Sexcapade (Completed)

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Presidential Honeymoon Suit

This chapter is based on my book Alpha Blake, part of my werewolf-fantasy genre. A special request by one of my wonderful readers. Hope you enjoy it.

The Story of Blake and Selene Landon


We arrived at a hotel we were staying in for the next three weeks. It was a grand luxurious hotel. Beautiful inside and out. The lobby was wonderfully decorated with gold and marbled walls and exquisite paintings; there were arrangements of flowers that gave the victorian furniture the perfect touch to the place.

Blake held my hand tight. He had a meeting right before we left on a private jet, so he still wore his black tux with a white buttoned-up shirt. I had taken off his tie while on our flight to Dubai, and he looked extremely sexy with the three top buttons I left undone on his shirt. The mile-high we had on the jet was the perfect touch to the beginning of our honeymoon he was finally giving me.

Given we have been married for almost a year and we never went on a honeymoon, 'this was a great start.

I wore an off the shoulders boho dress in white color with flower-patterned, along with sandals since it was incredibly hot. My hair was left down in a loose-messy bun and I had light makeup covered behind my oversized sunglasses.

The bell boy came around and held our luggage in the trolley. We checked in and went to the elevator. I felt so witty and excited to be here. I know it sounds stupid and superficial to me, but I rarely get time alone with Blake anymore. So, yes, I was extremely excited to be here with him.

He is always busy with work. Though his office is at home, he's always holding meetings and making phone calls along with the endless piles of papers he reviews and signs every day.

He's been even busier now that Damian and Harou, his friends of all time are in business with us.

Luckily their wives are there to keep me company. But it's not the same. I miss being able to just barge into his office and tease him; Or being able to make him take the afternoon off so he can take me out to dinner.

He pressed the last top button and ran his hand over my waist, pulling me close to him. I slowly trailed my hand on his chest and kissed him lightly. His lips were gorgeous, always had a sweet taste, like biting on to a freshly picked peach, the sweetest peach you've tasted EVER.

"Mmm, baby you taste so good. I love when you kiss like that." His husky voice sent shivers down my spine as he kissed me seductively, trailing his lips to my neck and leaving wet kisses. He sucked on my mark making me whimper. That intimate touch always drove me insane. He knew exactly what to do to rattle me up.

When the bell ringed, gesturing we were finally in our room, the door slid open and we made our way inside. Our luggage was already there. I turned and gawked my mouth making him chuckle. It was beautiful. We had a huge place to ourselves, with a penthouse feel. The whole place had a homey feel, with a great view of the ocean and an outdoor area for us to indulge in.

"Oh my god, Blake! This place is amazing." I walked around, admiring the place, and ran my hand through the soft couch near the sliding door to the balcony.

I stood by the sliding door and slowly opened it, allowing the cool breeze from the ocean in. I moaned as I allowed myself to delight in the feel of the air embracing my skin. His hand slowly trailed around my waist, pulling me by my stomach against his hard chest. His lips slowly trailed my skin over my neck and shoulders, making me rest my head back against his shoulder.

"So, what do you think? You like the view?" His husky voice spoke softly by my ear.

"You did an amazing job picking out our honeymoon Blake. I love this place, it's so beautiful." I turned kissing him and wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Ahem. Alpha, if that would be all. May I be excused?" The bell boy still stood by the door, waiting for Blake's orders. I narrowed my eyebrows, suspiciously, making him clear his throat in an awkward attempt to avoid my interrogations.

"That's all for now. You may go." He said sternly giving him a hundred-dollar bill and quickly making his way back to me. He locked eyes with me, avoiding looking away from me as he tightened his grip around my waist. The bell boy hoped in the elevator and left soon after.

"Why did the bell boy call you alpha?" Realization hit me, this could be one of his hotels he had been investing in for the past two years. He had told me we owned various hotels around the world a few months ago, and he'd eventually take me to see one of them.

I gasped, my eyes wide open as a bright smile lit my face. "Oh my god, Blake? Is this one of the hotels you own? Oh my god, it's-"

"Nope. No, it's not mine. It's your brother's Ty. He just opened it 6 months ago. I don't have hotels in Dubai. I was skeptical about building one here, but seeing how well he's doing, I'm considering building one here."

My eyes widened in surprise. "What? When the hell did Ty have time to come down here and build a damn 5-star hotel? This place is seriously mind-blowing! It's gorgeous."

"I know. He's the one that's done all the contracts and arrangements for me for all my hotels. Why do you think he's rarely home anymore?" He said cheerfully.

We laid for a while, being lazy and enjoying each other's company out on the huge balcony. It had a really beautiful area with an outdoor bed inside a canopy draped in white, a good size pool, and a hot tub of our own.

By nightfall, we had scheduled to go out to dinner, but instead, we ordered in. I decided to tease him a bit, we were going to eat outside by the hot tube. He wore his blue trousers and sat on the far side of the hot tub, facing the sliding door. I came out wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

The night felt fresh. Though it was still a bit hot, so the relaxing hot water would be perfect for us to relax in.

I swayed my hips as I slowly made my way to him. His head tilted back with his eyes closed. I cleared my throat as I stood before him. His eyes gleamed and a bright smile crept to his face. I slowly undid my strap to the robe and took it off, sliding it off my shoulders and arms until it fell to the floor.

His eyes darkened as he realized I stood completely naked in front of him. He let out a grunt as I slowly made my way inside the water and made my way towards him until I straddled him. His arms gripped my butt, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his bulge fully erect as I rocked my hips on top of him.

My arms tugging on his hair lightly as I kissed him vigorously. He had one hand interlaced on my hair, and the other over my mid-back, holding me tight against him.

I began rocking my hips on top of him, making him grunt and deepened the kiss. Our tongues danced in perfect sync, and I bit him lightly on his bottom lip. I moaned from the pleasure his body always managed to make me feel.

I slowly rose and tugged on his trousers pulling them off him. I continued to straddle him. His dick slowly twitched in my core. I knew I was getting extremely wet, as the throbbing increased. The pit of my stomach in a deep butterfly effect.

He was turning me on so bad the way he kissed me and held me against him. He slowly lifted me with one of his thighs and slid inside me. We gasped as he slid inside in one swift move. I was getting used to how big he was. But today, though he's pretty huge and thick, he felt even thicker, or maybe I was just incredibly horny.

I moaned with the incredible pleasure he was causing my body. Making me quiver in passion. I thrust slowly on top of him. Loving every second as I felt him in and out of me. Arching my back as we kissed, both of us unwilling to break our kiss. I rocked my hips and moved up and down slowly at first, but as the excitement and pleasure increased between the two of us, I began to speed up, until we were both panting and moaning uncontrollably.

"Oh god Blake, you feel so good, baby." I managed to utter out before he claimed my lips again. He began to thrust inside me harder. Lifting me off the seat and thrusting deeper, harder, hungrier for more. "You're so damn beautiful Selene. I love you so fucking much." His voice was erratic as he continued to pound harder inside me. His hands holding me in place against the edge of the hot tub's seat as he flipped our position. I rested my hand against the edge of the armrest to keep myself from falling or sliding down.

My head tilted back as my eyes rolled back. He was fucking me so good and so hard it made my toes curl. " Faster baby, faster." I moaned as he grips my ass harder and pounds into me faster, with more force than before. He was making my body feel all kinds of heavens and electric-like sparks all over.

"Goddess, Selene. . . you're getting tighter baby. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. You feel so fucking good." He panted, his hands cupping my breasts as he took one in his mouth, sucking on it with force. I moaned uncontrollably, my head tilts back. I placed my hands around his broad shoulders, pressing myself against him harder. Moaning and arching my back as he continued to thrust inside me.

Almost three hours later; many positions and many orgasms later, I felt myself come again. One thing for sure, I knew he had left me pregnant this time from how many times he'd finished inside.

I felt tightened around him again, and the pit of my stomach quivered as I felt myself climax again, slowly. "Oh fuck. . . baby. . . I'm almost there. . . I have to. . . . Blake!" I stuttered. It was out of control how good and pleased my body felt.

"Come for me, baby. Come for me." He said as he let out yet another loud grunt. His dick twitching inside me as he climaxed and his sperm filled me inside again. I loved that feeling. The way his raw dick throbbed inside me, spilling himself inside. It was the best feeling ever. My face heated and I climaxed hard, a loud lustful moan escaped me and him as we both rode our orgasm together, he thrust slowly as he continued to ejaculate.

His hands slowly trailed up and down my back as my own hands held him tight around his neck. His face buried in the curve of my neck as he kissed me slowly. "I love you, my queen." His husky voice making me smile.

"I love you more." I held him, sighing contently and embracing the feel of his love. It was the perfect beginning to the perfect way-over-due honeymoon.

We took a few minutes' breaks while we indulged in the decadent appetizers and desserts he had ordered for us, along with a nice bottle of rose. I love how he could always remember my favorite type of wine.

I held a strawberry to his lips as he seductively bit it, and leaned in to kiss him. My other handheld the flute with wine. He grabbed the flute off my hand and sipped it, placing it back on the tray, and grabbed me. Interlacing his hands on my hair and pulling me in for another kiss.

This was going to be one of the best nights of our lives, making me fall more and more in love with him every day.

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