Sexcapade (Completed)

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The Story of Tate and Bee

10:30 am., I should have been up by 8 this morning. Yet I laid in bed still. I had no desire of getting up either.

You know why?

I was finally living alone. I no longer had to listen to anyone about having to get up, clean my room, wash dishes, and yatta-yatta-yatta. This was my place.

All mine. No one to boss me around.

Only one problem- I was going through a late maturity phase. And by that, yes, I mean I was going through a hormone imbalance thing.

I was horny all the time, and I mean ALL. THE. TIME!

I have no idea what the hell is happening to me, or why this was happening.

So, since I have been living alone for the past three weeks, and had a good job, which I didn't have to go to today because of the weekend, I decided to take care of business myself.

I slid down my panties, I was already soaking wet. My walls felt swollen, and my pussy throbbed, I needed to orgasm, and I needed it now.

My fingers slowly slid down my stomach and down to my walls, finding my clit. I began to slowly caress my opening, parting my folds and moving my fingers across my entrance. Slowly, steady, a moan escaping me as I arched my back.

My other hand swiftly gripped my right breast. I loved sleeping in nothing but a pair of undies. My breasts were exposed to the cool air as the spring weather was still cold and breezy.

I entered one finger and began moving it slowly, swirling the tip of my finger inside until I felt my G-spot. I gasped as I began moving my finger in and out of me. I kept biting my bottom lip as I masturbated myself on my soft king-size bed.

I entered another finger, moving faster and trying to go in as deep as I possibly could. My thumb swirling around on top of my clit. It felt so heavenly.

I just knew m bottom lip would be swollen by the end of this. But just as I felt I would come, it went away. It was frustrating. I grunted and sighed deeply, my hands covering my face.

I turned slightly onto my side and opened my drawer, retrieving my brand new pink vibrating dildo.

"Mm, yes. You will do just fine baby." I said happily.

I grabbed it and got on my knees, resting the dildo between my feet. I slowly placed it inside me.

"Oh fuck yes. So glad I went with the big thick one." I'll be honest, I had never purchased one of these. My mom would have tripped if she ever found out I have one.

I began to slowly move up and down. It felt so good. I slowly picked up my pace and moved up and down on it, my fingers working on my clit at the same time. I could feel it coming. The pressure in my stomach, mimicking the satisfactory sensation between my legs. It was so good, so much fucking needed- good.

My hand working wonders on my clit, soaking my duvet underneath as I bopped up and down on my dildo. "Oh such. Yes, oh God yes. That feels so damn good."

"Mm, duck. Yes, finally, yes." I whispered yelled. The pressure in my throbbing pussy increasing, I moved faster and made it go in deeper, hitting my G-spot every time.

Just as I was about to orgasm, my door opened. My face turned red from embarrassment.

"Jesus, Tate? What the fuck?" I yelled at my best friend. I should have never given him that damn key.

Tate and I have been best friends since forever ago. He's hot but hot-hot, he's god-like gorgeous hot. He's got a tiny stomach full of muscles, on top of muscles.

"Fuck." His eyes were wide, just like his mouth as I tried to cover myself up with my duvet.

"Damn it, Tate. When I gave you that key, I told you it was for emergencies only. What the fuck?"

He ran his hand over the back of his neck and gulped down hard.

"Well, in all honesty, I think this is an emergency. Or, so I thought. You weren't answering your phone Bee! I thought something had happened to you. But, I guess now I see you were busy."

"Fucking hell. Get out, Tate."

"Why? Aren't you down finger fucking yourself? Need some help?" He taunted with a wink.

"Shut up. Get out!" I yelled at him. He closed the door behind him and crossed his hands over his chest.

"What if I don't want to?" He said.

"What? Tate, do you really have a death wish right now? Because if you do I'll -"

My eyes went wide as he takes a step and takes off his shirt. His heavenly muscles flexing beautifully. If I wasn't wet already, I would be getting soaked just looking at those babies.

"Tate, what are you-"

He crawls towards me on top of my bed, undoing his buckle and swiftly taking off his pants, and boxers.

Holly-shit, his dick was already erect, and a little bit of precum was beautifully displayed on the tip of his dick.

I had always fantasized about how it would be to fuck my best friend, but we had both made an oath to never cross that line. It's easy to say that that oath was going to be thrown out the window today.

"T-Tate, what are you-"

"Come here, pretty girl. Don't act all innocent now. I know you've been wanting this for as long as I've been fantasizing about it too. Now, think about it, I have no girlfriend to make me feel guilty about cheating on anyone, and you haven't gotten laid in over three months. It's no wonder you've been moody," He yanks the duvet off me, exposing my naked body, and pulls both of my legs towards him making me yelp in a squeak matter.

"Tate, I, we, we made an oath. Remember?" I stuttered softly, but I couldn't help feeling myself wanting him. My body itself wanted him deep inside.

"Oath? What oath? Are you saying you don't want to have hot. . . . steamy. . . . sex, without any attachment, or regret? What better than to have someone you already know, fuck your brains out? Or. . . " He grabs the dildo by my pillow and smiles mischievously.

"Are you saying this little thing here is enough to fulfill your insatiable- urge for a good fuck?" His husky voice taunted me making me bite my bottom lip as he slowly crawled closer until he had placed himself between my legs and both his hands rested on either side of my shoulders.

"Tate. I don't want things to change between us. You mean so much to me." My pussy throbbed as I uttered the words out. I wanted him to enter me and fuck me so hard right now, but my heart raised fiercely in my chest.

"Why would things have to change? In bed, I'll be your dominant master, outside of bed, I'll continue to be your best friend, and nothing else. Unless-" He leaned closer, licking my lip, biting my lower lip, and tracing his tongue in a feather-like motion until he got to the tip of my left breast.

He slowly twirled his tongue on my nipple and sucked on it once, tracing his tongue along with my breast and into his mouth.

"Mmh! Tate. Unless un-unless what?" I whispered out as my back arched involuntarily against his tongue.

"Unless you want us to go further. But only if you want to. Ok?" He responded.

His hand slowly grazed my walls, he slowly pressed two fingers inside of me making me gasp. My eyes rolling back to the back of my head as his tongue toyed with both of my nipples and his fingers fucked me so good. I came again and again uncontrollably, but he refused to stop until I'd orgasm.

He slowly went down. His mouth leaving soft kisses down my stomach until he took my pussy in his mouth. My hand softly caressing his head, as my fingers interlaced his hair tugging on it slowly.

I opened my legs wider, allowing him better access to eat me all up.

"Oh fuck. Tate!" My eyes watered, I didn't just feel the need to come again, but I felt the heated-tickling sensation all the way down to my toes. It was so good. He slowly turned, putting his dick in front of my face.

I took his shaft, pulling it back and taking his dick deep in my mouth. He felt so huge, my jaw felt tired after just a few thrusts but he didn't allow me to pull my head off him.

His pelvis moving at a steady pace as he fucked my mouth until I was gagging from the feel of his cock down my throat.

Then the most amazing feel happened as he continued to fuck me with his tongue and toyed with my clit. He grabbed my dildo, and spat on my ass, bringing the dildo to my entrance and putting it inside my ass.

I had never been fuck in my ass before. It was a little discomforting and it hurt a little at first. But as he softly moved it, I began to relax, and the feeling turned to an inexplicable pleasure.

His movements in my mouth increasing as he fucked my throat, and my ass using my dildo.

It was so fucking good. I suddenly felt the warm liquid going down my throat as he passed into me, thrusting slowly and deep inside.

Once he was done, he quickly got up, grabbing a condom off his pocket and placing it on. Even after just finishing, his dick was still fully erect.

He swiftly turned me on my stomach and entered me from behind, leaving the dildo inside my ass.

He began fucking me fast, deep, hungrily. His hand gripping the dildo and making it go inside of me deeper. He looked down on it, finding the button for the vibrator and turning it on, on full speed.

I moaned out loud from the feel, my pussy and ass feeling so damn good. He slapped my ass hard as he trusted deep and faster inside of me.

"Oh. Fuck.Tate, I'm almost there again, I'm going to come. Ah," I gasped and clenched my cheeks around his dick as I felt my orgasm at three times fold.

It was so good. It wasn't just inside my pussy that throbbed with the pleasure of my orgasm, but in my ass as well. It was inexplicably good. The best I have ever felt in my life.

For once, in a very VERY long time, I finally felt my insatiable need for sex fulfilled.

He crashed down on me soon after. His dick throbbing inside as he spilled his load inside of me. A loud grunt escaping him.

He let himself fall only bed and onto his back, pulling me onto his chest. Our bodies were covered in sweat as we laid there. My arms and leg wrapped over him, a smile plastered on both of our faces.

I finally felt satisfied.

Six months later

Tate and I continued to sleep with each other for a while until things began to get complicated.

After three months, we had a high fight. He began acting weird around me, though sex was still really good.

He finally ended things with me, and even our friendship began to fall apart.

Two weeks ago, I saw him at a restaurant with another girl. A friend of mine told me he had been dating this girl for a few weeks now.

It hurt a lot for me to see him with her. I know he didn't want thongs to be serious between us, and so I told him it was fine for us to stop Talking because I was too scared to confess to him that I had fallen in love with him.

Maybe it was better this way, or so I thought at the time.

Last night, he showed up at my apartment and tried to open my door with his old key. It was too painful for me to keep thinking of him with another girl. So I changed the lock on my door as a sign I should get over him because he would never see me as anything other than a fuck buddy.

But- I was startled, so I opened the door and to my surprise, he was butt drunk.

He came in yelling at me, saying he hated me because he couldn't stop thinking of me. We argued and yelled at each other.

Long story short, we ended in bed again. We had the best sex since our split-up. This morning, when I woke up, he had breakfast ready for me in bed.

We are together after we had morning sex, and after breakfast, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. What's even better, he said the three words I had longed for this whole time.


It made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I had loved him all this time, and I finally knew he had changed because he didn't know how to say them to me as well. He had loved me long before we begin to sleep together, and he could no longer contain it to himself.

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