Sexcapade (Completed)

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You Are So Annoying

The Story of Summer and Alex

"Hold the elevator!" I ran towards the elevator trying to catch it before the door closed. My neighbor Alex ignored my call, waving at me as the doors closed. "You asshole. You are so annoying." I blurted out as the elevator began to move. I hated my neighbor, he was such an asshole.

I lived on the top floor of the massive apartment complex building.

Unfortunately, Alex has lived right next door since the day I moved here, three years ago.

We have hated each other's guts since day one.

Now I had no choice but to wait for the next elevator to come down and get me back up to my apartment after a long day of work. Finally, the elevator door opened, I made my way inside and pressed the last button, and made my way up. I dragged my feet across the clean dark blue rug towards my apartment and pressed my key to the doorknob. Just as I was ready to open the door, my loud neighbor turned his music at full blast. I was surely not going to be able to rest now.

"You have got to be kidding me? It's only Friday." I grunted inwardly and made my way inside my apartment. I tried to ignore the loud music and nice from next door, but it was hard to do so when the time passed three in the morning and they were still partying next door.

"Grrr!" I grunted as I laid in bed and covered my face with the pillow to suppress my screams. It was a good thing that tomorrow was the weekend. I had the next two days off to rest from work and get things done in my apartment.

Monday came, I made my way inside. Again, Alex didn't hold the elevator for me. He evilly smirked and waved at me as the doors closed.

I made my way inside my apartment, took a shower, made a quick meal, and sat to watch a series I liked on Netflix. I was enjoying the second episode until the loud music started again. "Are you kidding me?" I glanced at the clock and saw it was already ten in the evening. I needed to be up by six in the morning the next day.

I tried to ignore the noise and go about my business. By One in the morning, I had finally had enough. I got up, and place my long cardigan on, and decided to confront him. I had finally had enough. I was going to make him turn off that loud music and make his company quiet down or I'd call the manager.

I went next door and knocked on his door. It was so loud no one answered the door. I knocked louder, and as I began to knock again, the door opened. A tall guy wearing a blue shirt and dark jeans opened the door eyeing me from head to toe. "I didn't know this was a pajama party? Hey, there sweet thing? Are you here for the party?" He asked as he leaned against the door. I rolled my eyes and went past him.

I looked everywhere for him, finally finding him in the kitchen, leaning on his kitchen island holding a beer bottle. He took a swig from it and laughed at something the guy standing next to him said.

"You!" I said out loud making him turn. He was startled at first, as he stood straight and placed his beer down, turning towards me.

"Well, hello neighbor. What can I do for you?"

"Don't hello me. Do you have any idea what time it is? It's past one in the morning." I said annoyed.

"OK, well, thank you for notifying me. Have a good night now." He said giving me a side smirk and turning towards his friend.

"What I mean is you need to turn off your music," I demanded angrily.

He turned around again and placed his hands on the island leaning towards it. "Now, why would I do that? My friends are having such a good time. Aren't you Travis?" He said turning towards his friend. Travis placed his arms up in surrender and took a step back.

"Look, I have to be up in five hours to get to work. I need to sleep. PLEASE! turn off your music. You've been partying since Friday. Seriously? Do you even work?" I was so mad at him, and we didn't even know each other that well.

The bickering continued for a bit before his friends finally began to leave his apartment and one of them turned off the music. He was upset that his friends were leaving, but I was glad that I was finally going to be able to get some rest.

"Awe, now, see? You are making all my friends leave. Come on guys, you don't have to listen to this old lady. COme back now."

"We'll see you later Alex. It's getting late anyway. We have to work tomorrow too." Travis said as he walked towards the door, placing his arm over the shoulder of a girl and walking out of the apartment.

"Great. Are you happy now? You made my friends leave." He gestured towards the door as I jumped in place inwardly, placing my hands crossed over my chest and looking at him sternly.

"Very. Very happy. Good night." I said smiling and walked towards his door.

"You know, you are so annoying. You are always out to get me. Don't think I haven't noticed that everything I do annoys you. But you are equally annoying Summer." He called out after me.

"Whatever. Good night." I said as I placed my hand over the doorknob and turned it, I opened it slightly and the door slammed shut before me making me gasp, turning towards him.

"Alex? What the hell is wrong with you?" I turned angrily towards him. He placed his hands on both sides of my head against the door caging me between his arms. "Why are you out to make my life a living hell? Do you hate me so much little miss perfect?"

"N- No. I don't hate you." I stuttered. I pushed on his chest but to no avail. He was like a concrete wall, unmovable. "Why are you being so annoying Alex? I just asked you to stop your loud music. It's late, I need to get to work in just a few more hours you know? Now get out of my way so I can go." I said pressing my hand on his chest again. His hard, muscular chest. My breath suddenly became erratic as I realized the close proximity between us.

He leaned closer, a wicked grin on his face as he leaned closer to my face, stopping just a few centimeters before me. "Ms. Summer Peters, are you suddenly feeling nervous before me?" He asked as his lips got closer to mine.

"I, I, no. Of, of course not. Why would I? You're annoying. I don't, I don't even like you." I said as my eyes refused to look away from his lips. I sighed involuntarily, pressing my legs together to suppress the sudden pressure building between my legs.

He smiled, taunting his lips next to mine and leaning his body closer to mine, decreasing the gap space between us. "Is that so?" He whispered in a husky tone, his left hand slowly trailing down to my waist, suddenly pulling me against his chest. I gasped making him smirk.

"I don't like you. You, you, you're annoying. You're rude and arrogant, and I really don't" I said as he inched closer and claimed my lips slowly. I melted right away before him. My hands trailed on his chest and over his neck, wrapping my arms around him. A moan escaping me as he pressed his hard cock against me.

His hands gripping my butt, pressing me against the door as he pressed his hard bulge against my legs, making me wet.

I had just realized I had come in with a spaghetti strap nightshirt, braless, and thin shorts since it was hot out these days.

"What else do you hate about me?" He whispered as he lifted my leg over his thigh and began to trail kisses along my neck, leaving my skin full of goosebumps and my pussy throbbing with need. I moaned again and tilted my head back against the door as I felt my walls thicken and filled with pressure.

"Everything. I hate that you are loud, and your husky voice, it's too damn sexy, I hate it. I don't like you, Alex, you're annoying." I whispered through moans as he continued to leave wet kisses on my neck. I could feel him smiling as he left wet kisses behind. His hand gripped my breast, pulling down my shirt, exposing my breast before him. His finger slowly grazed over my nipple making me shutter. He slowly took my breast into his mouth, sucking gently and trailing his tongue against my sensitive skin. " MMh, fuck. Alex." I stuttered making him smirk.

His hand trailed down between my thighs. He slowly trailed his hand between my legs finding me wet. A grunt escaping him as he slowly trailed his finger across my clit making me gasp.

"Oh, baby. You're already so wet for daddy." He whispered, slowly going down to his knees and fucking me slowly with his finger. He slowly entered a second finger, thrusting them in and out of me at a soft, but painfully- pleasurable pace. "OH, Alex. More, please, faster." I moaned out making him grunt. He quickened his pace and began to suck on my clit with his mouth, trailing his tongue across my walls and clit.

I could feel the pressure mounting, my walls clenching as he finger fucked me harder and trailed his tongue masterfully over my pussy and sucked on my clit carefully.

My breath became erratic and fast. just as I was ready to come, he took his fingers out and got on his feet making me pout. My breath hitched in my throat. He kissed me hungrily, making me taste myself on his lips.

I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly ran my hands over his bulge, bringing out his thick cock. He felt so big and thick. I wanted him, I wanted his cock inside of me. "Alex," I whispered his name as he kissed my neck.

"You want it, baby?" He taunted me. I nodded in agreement making a big Kool-Aid smile rise on his lips. "But I thought you hated me? Come here and show me how fucking bad you hate me." He teased biting my lip and gripping my breasts. He slowly took one in his mouth sucking it forcefully. I moaned from the pleasure he was creating inside of me.

"Please, Alex." I whimpered.

"Please what? Baby." He whispered as he continued to flick his tongue around my breasts and pressed his hard cock against me.

"Fuck me."

"Say it again." I moaned and gripped his hair, interlacing my fingers through his strands.

"Please fuck me, daddy." I moaned my words out. He grunted, gripping my ass and lifting my legs over him, he moved my shorts to a side and entered me, forcing his big cock inside of me.

My mouth gawked open as I felt his length inside of me. I had never felt someone so thick. It was glorious.

He pounded into me hungrily. He gripped my thighs, digging his fingers in my skin, pinning me against the door and thrusting deep inside of me.

I moaned uncontrollably, enjoying the feel of his dick deep inside my womb. I could feel the pressure mounting from how sensitive he had already left me while fucking me with his fingers. It didn't take long before I came, I could feel my juices pouring down my ass, his dick, my thighs.

His fingers didn't give up though. They were sure to leave a mark. His thrusts got deeper, faster, hungrier making me feel myself orgasm and come again.

"Oh god. Yes, Alex, more. . . .more baby....more." I whimpered throwing my head back. My eyes rolling to the back of my head.

"Fuck." He grunted followed by a loud moan. I could feel him spilling inside of me. His dick spasms inside of me as he loaded every bit of him inside.

"God that was good. I think you should come by and show me all your hatred more often." He taunted me kissing me and brushing my hair back.

"I'd love to. But how about rest and coffee first?" I suggested making him smile.

Three months later

I won't deny to you that I had my doubts about starting a relationship with Alex. Everyone saw him as a playboy and it kept me in doubt all the time.

But he tried so hard to make me realize he was falling for me, and that he wanted something serious.

It was all just casual sex for me at first, but the more time I spent with him, the more I realized that I was falling for him as well.

Tonight, we are finally going to meet my parents. He's super nervous, which made me very enthusiastic about it.

"Ready baby?" I ask as he pulls in front of my parent's house.

"Are you sure your dad won't chase me down with a shotgun? I hear from your brother he can be a little too overprotective about his princess." I giggle at his nervousness.

"Come on. Let's go. You'll be fine. After, we can go home." I kiss him passionately, teasing him.

"And I can dance a little for you.... Maybe I'll wear that sexy new night gon you bought me, and we can have a little fun."

He grunted, pulling me by my waist. "But first. . . coffee with my parents. Ok?" He grunted in protest, titling his head against the car seat.

"Fine. Let's get this over with." He says getting out of the car.

He's definitely a keeper.

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