Sexcapade (Completed)

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Daddy's Friend

The Story of Nadine and Josh

"Alright baby girl, make sure you get straight home after school, ok? Josh will be coming by to keep an eye on you-"

I roll my eyes to hide my excitement, I was in love with Josh, though dad was oblivious to us. I hated that dad and he treated me like a kid all the time.

Since I turned 19 a few months ago, I have been secretly messing around with Josh. You could say it was my 'birthday present' from him- to lose my virginity.

"Dad, for the last time, I don't need babysitting! Seriously, I'm already in college. I can take care of myself." Though I honestly didn't mind one bit for Josh to come by and spending the night one bit!

"Nadine, we've talked about this. You're my baby, you will always be my baby. I know you're capable of taking care of yourself, but I'd feel so much better knowing you're not completely alone. Now, please, be nice to Josh, understood?"

I groaned and rolled my eyes, " Fine. If it makes you feel better, I will be on my best behavior with him, ok?"

He chuckles and kisses the top of my head. "Thank you, baby, now be careful at school and be back early. Josh will be expecting you to be here early today, so he'll probably be coming by after work, ok?"

"Yes, daddy. Anyway, I gotta get to school. Have a safe trip, ok?" I kissed my dad, left my house, got in my car, and went on my way to school.

Dad and Josh were partners in a small law firm they had recently opened. It was just the two of them, plus three other lawyers that came together and opened their own office. Josh was the youngest of all, being only 25 years old. Yet, he proved to be a great asset to the firm.

He was a great lawyer, from what I hear. Dad had taken a liking to him when he had gone in as an intern, right off college graduation. Since then, they've been inseparable.

The whole day at school had gone the same as always, long and boring. I kept my promise to my daddy and went straight home.

I went in, throwing my backpack on my bed, and took a quick shower. Then I went to the kitchen, made myself a sandwich with a bowl of soup, and took it to my room to eat. I jumped and yelled when I opened my door. Josh was sitting on the side of my bed wearing nothing but pajama pants.

His body still lingered with water droplets going down his chest.

"Fucking hell Josh- you scared the shit out of me!" I yelled at him, placing my hand on my chest and closing my eyes almost spilling my food on the floor.

He chuckled and placed his cell phone back in his pocket.

"I thought you were still at work," I explained to him.

"Well, I was. But I decided to leave early and keep an eye on daddy's little princess."

"Shut up. You and dad need to stop treating me like a five-year-old. Seriously? I'm 19 already."

"Oh, forgive me. You're a grown woman now, aren't you?" He sneered mocking me. I rolled my eyes and took a sip from my soda.

"Whatever Josh."

His gaze fell on my shirt. I had completely forgotten I wasn't wearing a bra. I stepped closer, taunting him.

His hand softly wrapped around my waist, pulling me between his leg. My heart feeling like it would pop out of my chest. His manly smell of old spice and everything manly filled my nose.

"You're right. You are a woman. And a beautiful one for all that matters Nadine." His husky voice sending chills down my spine. My pi shorts feeling wet. God, I need to control my damn hormones.

"Th-thank you, Josh." My chest rose up and down slowly. My heart hammering in my ear as I bit my lower lip.

"I know I've said it before, but you are so fucking beautiful Nadine."

I moaned at his whispered words. A grunt escaping him.

"Josh, kiss me," I whispered. My hands involuntarily gripping his hair with my fingers.

"Tell me you don't want me as bad as I want you right now Nadine?" He whispered, his lips grazing my neck, leaving wet marks from his tongue.

"I want you so fucking bad Josh."

"Mmh, bad girl. Taunting me the way you bite on that bottom lip. Makes me want to fuck you right now."

His hand slowly trailed to my stomach, the throbbing between my legs feeling so intense, I needed to feel him. I wanted his fingers touching every inch of me.

His hand slowly traced the hem of my shorts, moaning escape me. I gasped feeling his bulge against my knee, making me soaking wet, my core throbbing with excitement to our contact.

"You see what you do to me, Nadine? This is all your doing. What are you going to do about it, baby?"

Let's be reasonable, he's older, true. But I sure as hell was no kid, and I wanted him. I wanted him to fuck my brains out. I needed to release all the damn sexual tension between us. So, I say fuck it. I want him, and I know he wants me, and I was not going to let this opportunity go to waste.

I pulled on his hair making him look at me, claiming his lips vigorously. A loud grunt escaped his lips, making my walls throb more. I was getting so wet.

His hands wanted to lift me off the floor to straddle him, but I didn't allow him to. I wanted to taste him first. I pulled away from our kiss, gasping for air. My eyes hazing from being on cloud nine.

I frantically pulled his pajamas down along with his boxers, getting on my knees. A gasp escaping him. "Nadine!" His voice was erratic as he gazed down at me.

"I want you in my mouth, Josh. Then you can fuck me all you want." I licked my lips, grabbing his cock in my hands. It was huge, and I knew he was completely turned on. His dick felt warm in my hands. A gasp escaping him as he felt my hands on his dick, pulling the shaft back, exposing the tip of his head. Precum oozed out slowly.

I licked it off, making him gasp, right before I took him completely in my mouth. "Oh fuck! Nadine, that- that feels so fucking good." His voice uttered out slowly. My head-bopping him in and out of my mouth, I swirled my tongue against his engorged vein and placed pressure on his dick, sucking while my head bopped up and down slowly.

His fingers softly interlaced on my hair, pulling it slightly and making me take him further inside my mouth. He felt so big. I couldn't take him fully inside, though he still hit my bell down my throat, making me gag. My hands gripped his ass, trying to take him all in. I didn't care I felt like gagging, I wanted all of him.

He pulled me, turning me around, making my stomach press against the bed. His knees parting my legs, and his hands gripping my ass harshly.

"Fuck Nadine, I knew you were a naughty girl. But I didn't think you were this naughty." He chuckled, going on his knees and pulling my shorts off. I gasped feeling his mouth against my walls. His tongue fucking me with such vigor. His hands parting my ass cheeks, as he devoured me as if I was the best dessert he had ever had.

His finger slowly entered me, while his tongue continued to toy with my clit, making a loud moan escaping me. I rocked my hips to his movements, the put of my stomach balling up, I knew I was close, but I also knew Josh.

He would torture me by stopping right before I needed to come.

His fingers pacing torturously slow inside me, I wanted him, fucking me fast and passionately like we always do. But he seemed to want to torture me badly today. A whimper escaped me, making him chuckle lightly.

"So impatient baby."

"Josh, please!" I pleaded, a moan escaping me as I tried to move against his finger faster. His finger circling my clit, making me moan.

"Not yet baby. Not yet." He whispered, kissing me on the curve of my lower back. He slowly got on his feet, his fingers curling hitting that wonderful spot inside me.

I gasped, arching my back and whimpering with utter pleasure.

"Yes, right there baby. Right there, don't stop." My voice was shaky and I felt my whole body tremble.

"God stop torturing Josh. Please!" I bit my lip, a tear threatening to escape me. The intensity of what he was making me feel was too much. I needed to come badly, and he was not making it easy for me.

He slowly released his fingers from me making me whine. "Josh? Please, baby, don't stop." I whimpered a little too sudden. He entered me in one quick and rough move. My mouth gawked opened making me gasp. My head buried in my duvet, moaning and whimpering as he trusted fast and hard inside of me. My hands gripping my duvet hard, our bodies covered in a cold sweat as he paced faster inside.

This is all I needed. To feel him, to have him deep inside me, our bodies molding together perfectly. He was my first, and I so hoped he was my last forever and ever.

His face picking up, I knew he was close, his thrusts getting rougher and harder. Feeling him deeper inside me, making my toes curl.

"Come for me baby, come for me 'Dine, let it go, baby." His husky voice commanding me, my lip was probably going to swollen after this from how hard I bit down on it.

His hands digging on my hips, thrusting deep and rough inside of me. I knew I couldn't hold it anymore, my body taking over on its own as I came. My thighs and the side of my duvet soaking wet as I came, my body trembling as I felt my orgasm going to its peak. An intense pressure, making my body tremble. My eyes rolled back as I slowly climbed down from my orgasm. A loud grunt escaping him as I felt him come.

His dick trusting on its own as he released inside of me, his hands digging on my hips, and allowed himself to stay still inside me as he came. Slowly, his fingers releasing pressure until he collapsed on top of me.

Our breathing staggering, our hearts still pacing quickly, a beautiful rhythm as he pulls me to the bed and lays me on his side. My ear enjoying the sweet melody of the sound of his heart. This was it, the place I wanted to be in, with my favorite person in the world.

I slowly drifted off to sleep, involuntarily whispering the words I longed to say for a long time. "I love you, Josh." I could feel a smile pulling on his lips. A soft kiss on my head as I allowed myself to fall asleep.

Three years later- graduation day.

I had a beautiful ceremony today and a huge certificate that stated I was an official Child Psychologist. I wanted to work with kids. I first wanted to become a social worker, but along the way was offered a job as a counselor at my old high school. So, I now am officially the new counselor at my local high school.

I sat at dinner with my dad and Josh celebrating a new chapter in my life.

We sat at the dinner table, waiting for dessert. About six months ago, Josh and I finally dared to tell dad about our relationship.

We were scared shitless, my dad is everything to me besides Josh. He wasn't so thrilled at first, knowing Josh is six years older bothered him a bit. But ultimately, he was happy for us. He saw how serious we were about each other. He knew I was deeply in love with him.

The waiter slowly came by with our plates, slowly placing a chocolate cake in front of Josh, and then next to dad.

I slowly looked over at Josh, smiling, the waiter placed my plate down, but my gaze was still lingering on Josh. He dug into his chocolate cake without parting eyesight with me. A huge smile on his face.

"Aren't you going to eat your dessert sweetheart?" Josh pointed to my dessert, his eyes lingering with a bright gleam.

I gulped down, realizing I was drooling over him. "I, umm, yes. Sorry." I smiled and grabbed my fork and was about to dig into devouring my dessert.

My mouth gawked open as I looked down. There was a beautiful ring placed delicately on top of my cake, a simple band with a squared cut diamond, and a row of tiny diamond stones on either side of the ring. The words I had longed to hear for a few long months now were written beautifully around the plate in chocolate icing.

"Will you marry me?"

My eyes watering with fresh warm tears. My hands covering my mouth as I gasped. I looked up towards Josh and my dad. My dad's face lit, tears rolling down his cheeks, and Josh by me now as he kneeled on one knee.

"Josh?" My voice quivered, a knot caught in my throat.

"Nadine. I love you more than anything and anyone in this world. Please, will you do me the honor, and spend the rest of your life with me? Marry me Diney?"

I launched into his arms and kissed him. "Yes, yes I will marry you, Josh." I giggled and kissed him repeatedly. Dad and Josh chuckling as I kissed him and went down on my knees with him. This was the best day ever. I couldn't wait to marry this man and spend every night with me.

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