time entering two fingers and moving them fiercely in and out of me. I tried to suppress my moans by kissing him harder. We pulled away, breathing erratically to catch our breath.

His lips went over my neck, licking and sucking on my sensitive part.

"Oh, Ryan. Please." I moaned, my body shaking, my core throbbing as his fingers fucked me so beautifully.

"Come for me, Holly. Come for me." He lowered himself in front of me, pulling my panties off and pressing me against the wall. He lifted my right leg over his shoulder and took me in his mouth.

"Oh fuck. Yes, like that Ryan. Right there baby." I whispered as he sucked on my pussy and licked it, stroking his tongue across it as if he was kissing my mouth.

"You like that baby?" He asked as he enters two fingers and continues to toy with my clit with his tongue. I moaned, gripping his hair tight and rising my hips towards him to get better access.

He curls his fingers and it makes my mouth gawk open as he begins to hit my g-spot.

"Come for me, Holly. I can feel you're almost there. You feel so fucking tight. You taste so good, Holly." He utters out as he looks up. His tongue toying with my clit harder. Just as he takes a harder suckling on my pussy walls, I feel myself fall apart, coming all over his mouth.

My breathing erratic as he sucks my juices in with his mouth. He slowly gets up, pulling a condom from his wallet and placing it on. I push him to a sitting position on top of the toilet and straddle him. I kiss him, I can taste myself on his lips. I slowly grab his dick and glide him inside me.

We both moan lightly as I feel him slowly enter me. "Fuck Holly. You're even tighter than I remember." So yes. You guessed it right.

We hated each other, but we still love each other. And we especially loved to fuck each other. There was no other guy I have been with other than him. Not sure I was his only one, but I can't go off on him if he was sleeping with someone else. We're not a couple after all.

I began rocking my hips slowly. His hands guiding me closer. My lips attacking his lips, biting on his bottom lip as I slowly glide my tongue inside his mouth.

"I missed this Ry-. I missed your delicious lips. The feel of your dick inside me. Why do you like to torture me this way? I could do this every day with you, you know that?" I whispered, pulling a smile on his lips.

I began to speed up, bouncing up and down on him, and rocking my hips. His dick somehow felt bigger and thicker after I told him how I felt.

"Do you miss me, Holly? Do you miss this? Because I missed it too. I missed being inside your tight pussy. I missed your taste. Your sweet moans. I missed you, Holly. I want you for me, and only me." I smiled. But it wasn't going to happen. I knew him, he wasn't ready to commit to us. Which was why I hated him too.

"I missed this Ryan. I missed you. I missed our kisses and this. I missed all of you." I claimed his lips, my hands going over his nape as I kept my steady pace. I can feel myself closer. I quickened my pace a little more, sweat going down my forehead and my breathing staggered.

"I- I'm almost there. Ryan." His hands aiding me, pulling me deeper inside and kissing me harder.

"Come for me, Holly. Let me feel you come again, baby." His husky voice was all I needed. I felt my orgasm rise, I came over him, my walls tightening around his dick, as a grunt escaped him. His dick throbbing inside of me as he came inside.

I kept rocking my hips slowly on top of him. His right hand holding me tight around my hips, and his left hand tangled in my hair as he held my head steady, kissing me with passion.

This was a new kiss, one that only came from my part before, but now, he was returning it.

We parted our lips, gasping for air. His forehead rating on mine as we caught our air.

"Holly," he whispered.

"Mmhm," I uttered out with my eyes closed.

"I love you." My eyes widened at his declaration. I looked at him in shock, his eyes held sincerity in them.


"You don't have to say it back. But I have been wanting to say it for a long time. I just, I didn't have the balls to say it, because I know we're not officially a couple, unless-" I blinked repeatedly a few times, unsure I was understanding where this was going.

"Unless?" I whispered, my heart raised at a million per second.

"Be my girlfriend, Holly. Officially my girlfriend. No hiding, no acting like we hate each other anymore. I want you, I want you for me." His voice filled me sweetly inside.

"Ryan, are you sure? I mean. . . yes. Yes, I-I want to be your girlfriend." I rushed my words out, hoping he wouldn't change his mind. He chuckles, pulling me to him and kissing me.

I slid off slowly, he grabbed the condom and tied it, wrapping it in toilet paper, and threw it inside the trash.

After we cleaned up, we realized we had three minutes to get back to class. We both didn't get to eat. And now, I was even more hungry. But I was happy, we walked together holding hands as an official couple.

Three weeks later

As promised, I had been picking up Ryan for school and waited for him till the end of soccer practice. We spent our evenings together now and enjoyed each other's company and body of course.

Yesterday, Ryan got his car back. So today, he will be picking me up for school. It's a good thing, my car can finally take a break from all the driving.

I can officially say that we have gone from friendnemies to lovers, and my, may I say, we are better as a couple than friendnemies.

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