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WARNING TRIGGER--18plus only-- Yes! this is a mature content only. If you are not over the legal age, do not read. This book consists of short sex stories, best friends with benefits, the dominant husband, the cruel boss, your naughty new neighbor. short stories of your wild fantasies, and mine. . . duuh. Contents may be a bit too graphic for the liking of some, maybe not enough for some! Either way! sit tight, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Erotica / Romance
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My Boss

The Story of Cora and Justin

I ran through the doors, panting to catch my breath as my heels clanked on the mirrored like marbled floors of my job.

I was running around this morning like a headless chicken trying to get to work on time. My boss is someone you don't want to let down. He's ruthless, and a big of a perfectionist. He will surely not tolerate it if I was late. Though I have only worked there for the past six weeks, I was not going to play a conformist right now, knowing he can get pissed off and fire my ass for being late.

My hair bounced along with my boobs, as they bounced up and down as I shimmied my ass to the elevator before the damn door closed on me.

It was not a good way to start my day if I can't even get my ass on time here.

I was a nervous wreck, I hadn't experienced my boss being in a bad mood, but by the sounds of it, it was something I'd rather avoid, especially when he's had a bad day and had a night of drinking. I've seen girls enter his office with a smile and come out crying.

"Hold the door please," I called out as I made my way inside. I caught my breath and fixed my hair as well as my buttoned-up shirt. The top button had come undone from my boobs jumping up and down, a guy wearing a suit, like all the others, glanced at my boobs and smiled. Not a chance buddy!

I pressed the last button to the top floor and waited for my turn to exit as I fixed the buttons on my shirt. By the time the elevator got there, I was the only one standing there.

Looking at my watch I noticed I had ten minutes to spare the time indicated for my arrival. I sighed in relief.

The door opened and my eyes widened as I glanced at the massive room before me. It was so elegant and beautifully decorated. It looked like something out of those fancy decor magazines. Even after weeks of working here, I still can't get used to how big and elegant this place is.

My heels clicked on the floor as I made my way to my desk. I placed my purse down and fixed my black pencil skirt that had a modest size slit on the back. I tucked in my shirt properly so I wouldn't look hideous in front of people. As I glanced over everything including all the notes the old secretary left me for advice, I decided to get to work.

I wasn't expecting anyone here for another thirty minutes, so I sat and sighed in relief knowing I was here early and I can take my time to do my duties.

"Ahem." A deep husky voice startled me as I looked over a few papers and finished a call with an investor. I jumped in place, and my mouth gawked open to what was in front of me.

A beautiful specimen with a sharp jawline, ash brown hair, and dark eyes that were so undressing me with their sight, yes, you guessed it. . it was my hunky boss standing in front of me.

"Cora?" His voice sounded so fucking sexy calling my name on those lips.

"Y-yes. Mr. Kingsley?" I asked, my mind wasn't letting me think straight at the moment. All my mind could do was think of how good it would feel to be wrapped around those arms and kissed by those gorgeous plumped lips. 'Get a grip, Cora! This is your boss'

"I need you to accompany me today to a luncheon. Be ready by twelve." He said as he walked away and slammed the door to his office.

My heart sank and I felt nervous as the time came. Why the hell did he want me to go with him? Couldn't his girlfriend go along like she always does?

By 11:45 he made me call his driver to ready the car. He came out wearing a new suit that looked more expensive than the one before.

"Cora come here for a second." He demanded in such a voice it made me want to jump on him as his voice vibrated through my body.

"Yes sir," I replied and went inside his office.

He stood by his wall-sized window out looking at the city in a trance. I cleared my throat and closed the door slowly behind me.

"Sit." He said and I obeyed. His voice making me give in obedience.

"Cora, how long have you been with me?" His question making me feel dumbfounded. Where was he going with this? Oh god!! Am I getting my ass fired already?

"Um, about six weeks or so sir."

"Cora stop calling me sir. I hate when you call me sir. Call me Justin. Understood?"

"Yes sir- I..... I mean..Justin." I said as he closed his eyes and grunted.

He made his way to me and bit his lips. I could hear a small grunt escape him as he looked down, my stupid shirt button had come undone again without me noticing.

I gasped realizing he was looking at my breasts and I went to fix my button.

"No. Leave it." He demanded, closing his eyes. He then went and locked the door and took off his suit jacket.

"I'm sorry sir?" I asked and he grunted as He heard me call him sir again.

"Maybe I should go and put my jacket on so we can go. I would hate for you to miss your luncheon meeting sir." I asked standing on my feet. I walked to the door past him and gripped the door handle, but he caved me in between his massive abs and the door, his hand going over mine.

"Cora, turn around." He demanded and I obliged, turning to meet with his broad shoulders and hard-rock abs. I could feel myself getting wet just looking at how sexy he moved that jaw.

I could picture how good it would feel for him to suck on my neck, making my nipples perk just by the thought.

"Do you like me, Cora?" He asked in a husky voice. His question stunned me, do I like you? Fuck yes, I like you, you sexy beast.

"Sir, I don't know what you mean?"

"Do you like me, Cora? Do you find me attractive? Do you fantasize about me at night Cora? Do you imagine how it would be for me to rip your fucking clothes off and fuck you on top of my desk? How it would feel for me to eat you up until you come completely in my face? Or how my dick would fill you up inside that pretty little mouth of yours? Do you?"

His questions startled me, but it sure as hell wasn't wrong. I have fantasies of him almost every fucking night.

"I- I um."y face became hot and I could feel myself throbbing with pleasure just to think of how good it would be for me to sit on that gorgeous face.

"Then let me take care of those fantasies for you Cora. I want to be the only man who gets to fuck that pretty little ass of yours every time you come into this office and every time you leave. Inside my office and outside in my bed. I will fuck you until you can't walk straight and then fuck you again."

My boobs tightened making my nipples perkier and the pressure in me intensified like a volcanoe ready to rupture any minute.

"Justin. . I." He grunted to the sound of his name on my lips. His hands gripped my wrists tight and lifted them over my head with one swift move he ripped all the buttons of my shirt off, exposing my lace bra before him. "Aah!" I gasped as I felt the throb between my legs increasing.

He sucked on my neck and allowed his free hand to roam my body freely. My back arching, and feeling his bulge pressed against my thigh.

"Oh fuck." I whispered, I could feel the smile on his lips as he unlocked my bra in a single move with his fingers.

He gripped my leg, grinding his bulge between my legs. I could feel my panties were soaking wet. He took one of my breast sucking on it with force. He moved seductively, hungry, like an animal.

He slid my panties down and unbuckles his belt. I was becoming so damn impatient. I needed him in me, I needed him inside now. He unzipped his pants letting them fall on the ground and took out his goods.

It was a beautiful sight. He looked at least a good eight inches and he was so damn thick. Not like one of those long but skinny ass dicks. No! He was so damn meaty, long, and thick. I could just imagine his girlfriend would most likely gag on that shit trying to take him all in her mouth.

"You ready for me Cora? Are you ready for me? Because I have been wanting that pussy of yours since the first day you walked in here. And believe me, I'm not going to hold back on you. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll beg me to stop."

"Justin. Oh, fuck yes. You look so damn good." I said as I admired his longitude.

"Come here, baby." He grips my hair and kisses me, biting my lips hard between kisses as he pushes himself deep inside me. I yelled at how big he feels, but he muffles my cry, kissing me so intensely. Pounding inside me with such vigor. His pace fast and hard. Pounding inside me so good, I can feel myself climax time and time again, but it's as if his need for satisfaction only increases more each time he thrusts inside me.

"You like that baby? You like that?" He pants as our bodies become a messy sweat. His shirt clinging to him as his chest fills with sweat. I unbutton his shirt, stripping him to nothing but a bare ass in front of me. "Yes. . fuck me, Justin. Fuck me." I say gripping onto his neck with dear life as he pins me against the wall and makes me ride him.

Just as I'm ready to orgasm again, he grunts, exploding his cum inside me. The feel of his dick throbbing inside me just makes me get turned on again.

He grunts hard, pressing his forehead between my boobs as he finishes climaxing. I try and bring my feet down as he still holds me on his waist, and his dick is still inside me.

He grips my waist and throws me on the couch inside his office making me gasp. "We're not done. We're done until I say we're done. Now turn that pretty little ass around." He says, discarding the condom and placing another one on quickly.

I turn on all four and feel his lips on my ass cheeks, leaving soft kisses on my bare skin. His tongue invading my walls and he begins to suck on my pussy, making me gasp as I feel my toes curl. His tongue swirls and glides in the perfect motions, like the fucking expert he is. He glides his tongue in and out fucking me with his tongue and playing with my clit. I can feel my juices pouring down my legs.

He slowly enters one finger, and then another. "Mmm," I moan uncontrollably as my walls tighten on his fingers. He knows I'm close again, and just as I'm ready to come again, he retracts his fingers and pulls my hair to look at him.

His eyes full of fire and an animalistic hunger. "Open your mouth, Cora." He says as he quickly jerks himself. My pussy quivers at how gorgeous he looks doing it. I part my lips and his finger glides inside my lips, fucking my mouth with his finger as I suck on it.

A grunt escaping him as I suck hard on his finger. "Do that...Do that to my dick Cora. Suck me hard like that." He grunts as he pulls his finger out of my mouth and grips my hair again. I look at him licking my bottom lip as I grip the thickness of his dick in my hand.

Jerking him slowly, but with a tight grip. I get on my knees and admire his perfect v shape, leading down to his perfect dick and tight set of balls.

I toy with them for a bit making him throw his head back and a grunt escaping him. "Fuck baby... You're making me crazy." He whispers as I grip hard on his dick, thrusting him with my hands. "I want to taste you, Justin. I want to taste all of you!" I say as I part my lips and suck on his tip, making him twitch.

"Fuck . . . that feels good baby." He says as he grips my hair and pushes my head to make me take him all in.

I move my mouth against him, twirling my tongue inside as I bop my head against his length. Thrusting my mouth to suck him as if I was trying to suck a bad spirit out of him. His grip on my hair tightening as he nears his climax, my fingers thrusting against my clit as I masturbate myself to climax with him.

I twirl my tongue one last time and suck hard, in his dick, forcing myself to not gag at how big he is, his dick hitting the back of my throat, and he lets a loud grunt escape as I feel the warm liquid going down my throat, sucking him softly until he stops pouring himself out inside my mouth.

"Fuck, Cora. You're so fucking hot." He whispers as he collapses on top of me on the couch.

"That was so damn good." He says with a shaky voice. But I know it's short-lived. He's my boss, I'm nothing but another employee. Besides, he has a girlfriend.

"I um. . .I should get going boss. I'll call your driver and tell him you're on your way."

"We, Cora. We're on our way. I broke up with Shelley weeks ago. I meant what I said." He stands and pulls me up, making me clash against his chest.

"This is mine. Say it!" He says as his hand grips my pussy hard and he bites my bottom lip. My eyes widen but somehow my heart has become content. "It's yours," I whisper.

"And only mine. From now on, the only mine. Got it!" He demands, and as his new girlfriend, but still loyal employee, I obey. "Got it."

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