Sexcapade (Completed)

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My Best Friend

I took a once-over on the mirror. I wore a tight blue shimmery dress that hugged my curves perfectly, with spaghetti straps and a deep v-shaped front. My back was completely exposed and since I had huge boobs, it looked like one of the girls would eventually pop out my dress any second.

Frankly, I didn't gf! I was turning 21 today! Legal age for drinking and I was more than ready to go out bar hopping and get fucked up. My girlfriends had already called twenty minutes ago from a nearby bar saying they had already arrived. They were just going to have to wait. I needed to make sure I looked good.

Why do you ask? Well, I've been best friends with Charlie since we were freshmen in college, we just graduated this summer and he is leaving for an internship in Hawaii. Seriously? Fucking Hawaii? I'm rarely going to be able to see him anymore. I have secretly crushed on him from the beginning. But he had a girlfriend when we met. Then, he broke up with her, but I was dating. As of two months ago, we both have been single, but we haven't had time to see each other given he is working after school.

He finally got a day off to celebrate my birthday and I am not going to waste this opportunity.

My phone rings again and I pick up. "Where the hell are you bitch? We have been waiting for an hour! Hurry up. You are not going to like what is happening." Jordan says as I hurry to put my stilettos on.

"Why what's going on?" I say as I place my phone between my shoulder and cheek.

"Charlie brought a fucking date. And the bitch keeps staring at us. . like who the fuck does she think she is? Charlie is our friend! She better calms her ass down with her dirty looks, and you need to get your ass here before he takes off and you miss seeing him again."

"Shit!" I say as I feel my face hot and vertigo in my stomach makes me feel unease. "Are you serious? Why Charlie? Why would you do this to me? Fuck!" I yell in frustration.

"Hurry up!" Jordan yells from over the loud music and hangs up.

I run downstairs and make my way out. My face is a little sweaty from the run here, but I make it in getting annoyed glances as people have been lined up to enter the bar. But being I'm friends with the owner, the bouncer gives me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and lets me in.

I scavenge through and smile spotting my friends. My eyes fill with tears threatening to mess up my perfect make-up, but I bite down and swallow hard on my damn pride. "Hell no. I'm not going to let this ruin my night. You asked for it, Charlie. I'm going to make you regret bringing that bitch here and make you drool over me." I say out loud to myself as I swayed my hips towards our table.

A few guys whistled and slapped my ass as I walked by. Any other day, I would have turned around and punched them in the nuts. . tonight, I'm taking it as a sign I look smoking hot. Eat your heart out Charlie boy!

He smiled as she whispered in his ear and nods. But soon as he notices me, his eyes widen and he bites his lips noticing my dress as I swayed my hips towards the table.

The girls notice me and run to hug me. "Oh my god, Leah! You look so fucking hot!" Jordan yells over the loud music.

I chuckle and make a turn swaying my hips in front of her. She smacks my ass making me giggle.

"Come on, let's go sit. Or do you wanna go dance?" She asks, but the only thing
I want is Charlie's attention, so I go with sitting.

We sit at the table and as he tries to introduce us to his date, she pulls him asking him to dance. He first says no but she pouts her lips and he goes along with her stupid request.

My teeth grind together at how hideous she tries to grind herself against him. His eyes fixed on me. I feel the blood boil inside me as he realizes I'm getting jealous and intentionally begins to grip her hips pressing his dick against her.

Two can play this game, Charlie.

A bartender comes over and brings me a glass with coke and rum, garnished with a cherry placed on a toothpick. He points to a handsome blonde guy. He's good-looking, though he's not like Charlie handsome, he'll do for now.

The guy smiles, raising his glass, and I smile his way, thanking him for my free drink.

I sip on it contently and turn on my seat. Charlie looks pissed that I just took a drink from a guy, but it doesn't matter. . it's only a matter of time before the guy comes over to talk to me. Then I can pay you back for bringing that brat along Charlie boy!

The song ends, and Charlie pulls his date back to the table. A glare on his face. But a huge smile on mine as I sip on the black straw from my drink. He yanks the cup from me, splashing me a little in the center of my boobs, and slams the cup on the table.

"What the fuck ate you drinking? Why the hell are you taking drinks from strangers?" He glares at me.

"Why do you care, Charlie? Go back to your fucking dancing. I can take any drink I want from whoever I want. Got it?" I spat back, standing to my feet. Our nose almost touching. God, he smells so good! I just want to rip his shirt off.

"You don't even like coke and rum. Why the fuck are you drinking it?" He spat back and took the drink in his hand, examining it as if trying to find a flaw in the cup.

"Well, I didn't. But, I do now." I say as I snatch the cup away and gulp it straight from the cup until it's all gone.

His eyes darken and his jaw clenches as I moan in satisfaction and my hand slowly cleans the alcohol that had dripped down on my breasts.

" Hey, beautiful? Care to dance?" The handsome blonde calls from behind Charlie. His face turning angrier and turns to respond with a rude comment, but before he can do so, I smile and pull the guy's arm. "Of course. I'd love to." I say as I make my way to the dance floor.

A few songs in, an angry Charlie as he sees me sway my hips and grind against the guy, and a pissed off date of his, and my feet begin to hurt.

"I'm going to take a break," I yell in the guy's ear.

"What?" He yells back, gesturing that he doesn't understand.

" I need the bathroom. I'll be back." I yell again and he nods ok as he continues to dance away.

"Yeah. Ok. I'll be here! Dancing away. Hurry back beautiful." He says as I walk away.

The bathrooms downstairs are always pact. I would probably piss on myself if I wait for my turn. Luckily, there's a restroom upstairs rarely anyone knows about, so I make my way there and sigh in relief as I empty my bladder from the drinks I had while dancing.

Feeling a little tipsy, but I can still dance like a pro. I fix my boobs correctly on my dress and clean my face with a soft towel in the small one-person bathroom. I open the door to leave, but I'm pushed back inside and pinned against the wall.

"Ouch. What the hell?" I complain as the back of my elbow hits the hand drying machine.

Charlie begins to kiss my neck, making my head fall back. His intoxicating cologne fills my nose. I can always tell it's him. His smell is so unique to me. It makes me want to jump on him and have him fuck my brains out.

"Charlie." My voice sounding more like a moan than anything as he grips my breast, moving the sheer garment away and he slowly takes one in his mouth, sucking on the nipple. The way he sucks on it makes me wet and throb with pleasure.

"Fuck Leah. Why the hell are you torturing me? You know the sight of you in this dress makes me wild. You got me so fucking horny right now. I want you so bad." His voice whispers as he grabs my ass and lifts me, placing me on top of the sink's vanity. I moan, wrapping my legs and arms around him.

"Then why'd you bring that bitch here? Do you have any idea how much I want you right now Charlie?" I say, running my hand across his bulge, making him grunt.

"How bad Leah? How bad do you want me?" He says and I push him back against the door. I climb off the vanity and unclip his belt and I bite my lip. I undo his button, unzip his jeans and let them fall to the ground. I slowly run my hands across his chest. He gulps hard and throws his head back as I begin to trail kisses on his chest, making my way down his chiseled abs, hard rock six-pack, and trail my tongue against his V shape. He quivers before my touch, and it makes me feel so turned on.

My panties are soaking wet from the sight of him and his sexy moans.

I remove his boxers and expose his hard thick cock before me. Slowly pulling back on the shaft and engulf him in my mouth. "Hha-AAHH!" He sighs and he allows himself to feel pleasure. I thrust my mouth against his length with an urge. Slow at first and then speed up. His hands gripping the back of my head as he begins to fuck my mouth. He continues until he sees me almost gag.

He quickly pulls out and grabs a condom with shaky hands and puts it on. I lick my lips as I feel some of his precum on the side of my lips. He grunts seeing me lick his precum off my lips and turns me around, bending me over and ripping off my thong.

"Fuck! Charlie? Those were new!" I complain seeing the sheer garment torn in two on the floor. He chuckles and makes me bend over, entering me with force.

" oh shit." I gasp as I feel the intense pleasure his dick gives me immediately as he enters me. Pounding me fast and hard. My boobs pressed against the hard cold countertop and rubbing against it as he thrusts inside me.

"Fuck yeah baby. Do you like that Leah? I bet you've been dreaming about me pounding you like this every night huh?" His voice erratic and making me get turned on.

I back my ass up more against him, making him grunt. He smacks my ass, and I know that's going to leave a print.

"Shut up and fuck me, Charlie. Pound me harder." I say as I bite my lip. My legs dripping with juice and feeling the ecstasy as he hits my g-spot like a pro every time he thrusts inside.

He chuckles, gripping my thighs harder, pounding harder as if it was even possible.

"Like this baby? You like that?" He asks with a shaky voice, which only means one thing, he's about to come, just like me.

"I love that. Yes, baby... Like that. Do it like that... Fuck! Don't stop Charlie! Don't stop!"

I quiver under his touch as I feel myself closer. Gripping his neck as I feel him deep inside me. Thrusting harder and harder.

"More... More Charlie. Fuck me more!" I say loud and he obliges.

Forty minutes or so later, and a well satisfied me finally orgasms for the third time, a loud moan escaping me. Charlie joining me right after as he grunts loudly and grips my thighs against him and presses his entire dick deep inside me until he completely empties himself inside me. The feel of his twitches giving me the last satisfaction I need for the night.

"Charlie," I whisper. He slowly lifts his head, his eyes closed and face full of sweat matching our sweaty bodies inside this tiny room. "Hhhmm." He manages to utter out.

" I love you," I say. Unwilling to hide what I truly feel for him. If he loves me good. . .if not? It will hurt like a bitch, but at least I'll have tonight to cherish for the rest of our lives.

He slowly opens his eyes and gulps down hard. His gaze was intense as he slowly trails his hands, caressing my exposed breast and licks the tips softly.

"Oh god. Stop doing that before you turn me on again." I say throwing my head back. He smiles, claiming my lips in a sweet seductive kiss.

"I love you too idiot! I always have." He kisses my neck, making me dig my nails on his back.

"Let's get out of here. We have a full night to catch up on our lovemaking. What do you say?" He smiles running his nose softly against mine. I smile and grip his hair, kissing his lips.

"I'd say. . .my place? Or yours?"

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