Sexcapade (Completed)

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Bad Temper Issues

The Story of Kayden and Taylor

You ever get frustrated for wanting to have someone lay next to you but not have anyone?

It's as if the world around you has suddenly partnered up and one lovey-dovey buy no one is there for you. You have been cursed with being all alone and it bugs the hell out of me because I have a huge urge to want to fall in love and have someone be there for me.

To have someone understand me, and put me as their priority. I always give my all in a relationship, but I have unfortunately encountered nothing but sleezebags that do nothing but take advantage of me. Whether it was monetary, physical, or mental, all the guys I have gone out on dates have been a waste of my time.

Though, I'll admit that most guys were blind dates set by my mom. She's very successful in business. I'm next in line to inherit her business, but I'm a big introvert. I have no idea how I will be able to handle the situation when it's my turn to take the chair of the big CEO.

Most guys only see me as a sack of money to go out with.

I want a genuine guy who will love me for me. Not someone interested in my mother's money.

She asked me today to come over and help out with a new store she is opening in just a few months. The place is still being renovated from the inside. There should still be construction builders in the area if I'm not mistaken.

The whole place was dark, so she hired a guy to open up more windows and make the place bigger. The lights are being changed, new electric work and plumbing are done.

There is so much to do.

But mom likes taking care of her workers. I love that about mom. She shows compassion while still being a strong-witted boss.

She asked me to go and help out passing out food to them today. Since it's a hot day, she wants them to be as comfortable as possible while not having to leave the sight. This way, it will not only save them money on having to buy their lunch, but it will also save us the trouble of not risking them taking too long to come back to work.

When I got to the sight, there were workers all over. Some carrying drywall sheets, some carrying containers full of plaster, or drilling here and there.

There was so much commotion everywhere.

I had come with a few of mom's workers, including her secretary Mabelle. She was a sweet lady. I've known her all my life. She's been working with the company for over two decades.

She started as a receptionist when grandpa was the owner. When mom took over fifteen years ago, she became mom's secretary or personal assistant, whatever you like to call her. Either way, she is mom's most trusted worker and friend.

"Ok, hon. The caterers should be here pretty soon, so let's set up a few tables to set up the food in a buffet-like manner so it's easier for them to file into lines." Mabelle smiled and paired my shoulder.

"Sure. What would you like me to help with?" I asked her smiling. She smiled and rolled her eyes. Though I was younger, she wasn't used to bossing me around.

I worked part-time with a fashion designer for my mom's company. I wanted the experience since I knew one day I was going to take over.

So it's easy to say that I always dressed to impress wherever I went. I was used to wearing heels by now since it was a big requirement for my boss.

"Good one Tay- but seriously, be careful around here. A lot is going on, and you might get your shoes dirty. Maybe you should have worn more casual clothes today instead."

"I'm fine. I'm used to it now." I winked at her and turned to walk towards where I had seen a few foldable tables, but crashed onto a wall. A nice hard muscled wall.

"I- I'm sorry," I said as my hands hit his chest.

He looked at me confused holding a few bags of cement on his shoulder.

"You should be more careful. You'll get yourself hurt." He looked at me seriously.

"I will, sorry."

"Or you can get yourself hurt, wouldn't want those expensive shoes getting dirty now would we?" He leaned closer and looked at me sarcastically.

"What?" I said sheepishly.

"This is not a place for girls to be in. Please be a bit more considerate with the workers around here. You'll get someone hurt for being in the way." His husky voice tried to reprimand me.

"Excuse me?" I said annoyed.

"You're excused." He said and walked away leaving me with my mouth gawked openly.

"Jerk." I crossed my hands and looked at him as he walked away. True, he looked so hot. He wore those black jeans with the steel-toe boots and a t-shirt that hired his figure so beautifully.

I could tell this job kept him in great shape, his biceps and small waist said it all.

But, he was rude as fuck. Damn it, I really need a boyfriend. Or a good lay for that matter.

The whole time I was there, it was the same damn thing. He kept giving me hard looks as if he didn't want to see me here.

We had set up the tables and passed out the food. Yet he had refused to grab anything and went to a small restaurant across from us to eat. He'd come back thirty minutes later and went back to work, while all the other workers took their whole one-hour break.

He was one of four that did this. They would eat quickly and return to work soon after.

It was like that for the next few weeks. I went back each day to receive his cold stares.

The place was looking wonderful. They were working quicker than I anticipated. Mom was very pleased with the place. She was going to be coming by in a few days to check up on it in person to speak with the person in charge.

Four weeks in

We had just finished giving everyone their lunch today and began picking up when I needed to go to the restrooms. Luckily, they had already finished building the bathrooms so I didn't have to go next door to ask them to allow me to use them.

I went in quickly and did my business. I began washing my hands and dried my hands when I heard the door open. And there he was, standing before me with eyes wide open and lips partially parted.

"What what are you doing in here? This is the girl's restroom." I stuttered.

"Did you not read the sign? The restroom is not completely ready. You didn't use the faucets did you?" He said walking inside making me feel unease.

True, I was attracted to him despite his stupid attitude.

"Well yeah. I had to wash my hands."

He sighs and closes his eyes irritatingly.

"Fuck. Now I have to dry the damn floor first." He says making me look down.

I hadn't noticed that the sinks were not completely sealed underneath. There was water dripping down and wet the floor.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't, I didn't know." I apologized.

"Do me a favor, and stop causing me problems will you?" He says as he grabbed a few terry towels and began to wipe the floor.


"Please leave. Unlike you, I need to work for a living. I don't live off mommy's money. Ok?"

"What is your problem? What did I do to you to dislike me? And by the way, for your information, I don't live off my mother's money. I have a job of my own. I have been volunteering here to cone and feed you guys and go back to my work at night while you go home and rest." I snapped at him. I was tired of his rudeness.

No matter how hot and sexy he was, I was not about to allow him to keep giving me a hard time.

"My problem is- you are always in my way. I need to finish this project as soon as possible. Having you here is not just a bothersome distraction, but dangerous. I have to constantly look out for you to not get hurt but the worse thing is you don't even realize it."

"Danger? I have not been in any danger. So why do you really hate me being here? I haven't done anything to you."

"Seriously? You keep getting in the way of the workers. You walk around like there's no trouble around here. You almost got hit by a worker with a drywall sheet when you came in today and walked by the new dressing rooms. You almost got soaked by a bucket of paint when you went to grab one of the tables to set up for lunch. You bumped into a guy cutting a board, he could have gotten badly hurt, yet you just turned around and said sorry like if nothing bad could have happened. I hate having to do my job and babysit a careless child who has no idea she's in danger or putting others in danger as well."

He had me dumbfounded. I hadn't thought of all the trouble I had dodged, or caused myself. I had been saved numerous times and it was all thanks to him.

My face turned red with embarrassment. I didn't know what to say to him.

"Well, you should try and control your stupid temper. If you weren't distracting me so much, a lot of these things would have been prevented."

"Me? Are you seriously blaming all this shit on me? Unbelievable. You are not just a spoiled brat, but you're careless and unemotional for that matter. Do me a favor, stay in your pretty office, and leave the volunteering to other people. I don't need you to add more work to what I already have." His face turned red from anger. But I was just as angry as he was. I mean, who the hell did he think he was yelling at me like that.

So- I acted without thinking and slapped him hard on his face.

His face turned to the side to the impact of my hand on his cheek, leaving a red mark, imprinting my fingers on his cheek. His jaw clenched as he slowly looked back towards me. I was suddenly really scared and sorry for my actions as well.

"I- I am so sorry. I didn't mean to-" My voice stuttered. He suddenly pulls me by my wrist towards him. My body crashing against his chest.

"Do that again, and you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Got it?" He said in a low husky tone. I knew it was supposed to intimidate me. But all it did was turn me on. My panties felt soaked, and my core throbbed with need. I so desperately needed a man.

"I said I was so sorry," I said in a low sheepish voice. His eyes turned dark and I swear I could have heard him grunt.

He wrapped his arm around my waist, letting go of my wrist, and wrapping that arm around my neck, interlacing his fingers in my hair.

He quickly crashes his lips on me, and my eyes turn wide from the shock, but I don't fight it. I indulge in his sweet kiss. His lips felt soft and his tongue switched perfectly in sync with mine.

His kiss tasted sweet and hot. He was such a damn good kisser. I couldn't help but let out a moan making him grunt louder. I pressed myself against him, feeling his bulge pressed against my thigh.

I couldn't help but press myself harder against him. His hands began to roam my body. One hand gripping my right breast and the other gripping my butt as he made me press closer against him as if it was even possible.

"My name is Kayden by the way." He uttered out between kisses, making me smile. He began kissing my neck and worked on undoing my shirt buttons.

"I'm Taylor." I whimpered out as I untucked his shirt. Before I knew it, he had made my skirt ride up, as I unbuckled his belt and undo his jeans.

His chest was pure hard muscle. Which made me get turned on even more. My pussy throbbed with need. I needed him in me soon, or I was going to explode.

I moaned as I felt him pull me up against the wall and pulled my legs to wrap myself around his waist. His kissing became more pleasing as he nipped and sucked on the tender skin on my neck, taking one of my breasts in his mouth and sucking on the nipple with such expertise.

"Oh yes. I like that. " I whimpered out making him smile.

"Ahh, quiet. They'll hear us." He whispered out smiling.

I lowered his boxers revealing his high cock. He looked so good I wanted to taste him. But he didn't give me a chance.

He eagerly pushed my panties aside and penetrated my pussy in one go. His cock filling me so good. I gasped at the feel of his engorged dick inside me, filling me so perfectly all the way inside.

I moaned, biting my bottom lip. My hands held him tight around his neck as he pounded deep and hard inside me. He went slow, indulging in the feel of his cock sliding inside me. It made me throb more, making my walls clench, and my juices pour out uncontrollably.

"Oh fuck. " I uttered out as I felt every move so heightened. He was so good. He felt perfect inside me.

He kissed me harder, increasing his speed and penetrating me harder and deeper, holding me up against the wall and making all my fantasies of sex seem so immature.

His dick moving perfectly in and out of me. Steady, hard, and invigoratingly perfect. "Harder Kayden. Harder." I whispered slowly in his ear. He grunted, picking up speed, and tightening his grip on my ass as he pounded harder inside me.

"Oh God yes. Harder Kayden, harder. Oh God yes." I whispered yell making him grunt.

Our bodies sweating, as we rubbed against each other indulging in this incredible moment.

"You like that baby?" His voice is erratic as he fucked me harder and deeper.

"Mm, yes. I love it." I uttered out as my nails dug in his back. My stomach clenched, and my legs felt weak. I rocked my hips to mimic his moves. He fucked so good. I knew I was close, I could feel my walls tighten. I was going to orgasm. I lifted myself a little, making his hands dig in my ass to keep me steady. He increased his speed mote making me moan.

And that's all it took. My body colliding as I climbed to the peak of my orgasm. It was the best damn orgasm I had ever experienced in my life. I could feel my juices pouring down my ass and down his thighs as he crashed his lips on mine. I couldn't help but gasp as I felt myself come and orgasm all at once.

His skin and mine were covered in goosebumps as we both slowly came down from our orgasm.

We continued to kiss for a few more minutes until he slowly let my body down. My legs felt weak and my eyes blurry. He slowly pulled out of me making me pout inwardly.

I could honestly go for another round.

"Well, that. . . . that was." I stuttered.

"Yeah. It was incredible." He said as he placed his forehead against mine. His hands resting against my waist.

"Kayden?" I whispered his name making a smile form on his face.

"Yeah." He softly spoke, closing his eyes and embracing me, pulling me close against his chest.

"Do you not want me to come by anymore?" I asked softly.

He pulls away slowly and looks at me between my orbs. A smile forming on his face after a while.

"No. I love seeing you here. But it is hard for me to concentrate. Especially when you wear those sexy tight pencil skirts like today. Just- promise you'll be more careful. Ok? I don't want you getting hurt."

"I could do that." I smiled and bit my bottom lip. My arms wrapped against his waist.

Two months later

Kayden and I have been engaged in steamy sex in the work sight now and then. Thankfully we have not been caught up to now.

He officially asked me to be his girlfriend last night when I went to his apartment. Turns out he was the guy mom hired. This explains why he felt so frustrated since he was the guy in charge and responsible for everyone around.

Sex gets better and steamier each day. He doesn't seem to tire easily. He has so much stamina, which by the way- I am not complaining. I get horny as fuck just looking at him. I couldn't be happier.

He still needs to work on his attitude.

I've come to realize that when he's horny, he gets moody. Which, I don't mind taking care of myself.

He's not just an amazing man, he's hot as fuck, sweet, caring, and best of all the best I've had in bed all my life. And, I think I am in love with him.

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