Sexcapade (Completed)

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My Roommate

The story of Russell and Samantha

I woke up drenched in sweat. It's almost November, yet California weather is as always; unpredictable.

Yesterday it rained and I wore a jacket with rain boots to get to class. It's barely 7:30 in the morning and already hot. I glanced at my phone and looked up at the weather, sunny all day with dry winds. The temperature now was 89° f. It could spike up to 110° since our university is surrounded by desert.

I decided to go get a cold drink. I wore comfy pj's to sleep thinking it was hot, and now I was completely drenched in sweat. I decided to strip myself and change. I discarded my underwear and went with loose booty shorts and an oversized t-shirt.

Usually, at this time my roommate Russell is already in class. He has a 7 a.m. class on Thursdays. So, I knew I had the place to myself, given his best friend Brandon didn't fall asleep on our couch again. Though I won't lie, I'd love for Russell to be here. I have been on edge with him lately.

I've been extremely hormonal around him, but I doubt he has noticed. He looks like a nice quiet guy, with glasses and sophisticated attire. But he has a killer body. I just found he likes to kickbox, and he's really good. He hides his tattoos behind his casual look, which just makes him even hotter if you ask me.

I walked half asleep towards the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard filling it with water and gulped the whole thing down. It was so damn hot.

I moaned at how good the water felt going down my throat, making my quenching desires satisfied. A few droplets made their way down my neck and to the middle of my breast, and I slowly traced my hand over it to spread the cool feel of the water.

"Ahem! Good morning Sam." His husky voice startled me making me jump in place. He had that husky voice that makes you want to staddle him and rock your hips on top of him. The pressure between my legs made themselves present without my damn consent. I knew I had to take care of that later, otherwise, I was just going to be moody all day.

"Russ? Wha- what are you. . .doing here?" I asked, still startled to see him here. Especially the way he stood there with a coffee on hand and his arm resting against our glass door leading to the balcony. He wore nothing but a pair of thin layered pajama pants. Even without his member being erect, his bulge was a good size from what I can see.

The pressure in me intensified by what I had in front of me. I wanted to ride that. I needed to taste all of him. God girl, get it together. I'm seriously losing control.

He smiles, hanging his head lightly, and strides his body my way. He looks so smoking hot. I fantasized about how good it would be to run my tongue softly, tracing those six, no! Eight pack he flaunted so effortlessly and down that v shape.

"I don't have class today. My professor sent out an email last night letting us know the class was canceled. My next class doesn't start till 11, so I guess I have a few hours to relax until then." He explains walking slowly towards me. He stops right in front of me momentarily and smiles. I bite my bottom lip and press my legs together to suppress the tingling between my legs. The more I had him in front of me, the more I wanted to jump and wrap my legs around him and kiss him senselessly.

"Oh, tha- that, that's good news, Russ." I smiled and panted nervously. I needed to get out of his way before he realized I was becoming completely wet. My nipples were perking up, and I had just realized my shirt was a bit see-thru and I had rejected wearing a bra.

His eyes roamed down my shirt and he became mute and serious realizing my nipples were perfectly visible to him through the thin layer of clothing I wore.

He cleared his throat and turned, placing his coffee mug in the sink and rinsing it out properly. "Anyway, I should um..... Get going. I have to shower and get ready for my class too." I said nervously and smiled.

"Ok." He said over his shoulders. I strode away, my hands in a tight fist as I tried to walk casually. I needed to leave and lock myself in my room and do something about this damn pressure building up. I walked past him and began to walk away.

Just when I turned from our kitchen island, I felt his strong hand on my waist as he pulled me back against his hard chest. "Sam, wait." He said in a low husky voice, his voice vibrating through my body sending sparks throughout and making me even wetter than I already was.

"Russ-" I panted, my chest rose up and down erratically, my hand over his as he tightened his grip on me. I gasped as I felt his bulge poke my ass. "Sam, look at me." He demanded in a low voice. I moaned involuntarily and pressed my ass against his bulge making a grunt escaped him. His hand slowly trailed up and caressed the crease of my breast.

"Oh God, Russell," I uttered out slowly, embracing the lustful feel of his touch. I threw my head back against his shoulder, pressing my ass harder against him. His other hand gripping my hip bone, and pressing me against him. His bulge increasing as I rubbed against it.

His hand softly trailed along my shorts line and down my thigh. I knew he noticed I wasn't wearing underwear. He slowly caressed my thigh and trailed his hand between my legs. A moan escaping me as he got closer to where I wanted him. He slowly moved closer until he hit my walls. His fingers gliding softly along my clit and walls. He growled realizing I was wet.

"Samantha" His husky voice called. I slowly turned and met his lips against mine. He kissed me hungrily, his tongue roaming freely along with mine. His hands grasp my ass pulling me up and making me wrap my legs around him. My hands roam his arms. His muscles flexing beautifully in my hands as he places me down on the kitchen island top.

I hitch my breath as I feel the cold top on my ass and thighs, throwing my chest forward against him. A small grunt escaping him as I tilt my head back and he takes it as his cue to attack my neck with his tongue and wet kisses along my neck and collar bone, making me dig my nails on his back.

He slowly guides his hands where I need him and moves his fingers slowly against my walls. Slowly gliding his finger against my clip making me gasp, my mouth wide open and he takes advantage to kiss me and invade my mouth again, biting my lip and pulling me closer against him with his other arm holding me against my ass.

I open my legs more as he pulls me closer, and arch my back. He slowly glides his fingers inside, and it feels so heavenly. "Aahhh, Russell." My voice comes out in a pleasured moan making him grunt. But as much as I am enjoying the glorious feel of him finger fucking me, I'm way too turned on, and I have been wanting him, fantasizing about him almost every night. I need him in me, and I need him now.

I tug on his pants strap, running my hand along with his bulge, and grab it through the fabric firmly on my hand. The butterfly feeling in my stomach just increases higher when his dick twitches in my hand, making me spill more of my wetness on his hand. "Fuck Sam. . you feel so good." His voice erratic and I tilt my head and moan as I begin to cause friction with my hand over his bulge, pressing myself hard against his fingers to get him deeper inside me.

"Russ, I need you. I need you now." My voice shakes and holds him tighter against me to my chest. He takes my shirt off, my hand pressed on the countertop as he grabs my breast and puts one in his mouth. Soft nibbles and suctions make me want to climax already, and we haven't exactly fucked already.

He pulls his pants down to mid-thigh and pulls me by my ass towards him, his hands shaky and breath erratic, kissing me senseless on my chest and breasts. "Russell, please! I need you now." I whine and purse my brows, ready to explode from the pleasure he's causing my body.

He pulls his shaft back and glides inside me slowly. A gasp escaping both of us. He feels so good and fills me up completely to the core entirely. The perfect size, just like I imagined, and more. I was so right, so damn fucking right. He's big, and his movements are more than perfect.

His hips move in a circular motion in and out of me slow at first. Making me buck my hips and wrap my legs around him tight. My hands shaky as the pleasure mounts higher in me. Not sure if I'm coming or peeing, but my whole body tingles, and the climax feels like I'm riding a fucking roller coaster with him.

His movements quicken, grasping my ass tight and pounding hard inside me, I can't help but bite hard on my lip, but pleasurable moans still manage to escape from me. "Oh god. . Russell."

He grunts, placing his forehead against mine as he continues to thrust deep inside me. "Fuck Sam, you're getting tighter. Let it go, baby, come with me." He says slowly, I take it as my cue and let myself fully release my juices on him as if he wasn't torturing me enough. He grunts loudly as he releases on my stomach, and bends down quickly, licking me and sucking hard on my clit as I'm still pouring out and drinks all of me. He sucks hard on my clit, making me orgasm hard as I throw my head back and my hands give out, making me lay completely on the countertop. My breath was erratic as I climb again and come to his mouth as he sucks on my clit. My chest rises and I can't help but rise on a sitting position and wrap my legs around him. "Oh god." I gasp as I slowly climb down again. His tongue softly glides on my wall a few more times and slowly he stands and kisses me hungrily. Pulling me towards him, making me crash against his chest.

"I think we both needed that, badly." He says as he grazes his nose against mine. Our eyes close, but I can feel a smile on his face, matching the big smile and content feel inside me.

"I think you're right. Can we do this again?" I shamelessly say and he chuckles, kissing me on my lips.

"We can definitely do this again. Every night if you want. I chuckle, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Definitely. Every night." I say kissing him and biting his lip.

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