Sexcapade (Completed)

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My Best Friend

The story of Bryce and Addy

I have been in love with my guy best friend since we were in second grade.
Secretly in love with him, that is.

He, on the other hand, has no clue.

I've been with him through every heartache, breakup, and all. He was there for me when my parents died in a car crash. He was there through my victories, and he was there for me when I was cheated on by my one and only boyfriend I had, Adam King.

We just weren't meant to be I guess. Adam and I dated for nearly all high school and first year of college. Until I caught him fucking Trisha, Bryce's girlfriend at the time.

Needless to say, Bryce blamed me for a while because I introduced the two. He stopped talking to me for nearly a year until we finally made up and decided to forget about what had happened.

Today, Bryce told me he had something really important to tell me. He's picking me up in a few minutes and taking me out for the night.

I was just about done getting ready when I heard the honking of his car outside. Surely it was him, no one else comes by my place and honks so fiercely., like a madman on a mission.

I looked out the window and saw his car. He drove a nice blue Ferrari with tinted windows. He originally wanted to get the red one, but since my favorite color is blue, he got the blue one instead.

I smiled feeling the leap in my stomach as I thought of how sexy he must be dressed. If I knew him right, he's wearing black slacks with a dark shirt and matching dress shoes. That's one thing I love about him, he has such good taste in clothes.

I grabbed my clutch purse and placed my credit card, ID, and phone inside; gave myself a quick once over in my mirror, and headed out the door quickly, locking the door behind me.

He quickly got out of the car as he saw me. Indeed, he wore black slacks, a navy button-down, and black dress shoes. To top off his look, he wore his signature smile and hair nicely combed to the side. He was sexy indeed.

"Hey, beautiful. Looking hot as always." His husky voice vibrating past that Adam's apple. It always made me get a little turned on just to hear his voice.

"Hey, handsome. You look hot yourself. What's the occasion?" I asked, kissing him on his jaw and making my way inside his car as he held the door open for me.

He quickly closed the door and made his way around the other side, hopped in, turned the car on, and made his way out the driveway.

Though he drove a nice fast car, he was always super careful when driving. He knew I was a bit scared since I had witnessed the bad car crash that ended the life of my parents long ago.

He smiled, turning down the volume of his music. "Bryce? Where are we going?" I asked again as he continued to drive and smiled cheekily and winked at me.

"Don't worry babes. I got a little surprise for you." He said making my heart leap.

Could he possibly have a crush on me too? And is waiting to finally confess it to me? Well shit, that just made my panties a little wet thinking about it.

I smiled and bit my bottom lip, pressing my legs together to suppress the pressure building up.

"Bryce, come on. Tell me, please?" I asked sheepishly, batting my eyes at him, making him chuckle.

"Alright, alright. We are going to Little Italy. The nice restaurant you like downtown, to meet someone and celebrate a well-earned victory."

"Victory? Oh my God! Bryce, did you make partner?" I yelled out making him chuckle.

He worked as a young lawyer at the law firm downtown. It was a huge office that had started off strong with top lawyers and then took in a few new lawyers that had just graduated from college.

A lot of people thought they wouldn't mount too much and that they would eventually shut down since most of their cases were pro-bono.

They soon showed everyone that they meant business and we're here to stay.

"Maybe." He replied making my eyes go wide in excitement. I shrieked and hugged him making him swerve a little.

"Oh my God! Bryce!? I am so happy for you. I knew you could do it, baby! This is amazing!"

He chuckled at my reaction and nodded his head. "Thanks, Addy. I knew you'd be happy for me."

"Happy? Are you kidding? I'm stoked! I'm extremely excited and happy for you Bryce! This definitely calls for a celebration."

We made our way to the restaurant and like always, Bryce made me wait until he came around to open the door for me. We walked hand in hand. For him, maybe it was just customary to hold my hand, but for me? It was so much more.

I wanted him in more ways than just friends.

I wanted to hold him, call him mine, and know I was his. I wanted him to know I was in love with him, but I respected our relationship and kept it to myself for a long time, too long if you ask me.

I knew it was a long shot, but I needed to do something about it. The worst that could happen was a rejection from him and many days of awkwardness.

But I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted him, and just looking at him made my panties wet.

I looked at him as we stopped just inches away from the entrance to the restaurant.

"Bryce?" I whispered his name making him turn back towards me with a smile.

He still held on to my left hand softly.

I trailed my right hand over his neck quickly, pulling him towards me, and getting on my tiptoes, slamming my lips on his.

I pulled away quickly, my heart pounding in my ear as the butterflies danced in my belly and the pressure between my legs built on.

His eyes went wide in shock, and his mouth gawked openly. My face turned red as I got no response back from him. It was almost as if he had frozen.

I cleared my throat and looked away, tears threatening to leak through.

"I'm. . . I'm sorry." I whispered and was ready to pull my arm away, taking a few steps forward.

He quickly pulls me back, trailing his right hand around my waist and the other one over my cheek, claiming my lips vigorously.

Our kiss soon heated as he invaded my mouth, massaging my tongue beautifully with his. It was a dominant kiss. So fierce, lustful, and oh so perfect.

We never made it to the restaurant. He drove back, parking on the grass near the lake in a secluded area.

I quickly climbed on him, straddling him, and unbuttoned his shirt pulling it off his pants as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

His hands slowly cupping my breasts and vigorously trailing his hands down my thighs. He quickly pulls my dress over my head, grunting as he sees me wearing a tiny black thong and lace bra.

"Oh fuck. You look so sexy Addy. You have no idea how long I dreamed about this!" He says making me feel the throbbing between my pussy mount.

"Mmh, Bryce. Take me. Fuck me right now baby." I moaned as I rocked my hips against him, feeling the bulge between my ass as it jerked forward.

"Are you sure you want this Addy? There's no turning back once we do this?" He says taking off my bra and cupping my breasts.

My head tilts back at the feel of his warm hands. He softly flicks one of my nipples with his fingers and places the other one in his mouth.

"I'm sure. I want you, Bryce. I want you now. Fuck me, Bryce. Please." I plead to rock my hips and trailing my fingers through his hair.

He softly pulls me up, placing his hand between my legs and massaging my walls with his fingers.

"Oh, baby. You're all wet. I want my cock deep inside your pussy Addy. I want to fuck you so hard."

His dirty talk making my pussy throb harder. The pressure mounting, making the feel of his fingers fucking me feel so good.

He entered two fingers, softly at first, then faster and faster. I trusted up and down against his fingers, my juices pouring down, wetting his trousers.

I gave in to the feel of him finger fucking me. "If you fuck so good with your fingers, I can only imagine how good you'll feel once you're in me, baby," I whispered through each thrust.

"Oh, Addy. You'll be telling my name out soon at the top of your lungs baby. You like that, Addy?" He whispered as he trusted his .fngers rougher, and faster making me want to come.

"Mmh, Bryce. I'm almost. . . I'm almost there! Oh God, yes." I yelled, moving faster on top of his fingers. I dug my fingernails on his back with my right hand and pulled on his hair with my left.

He slowly moved the seat back and laid it down, giving us more space to move.

He toyed with my clit making me lose it. I came all over him, making me gasp as a loud moan left my chest involuntary.

I slid down, taking his dick out of his boxers, and pulled back his shaft, slowly taking him in my mouth, making a grunt escaped him.

I bopped my head up and down slowly, enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth. His sweet-salty taste making my pussy throb again.

I stopped my head faster, sucking on his cock making him her inside my mouth, and making loud grunts escape him.

"Oh yes, baby. Harder. Suck it harder, baby." His voice quivered as his hands gripped my hair and moved my head down his cock, making me feel like I needed to gag a little as his cock hit my throat.

"Oh fuck. Yes." He grunted as he began to spill his cum in my mouth. I sucked him softly as I felt the cum ooze out of him, hitting the back of my throat with his warm liquid. He pushed my head harder den his cock, making his dick enter my mouth deep inside my throat.

He was huge, that was for sure. I couldn't wait to have him inside of me.

His thick cock remained fully erect. I moved to the back seat getting on all fours, slowly grabbing his cock and entering him inside of me from behind.

A loud moan escaping both of us as he slowly entered my walls.

"Oh, Bryce. You feel so good, baby." I whisper through moans as he moved me back and forth. I moved slowly at first, enjoying the feel of each thrust, making me feel pleasure beyond my expectations.

"Yes, baby. Harder. Fuck me harder, Bryce." I moaned making him thrust deeper and harder inside of me. Our skin clashing against each other, our bodies covered in sweat as he trusted harder and faster each time.

His hips clashing against my ass each time he trusted deep inside of me. My stomach building pressure again as another orgasm peaked through.

His hand slowly trailed forward, playing with my clit, making me spill my juices all over me and him. My inner thighs were covered with my juices as he continues to play with my clit, and digging his other hand on my hip with each thrust.

"Oh, God. Bryce, I. . . I need to come. Please, baby, I need to come." I pleaded with him as he tortured my clit, making my pussy throb with pleasure besides the wonderful pleasure he was already giving me with each thrust of his dick inside of me.

"Come for me, baby. Come for daddy." He says making me moan. He grunts loud, thrusting deep and pausing in between each jerk as he spills his seed inside of me. Giving me the queue to come as well.

I give in to the pleasure, allowing my orgasm to mount through, making my walls clench, hugging his cock hard. A loud grunt escaping him as he feels my walls tighten around him.

"Oh, fuck. Yes, Addy. Like that. Like that baby." He says as he feels my walls tighten making me chuckle through moans.

His body slowly crashing beside me, pulling me over him, making me straddle him. I hug him, burying my face on his neck, the smell of sex and cologne filling my nose.

"That was so good."

"Yes. So good." I whisper erratically.

Two months later

Bryce and I began dating after that night. We both had strong feelings for each other, but we're too afraid to say it to each other.

Tonight, we decided to finally go to the restaurant we were headed to that night.

I ordered my favorite pasta, while he went with a nice steak and potatoes.

We are in a comfortable silence until I had to go pee.

I went to the bathroom and did my business, hurrying back to the table by his side.

When I returned, there was a plate of chocolate cake waiting for me.

"Baby? Did you order this for me? Thank you." I said reaching over and kissing his lips.

"Addy, before you start eating your dessert, there's something I've been wanting to ask you." He said making my eyes widening shock.

I love this man, but I hoped he was ready to pop the question so soon. I honestly wouldn't mind one bit.

"What is it?" I said nervously as he got up and placed his hand in his pocket.

"Addy, I love you. You've been my best friend since forever. I want you to know I am taking our relationship very serious, and for that. . . " he opened a small box inside his pocket and placed it before me.

Inside was a set of keys to his place.

"Will you move in with me, Addy?" I smiled and nodded, standing quickly to my feet and hugging him, claiming his lips with mine.

"Yes, I will Bryce," I answered making him smile, his hands lifting me, and hugging me tightly.

We were glad there weren't many people in the restaurant tonight. It made our leave faster back to the car.

He took me to his place, I mean our place, where we made love to each other all night.

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