Sexcapade (Completed)

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Ridding Buddy

Author's Note: This chapter is a boyxboy story. If you are uncomfortable with same-sex or LGBTQ relationships, please refrain from reading this chapter. This is my first attempt at writing a boyxboy chapter, so bear with me. I hope you enjoy it.

The Story of Cole And Theo

I was already late as of today.

Classes were hectic this year. College was getting much more stressful and harder as the years went by. But, I guess if I wanted to be a successful doctor one day, then I'd have to suck it up and endure until the end.

I usually take the bus back to my studio, but I was too tired to wait for the next bus to drive. Plus it was already dark.

So, I unlocked my phone and decided on getting a ride from an Uber or Lyft, whichever came first.

While I waited, I decided to grab a coffee at the vending machine and looked over my notes.

There were still quite a few students out there. I was glad a lot of students came at night. It made our campus feel a bit safer to walk at this hour.

Ten minutes later, my ride came. I walked towards the car and got inside. To my surprise, I knew the driver. He was a hot guy I had seen a few times at a local gay bar.

There was a girl in the passenger seat, so I got on the back. The guy was really hot, and the girl was fairly pretty as well trying to flirt with him. He nodded trying to be polite, though she had no clue he was gay as well

Though I preferred men over women.

I didn't live close to school, and I knew the ride there was probably going to be pricey, but right now I could care less. I just wanted to go home and rest.

The girl finally got dropped off five minutes after I had gotten in the car, leaving me alone with the handsome driver.

"So, how about you sit up front so you don't feel so alone back there?" The driver suggested, turning slightly, and smiling.

Gosh, he had a killer smile. I smile that could get many guys to drop their pants instantly and let him fuck me.

Wow! Slow down, Cole!

I guess being single for two years really has me on edge. I seriously need a good lay.

"It's ok, I wouldn't want to make you feel uncomfortable. I'm fine back here." I replied with a smile. Though I would not mind one bit sitting closer.

"Nonsense. Come on. Keep me company. I won't bite unless you want me to." He said winking at me.

Wait, what? Could he be trying to hit on me? Oh fuck. Little Joe instantly woke up at the thought of that, twitching in my jeans.

My jeans suddenly felt tighter on my cock area. I needed to act cool. Maybe I misunderstood him though. He was definitely gay, but if he was probably taken. He had to be, if he was that hot.

"Alright. If it's ok with you of course."

"Yeah, come on up. Sit up here with me."

I opened the door and sat on the passenger seat, leaving my backpack on the back. I definitely had to remember to grab my bag before taking off.

"So, you attend this university?" He asked smiling.

"Yeah. Studying medicine. I have one more year before I start my internship." Io explained.

"Cool. So, why are you so alone? Where's mister right?" He asked, probably referring to my buddy Jason who I usually go to the bar with.

"Who Jason?" I chuckled.

"He's just a friend," I explained.

"What about you? I've never seen you with a guy. Any special someone?" I asked making him smile.

"Uh, no. Not as of now, no. But who knows, right? I could be standing next to him and wouldn't know until it's the right time." He explained.

"What if the right time was now?" I said taking a chance at flirting with him.

He was so hot, his biceps cutting through the hem of his shirts and flexing beautifully as he maneuvers through traffic.

We made small talk, flirting and hitting on each other. The more we talked, the more I realized this man had to be mine. I needed to have him. Taste him, all of him. Feel him deep inside me and him deep inside him.

"Theo" I called his name seductively as we decided to pull up to a secluded area. No cars were passing, and it was fairly dark around us.

My cock hurt so bad. I needed to lose my jeans before my dick popped the damn zipper off.

"Yeah. What's up?" Theo answered turning towards me?

"What is the naughtiest place you've been with someone? And the kinkiest thing you allowed him to do to you?" I asked him, instantly regretting my question.

I didn't want him to think I was crossing the line.

"To be honest, I never really did anything too daring. But-" he said clearing his throat.

"You know what I have always wanted to experience?" He asked, biting his bottom lip and running his hand over his cock.

"What?" I asked, my cock twitching with excitement.

"I always wanted to experience having sex in a car, or a public place." He said, licking his bottom lip.

"Really" I answered, turning my body slowly towards him.

"You're so fucking hot Cole. Do you know that? I want you to fuck me. Right here, right now." He whispered, pulling me towards him and kissing my lips.

I gasped, giving him automatic access to my mouth and tongue.

"Theo," I called out his name. His hand slowly traveled to my cock, rubbing up and down. Our mouths fought for dominance over the kiss. I quickly pulled his shirt off, kissing his chest, taking his nipple in my mouth, and sucking it.

A moan escaping him as he moved his car seat back and laid it down as far as possible.

"I'm going to fuck you so good, you're going to scream my name out, baby." He said as he unzipped his jeans, and pulled them down.

My mouth savored his cock as it twitched upward as his jeans fell to the floor of the car. He was ready to fuck my bussy, but not before I could claim him first.

"Nah-ah!" I said, pushing him back to his seat and positioning myself. I took his shaft, pulling it back slowly. His dick oozed with precum as I pulled the shaft back. "Oh fuck." He whispered, as I slowly pulled the shaft down and leaned in to take him in my mouth.

A gasp escaping him as I licked his cock from the tip, to his balls. Licking it up and down slowly, his eyes rolled back to the back of his head as he raised his hips to get me to suck him.

I toyed with him, kissing his stomach and the tip of his cock alternately. Just when I saw more of precum ooze out, I took him deep in my mouth.

A moan escaping him, making me get turned on. I sucked his cock as my head bopped up and down, taking him deep inside my throat.

My dick twitching with need.

I slowly unzipped my jeans, taking my cock out and running my hand up and down as I sucked him. He tasted so good. I wanted to taste all of him though, and though my jaw was becoming soar from sucking hard on his dick, I wanted to wait until he came inside my mouth.

His hand gripped my hair, pushing me farther down his cock, fucking me deep inside my throat. His hips pushing up off the seat, making the car rock. I could feel my own dick oozing with precum as I jerked myself off.

Loud husky moans escaping him time and time again as I sucked him. "Yes, yes, like that baby. Fuck. Suck it harder, baby, harder. " he asked as I twirled my tongue against his shaft and sucked it as if trying to take the life off of it.

I knew he was close, his hips were lasting upwards higher, trying to stay in place. I wanted to come with him, but I was afraid he was going to beat me to it.

I bopped my head a few times more before I felt his warm cum inside my mouth, and down my throat. I load groan escaping him as he shot his load in my mouth. My hand jerking off faster and faster on my cock, but his moans only turned me on harder.

"Back seat, turn around," I demanded him, claiming his lips as I kept jerking my dick in front of him.

He quickly obeyed, turning his body and getting on all fours. I was glad he had a big car, I quickly moved behind me, positioning myself between his legs and shoving my cock deep inside his bussy.

A loud groan escaping me as my cock felt the tightness of his bussy.

"Fuck yes. You feel so tight. I'm going to fuck you all night long, you got it? And after I do, I want that big cock of yours inside me as well. Ok?" I said as I thrust deep inside him. His hips moving against my cock, making me go faster and harder inside of him.

He felt incredible. I wasn't sure how long I lasted, but we went at it all night. Forgetting that the sun would soon begin to come up. I shot my load deep in his bussy, his dick hardening as I fucked him.

He threw me on the seat and pulled my feet forward over his shoulders, his finger penetrating my ass slowly. I moaned as he began to rub his dick against mine, his finger fucking my ass.

The way he was rubbing his dick against move causing me to harden again.

He quickly threw one foot down, making us scissor against each other. His cock rubbing against me. I wanted him inside me.

"Theo," I whispered his name out.

He slowly licked my nipples, down to my stomach, and my dick, sucking it a few times, and moving down to my balks, taking one in his mouth, making me gasp. His tongue slowly traveled down my hole. His tongue fucking my ass as his hand moved up and down my cock.

"Oh fuck, Theo," I said as he worked heavenly on me.

"Theo, now. Fuck me, Theo. Please!"

He slowly positioned himself between my legs as I spread my legs and moved towards him. His mouth clashing against my lips.

His cock slowly penetrating me, deep and gently at first. My fingers carved deep on his back as he thrusted deep inside me. His moves slowly increasing.
Slow and steady became hard, fast, and rigged, just like I like it.

His dick penetrating deep inside my busy, making my dick bounce up and down.

I needed to come just by the movement. I felt the pit of my stomach balled up, I could feel it.

He continued to thrust inside me, his dick making my bussy wet from all his precum. A loud groan suddenly escaping him as he began to load his seed inside me. His cock twitching inside my bussy.

His hand gripped my cock as he slowly pulled out and worked on my dick. I wanted to come again, I could feel it as my balls shrinked and my stomach clenched.

"Harder baby. Harder. " I said as his hand gripped me tighter. He leaned down, shoving my cock in his mouth and sucking it hard. And that's all it took. I came, groaning aloud as I pushed my cock deeper inside his mouth, loading my come deep down his throat.

Our bodies were covered in sweat, tired, sore, and sensitive from the many orgasms and many times we came.

I crashed my body on his back seat, his body next to mine as I soothed his back.

"It's almost sunrise. How about we get out of here and head to your place?" He suggested. I smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Sounds like a plan. I could go for a few more rounds, how about you?" I asked making him chuckle.

"So what are we waiting for?" He said climbing on me and claiming my lips.

Two years later

Theo and I have been living together for the past year and a half. Today I got a phone call from our real estate agent after we went and signed our last paperwork for our first house.

I picked him up, blindfolded him, and driving to the house now. He has no clue where I'm going.

I parked the car and slowly walked him, leading him to the front of the house.

"Ok. Slowly, now. Ready?" I asked making him chuckle.

"Yes. I'm ready. Now tell me already, where are we?"

"You'll see," I said taking off his blindfold.

"Ok, now, on the count of three, open your eyes, ok?"

"1, 2,. . . .3!" I yelled while standing in front of him.

"Cole? Why are we-" he gasped as I dangled the keys in front of me, making him launch himself at me.

"Are we? It's official? It's ours?" He yelled making me laugh.

"Yup. All ours baby! Home sweet home. Welcome home baby!" I said as I kissed his lips and wiped the stray tear on his left cheek.

If it wasn't for that faithful night I had decided to call for a lift, we would not be here. I would have never had the opportunity to meet him personally and made love to him all night.

He makes me so happy. He's the works to me, and for him, I strive to become a better version of myself everyday, making him happy- makes me happy.

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