Sexcapade (Completed)

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The Hot Nerd

The story of Lisa and Alarick

"Hi, I'll have an americano with hazelnut cream and two extra shots of espresso please." I say to the barista, sighing and running my hands through my hair. I was so tired from the night before. I'm a medicine major and I have been studying nonstop for an anatomy exam we have coming up in a few days.

"That's a shit load of caffeine for such a small body don't you think?" A husky voice vibrates in my ear. It's those kind of seductive voices that makes you throb and moan in need to be pleased. A voice I haven't heard in a while.

I turn looking at a really hot looking guy behind me. "I know you. You're in my bio class on Wednesdays aren't you?" I ask sarcastically making him smirk. God he has a strong jawline. His dark green eyes bore intensely into my soul.

"That's me. Hi, I'm Rick. Short for Alarick." He says with a side smirk and gives the barista his card paying for my coffee. I smile and hang my face a little.

"That was sweet of you. You didn't have to pay for my coffee Ricky."

"It's a pleasure beautiful. Mind if we sit together? Looks like it's a full house today." He says as we glance around, realizing there are no more seats in the house. Everyone has been highly caffeinated for the past few weeks, given final winter semester exams are here. Alarick and I used to go to the same high school. We became good friends since then, but I secretly crushed on him. Since I was one of the nerds, I knew I'd never stand a chance, so I settled with the fact he wanted to be my friend.

"Well, we can always take a walk?" I say shrugging my shoulders. God he is sexy! Why didn't I ever notice his tattoo on his left elbow before? That was a new one. Half of his entire body is filled with ink, making him even hotter. He was at least a good six feet two inches tall. But given my five- eight stature, he still towered over me.

He was studying archeology. He loved to travel and explore the world.

We grabbed our coffee and headed to walk towards the park nearby. It was always good to talk to him. He was one of the only people I talked to since I was a huge introvert.

"So, how are exams going for you shorty?" That was his nickname for me. I smiled and hung my head as we continued to talk.

"I think I'm doing great. The anatomy test I have coming up is killing me though." He looked over, concerned towards me.

"Why are you worrying? You're the smartest girl I know. You'll do great shorty! If anything, I can help you study if you want?" He says with a smile.

"Thanks Ricky. But, I wouldn't want to waste your t-"

" No! Don't you dare say you're a waste of time. You know you can count on me. Ok?"

I smiled feeling my face blush. It was near the end of our winter semester, so it's easy to say that it was getting pretty cold out during the day. I wore a huge camo jacket, unlike him that had a light sweater with a hoodie.

"It's getting pretty cold don't you think? Do you have any other class for today?" He asked licking his bottom lip. God! Why is he doing that? He looks so tempting when he licks his lips.

"N- no, I'm done for today. I'm just going to relax in my place for a bit before get back to study."

"Well, you look like you can use a good break. How about a movie?" He asked. I rarely went out, and I was unsure I wanted to now, though I really wanted to hang out with him.

"Ricky I'd love to. But-"

"Lisa, we don't have to if you don't want. We can hang out at my place or yours and watch a movie on my laptop. What do you say? Just want you mind and YOU to relax a little, you look so stressed out with this exam."

He had a point. Plus, I knew this was my chance to hangout with him other than the small talk we have now and then. One thing for sure, the more he smiled and talked, the more I wanted to plant a big kiss on those lips.

"Ok. How about we go to my dorm?" I said, he smiled and made me lead the way. My dorm wasn't far from there so it didn't take us long before we got there. Unfortunately, my roommate and I had an agreement. If I saw a white ribbon tied to the door, it meant she was inside with her boyfriend.

And the last thing I wanted was to walk in on live porn. I sighed and lifted my head to the skies. "Great."

"What's with the ribbon?" He asked and I glanced annoyed. I embarrassingly told him what the ribbon meant and he chuckled. Then the unexpected happened, he grabbed my hand, interlacing his fingers with mine and kissed my jaw softly, sending a shiver down my spine.

"Looks like you won't be able to cone back here for a while. It's getting pretty cold, so let's get to my place so you can warm up. I can make you dinner and a hot chocolate? You up for it?" Wow, does he not sound perfect? Because he is making me crush on him even harder now.

I was blushing like a tomato making him smirk. "Ok." I said sheepishly. I had never paid attention to where he was staying this year, I only saw him when we would hang out every afternoon in the cafeteria. It was my favorite time of the day.

He walked out of my building holding my hand. He opened the door to his car for me to go in. "Wait, where are we going?"

"My place." He said smiling. I figured he was on a dorm that was far for him to walk, so I went in and he drove away. He kept driving until we came to an apartment complex. It had a huge pool in the middle, and looked really fancy.

"Wow! You live here?" I asked with my eyes wide open. "Yup. Cone on. I'll get started in a hot chocolate for you while you pick a movie." He said grabbing my hand and walking up the steps until we got to apartment 8B. He opened the door and let me in. It was a huge place, with a modern feel decor.

He closed the door and smiled. "So, hot chocolate. I'll get it started, you make yourself comfortable." He said as his hands went on my waist and walked passed me. God that actually felt good. I was feeling a vertigo on my stomach just looking at him.

I surfed through Netflix but I couldn't really decide on what to watch. He came and moved the thermostat, turning on the heater and placed two mugs of hot chocolate in front of me for the two of us.

"You live here by yourself Ricky?" I asked looking around. He was drinking his hot chocolate and placed it down, licking his lips and smiled. "Yeah. I had a roommate, but he transferred to a different university this summer, so I'm all alone now. I like it, I can do whatever I want. But it gets lonely as well."

"But you go out all the time don't you? Plus, you get to bring girls whenever you want without worrying about your roommate." I taunted him.

"True. But I haven't hooked up with anyone in a long time. The girl I'm interested in doesn't even have a clue I like her." He said smiling.

"Oh, that sucks. Why haven't you just talked to her?" I asked grabbing the mug and sipping the hot chocolate.

"Wow... This is good." I said with a smile, making him chuckle. He sighed and grabbed the remote turning off the tv. "I guess, I just get too nervous around her. She's not like the other girls. She's different, you know?"

I somehow became jealous of this girl. He was so hot and so fit, he was a real gentlemen too. I gave him a side smirk and turned my body towards him. "Ricky, any girl would be crazy not to date you. You're amazing. You're smart, you're a gentleman, hot." I said blushing.

He smiled and nodded his head. "You think I'm hot Lisa?" I love my name on his lips. The sound of my name vibrating on that husky voice of his makes me feel wild. "You're not hot Ricky. You're extremely hot." I said confidently. "I think you're the most gorgeous girl I've ever met shorty." He said in a low husky voice. I felt warm inside, but he had really thrown me off with that.

He's said before that I was pretty, he calls me beautiful all the time. But the way he was saying it now made me feel all kinds of things inside. "You mean second most gorgeous. The girl you're crushing on must be the most gorge-"

"Shorty, you are the girl I'm crushing on. I've crushed on you for years and you've never even noticed." He said in a low voice. My eyes widened and my mouth gawked open.

He slowly closed the space between us and kissed my lips. I immediately allowed him to invade my mouth, our tongues swirled beautifully together, dancing in perfect sync. I began to get aroused, letting out a heavy moan. I knew he heard it, he tightened his grip on my waist and pulled me on top of him making me straddle him. I ricked my hips as I felt his bulge getting bigger. We parted gasping for air.

"Ricky. You're driving me wild." I gasped as he trailed kisses on my neck, his hands gripped hard on my waist. Pulling me towards him as I rocked my hips. I dug my nails in his shirted back making him grunt.

He lifted me up and walked us to his room, placing me on his soft bed. His broad shoulders flexing handsomely as he tuck his shirt off, exposing the beautiful ink on his chest and arms. I ran my hand through his chiseled abs and traced them through his hot six pack, down to his v line, tugging on his pants. He threw his head back and moaned.

"God Lis, I'm getting really turned on. Don't do that." He said with a shaky voice. I pulled on the loop of his belt and made him land on top of me, making him kiss me hard. His hands roaming my body, slowly going under my shirt. I kicked off my shoes and ran my hands on his back. I could feel his muscles contract with each move he made, making me turned on.

He slowly ran his hands between my legs, I wore thin black leggings, and it was so evident he was making me wet. I moaned feeling the pressure of his fingers rubbing against me, making me arch my back. "You like that shorty?" He asked with a low husky voice.

I moaned again, arching my back abd throwing my head back." I love it." I managed to utter out. His hands swiftly pulling my shirt off and taking off my leggings. I was left in nothing but laced undies and my bra infront of him. He unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, throwing him on the bed as I pulled his pants down and straddled him, his bulge felt so big and thick.

I kissed him softly and traced my lips against his neck and chest, leaving soft kisses along his chest and stomach. He grunted as he felt my lips grazed along the way. Not long, he lifted me, hovering over me. His hands gripping my breast as he softly kissed me between my D sized cups. His tongue gliding softly down until he got to my panty line.

He grazed softly along the line with hos tongue making me throw my head back. My nipples perked up, making the fabric of my bra feel a bit uncomfortable. He slipped his hands in my back and unclipped my bra, tossing it on the floor. His hands cupping my breasts as he felt the goosebumps on my skin. He slowly removed my underwear, and kissed me along my thighs, I felt the throbbing in my inner thighs tightening my walls as his lips neared closer.

"God, 'Larick. . . . that feels so good." I said shakingly. "And I haven't even started on the good part baby." He said cockingly making me chuckle.

His hands softly grazed my walls, rubbing gently against my clit, a moan escaping me as I gasped. He slowly entered a finger, making my back arch. He began slowly entering his finger, in and out, then I felt a second finger, making me moan again. His rhythm quickened bit by bit, I felt an uncontrollable urge to climax, and I knew he knew I was close. His tongue softly slid across my clit sending me over the top. He retracted his fingers, making me want to pout. He took me into his mouth, gripping my butt with his hands firmly as he pressed his face against me. My pussy throbbed with the glorious feeling. My fingers interlaced with his hair as I softly tugged on it.

"Oh god Alarick. I'm almost there." My voice erratic, as I felt the turmoil build inside me. He fucked me hard with his tongue and his thumb softly toyed with my clit. He felt my back arch again, my face felt hot, and it was so fucking good, a tear ran down each of my eyes. He sucked hard on my clit, sending me off the edge as I came in his mouth. He grunted, tasting me and drinking all of me. "Oh dog." I panted, as I felt myself orgasm. He was so damn good, he knew exactly what he was doing to me.

He got up, and hovered over me, kissing me, making me taste myself on his lips. He pulls my thighs against him as he rubs his bulge against my throbbing core. He slowly opens his drawer and retrieves a gold wrapper, opening it with his teeth and taking out the latex condom. "Wait. I said as I got on my elbows. He glances up and smiles, " We don't have to if you don't want-"
"I do. But, I want to put the condom on you. Can I?" I said daringly, biting my lip. He smiled and handed me the condom. I pulled his boxer down, exposing the beauty of his member. I was right, he was huge and thick. It bounced as I let his boxer down to his knees and slowly gripped it. I began to jerk him, making him throw his head back as the muscles on his stomach contracted. "Fuck Lisa. That feels so good." His voice shaky ad I jerked him harder. "And I haven't gotten to the good part.." I taunted as I slowly took him in my mouth, making a big grunt escape him. "Aahh, fuck." He managed to utter out as I gripped his ass and jetked him with my lips. I toyed my tongue along his shaft as I bopped my head against him. I can feel his precum on the back of my throat and I sucked on him as I gulped down.

His fingers interlacing with my hair pulling me up and throwing me on the bed. He grabs the condom off my hand and places it quickly on his dick, grabbing my thighs and opening my legs wide. "Fuck shorty, you're driving me crazy." He utters out and enters me in a quick swift move. My back arching as I feel his thickness entering me. He's so big, it feels like he reached my damn womb. I feel him deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Our bodies a sweaty mess as he pounds inside me with eagerness. Digging his dick inside me with force, making me lust for him more. "Harder Ricky, harder." I say shakingly, my body feeling uncontrollable.

"Fuck yes. Whatever my queen wants." He says as he lifts my hips against him, thrusting harder and faster. "Yes, yes Ricky. . . .like that!" My voice erratic as he pounds inside me harder. I feel the pressure of walls build up fast, and without me bei g able to control them, I come, and orgasm again making me throw my head back and my chest forward. It feels so good as I climax and his dick pounds hard in me as I ride the wave. Soon after he sees me orgasm, he grunts loud and pounds deep inside, gripping my butt tight as I feel his dick throb inside me as he explodes inside.

"Fuck. . . .mmmm" he grunts loud. His hands almost digging on my thighs as he rides his own climax. He slowly lets me down and lays next to me. Our bodies a sweaty cold mess as he lifts the duvet over us and covers our naked bodies. He pulls me to his chest, kissing my forehead and planting a sweet soft kiss on my lips.

"That was amazing shorty." I agree making my hands caress his chest and kissing him softly.
Now, everyday, we meet to eat at the cafeteria together. But at night, I go home with him, and wake up next to him naked after a hot passionate night of sex. I no longer stay in my dorm. I moved with him. He takes care if bills, I take care of him, and his needs, as well as half the rent. But the sex gets hotter and steamer each night. I still don't go out, he knows I'm too shy, so unless it's a date night, like we do every friday and Saturday, we stay home and have crazy sex.

What else can I need? I have a hot boyfriend that can satisfy me in every way possible.

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