Sexcapade (Completed)

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Love This Girl


Btw- I have never written a same-sex scene, so bear with me. Hope you enjoy.

The story of Cassidy and Noelle

I was on my bed, holding my pillow tight, crying for the billionth time. Skylar and I had just broken up. He was my boyfriend for the past five years. I had high hopes that he was going to marry me one day.

I guess I was wrong.

He had called me yesterday and asked me to meet him for dinner at our favorite restaurant. He wore his favorite navy blue suit that made his broad shoulders and sculpted chest seem sexier. But when I got there, a young girl no more than my age leaned in to kiss him on his lips.

My heart was shattered at that point. He begged for forgiveness, saying it had just happened. It was out of his hands to have fallen for her. Though I wish I could have gone off on him and made a bunch of excuses to call him an asshole and blame everything on them; I knew it was partially my fault.

I had stopped paying attention to him. I kept busy and forget to call him. I'd cut our conversations short and became so busy with work, I failed to take him for granted, leaving his calls unanswered and declined his texts.

She seemed like a nice girl. At the time, I didn't cry, it was bound to happen. Something in me sensed it. But I kept pushing it off as if it was a sure thing he'd stay with me because we had been together for so long.

Now! I think I cried more, not because of self-pity. . . but because I had a good man, and I failed to be good to him. I needed to get out and clear my head from all this guilt I felt.

Just then, my phone rang. I glanced at my phone and saw an incoming call from my best friend Cassidy. She was a beauty. So many men coveted her. She had flawless skin, long silky-ashed blonde hair, and the deepest of blue eyes you could imagine. Hell, even I sometimes would drool at how gorgeous her body was. She was too envy.

I cleared my throat and picked up the call trying to sound as normal as possible. "Hey, Cassidy! How's it going?" I said, completely failing to hide my sadness.

"Ok. . . what's going on Noelle? I know you. . . that's not your cheerful voice, that is your I just had the shittiest day in my life voice. Don't try and deny it." She replied, and she was right.

I filled her in on what had happened. She cursed Skylar for cheating on me, but I honestly understood his motive. He did the right thing by cutting ties with me. The girl by his side seemed so attentive to him, I knew she was going to love him and treat him the way I failed to do so.

"Why are you still defending him? I can't believe you, Noelle! This isn't like you. If it was any other person crossing you, you'd already be planning on a way to leverage yourself. What the fuck?"

"It's just that Cassidy! I have no intentions of ruining things for them. They seemed so in love. So caring and. . . .ugg, just right for each other. Fuck, I really need a vacation or something. This whole news has me so bummed."

She stayed silent for a while making me look at my phone. Maybe the line went dead without me noticing? Nope, she was still there.

"Cassidy? You still there?"

She sighed and cleared her throat. "Ok. Get your shit ready. I'm picking you up and taking you for a boat ride on dad's yat for the weekend.

"What? No. I have work on Monday Cass! I can't miss work. You know that!"

The last time we had gone on one of her weekend getaways, she promised to get me back by Sunday night, instead, we arrived Monday night.

The last thing I wanted, was to get fired too.

"No protesting. You need to distract yourself, and 'I' need to get drunk without dad scolding me for coming home drunk. Now hurry your ass up. I'm on my way to get you now, oh and don't forget your sexiest bathing suit in case we see a few hot guys on other boats." She implied with a giggle and hung up.

I puffed my cheeks. Maybe this little getaway would do us both good.

I packed a few essentials, extra clothes, a nice two-piece bikini, and an elegant gown. We liked to eat in style at night whenever we used her dad's yat.

She took the perfect time to pick me up. We got to her dad's boat and sailed away. Trying to leave all our worries and sorrows behind.

It was still hot out, though the afternoon had already settled in. We decided on going for a dip on the small pool the yat had. She gestured to one of the guys to turn up the heat in the water while we got dressed.

She went with a gold sequence two-piece. Her boobs were huge. The damn top barely covered half her breasts. Her bikini was beautiful. I could tell she had just gotten a Brazilian wax done. The back revealed her ass with only a tiny string covering in between her cheeks.

If I was a guy, I'd so tap that ass, seriously. She giggled realizing I was staring at her ass making me blush.

"Why Noelle? If I knew better, I'd say you were staring at my ass! You like what you see?" She wiggled her ass in front of me making me laugh.

We had a great relationship. We played around a lot hitting each other on our ass. But nothing past that.

"Shut up. You are gorgeous, you know that. I envy how beautiful your body is. Look at me? A size C cup and a tiny butt. Nothing like the double D's you flaunt and the curves that every guy wants to touch." She giggled, throwing back her head. She had her hair in a loose bun making her long neck more elegant and sensual. Did I just say that? Damn it! This stupid wine is already getting to me.

I decided on wearing a light blue two-piece. It fit me perfectly, though it showed a lot of cleavages, it was nothing compared to Cassidy's. I had a fair size round ass and curvy sides. My one favorite part was my toned stomach. I loved how flat I had my stomach, making my lady abs visible even when I didn't flex.

I decided to leave my long brown hair down and placed my sunglasses on.

We soaked our feet first, enjoying our favorite Stella berry bottles. We had already drunk two bottles and popped open a third.

We indulged in a tray full of sweet strawberries, grapes, and different kinds of cheese. A moan escaped me as I felt my buzz, I bit into a strawberry that was so sweet. The juice dripping down the side of my mouth, trailing down my neck and my right boob. I giggled at the feeling, yes, I was drunk, and when I'm drunk I giggle, A LOT.

Cassidy was already inside the pool, she reached over placing herself between my legs and licked off the juice from my breast, and slowly trailed her soft tongue up to my neck.

I felt myself throbbing by the sensual act. My eyes wide open and I bit my lip. I knew she was just teasing. She didn't mean anything from it. She had done it before with the lemon juice when we have tequila shots.

I locked eyes with her, she bit her lips and pushed herself off, swimming backward as she hummed away. I had to suppress this new feeling. It wasn't right. She's my best friend. Plus, she has a boyfriend. Even if they aren't serious. . . still, she was dating someone.

I shook it off and downed the rest of my glass of wine, tilting the bottle and filling my glass again.

"Pour a glass for me, Noelle." She smiled as she swam back to me. Her ass stuck out the water as she softly swam across. I felt myself throb again. No, I can't do this. I won't.

"Ok. . .fine. You won't pour a glass for me, I'll have to take yours." She said as she reached out for my glass.

"What? No. This is mine. Get your own." I said, pulling my glass towards my shoulder, away from her.

She placed her hand on my thigh and pulled herself up, her boobs rubbing against mine. "Mmm, fuck." I whispered, soft enough she wouldn't hear.

She reached for my glass and I pulled it back further. "Give me some. Noelle?" She said annoyed, making me giggle. I took a long gulp from the glass and sighed, moaning and indulging the taste of the wine, teasingly.

"So good," I said as I took another sip. She placed her hands on both my thighs, pulling me down to the water.

"Hey?" I gasped as my body fell inside in front of her. "Give me some wine Elle? Stop being stingy!" I giggled at her attempt to take the flute away from me. I turned my body, and pushed her with my ass on her stomach, drinking the rest of the wine in one gulp.

She pouts her mouth making me chuckle. "Ugg, fine. Here." I say, turning and pouring another glass for her.

I handed it to her, making her bounce up and down in the water like a little girl as she claps her hands. She takes it, sipping it, letting a loud moan out. I roll my eyes at her, placing my hands in the side of the pool and raising myself to sit on the edge again.

It isn't long before my emotions take the best of me again. I excuse myself making her purse her eyebrows. I know she's worried about me, but I can't help feel like an idiot for letting such a great guy go.

I make my way to the restroom and cry again. I sit on a small sitting area inside the luxurious bathroom and sob, silently.

She knocks softly tapping on the door, but I have no strength to deal with any of this now. I am so confused. I let Skylar go, and on top of it all, I'm getting horny as fuck seeing my best friend in her bathing suit. I'm so stupid. What the hell is wrong with me?

"Elle open the door, please?" She calls from behind the door, worried about me. I slowly raise myself from the lazy boy's chair and open the door.

She walks in slowly, her arms crossed over her chest giving me a concerned look.

"I'm fine Cassi, I just. . . I needed to let it out just one last time. I miss him! I never knew how much he meant to me until I lost him" I shrugged my shoulders allowing her to wrap her hands around me. She hugged me tight, and I loved the feel of her against me.

I sighed, stepping back a little. My gaze hung low, she softly took her finger, tilting my face to make eye contact with her.

"Elle, you are by far the most beautiful girl I have ever met. It's his loss, not yours. I get it, you care about him. But, two were complete opposites. It was bound to crumble up eventually. But can I be honest?" She says, smiling a bit.

I look at her through pained eyes, unwilling to reply.

"I'm glad you two are finally over. Because otherwise, I'd never been able to do this." She says, slowly closing the gap between us, kissing my lips softly.

My mind clouded. I wanted to protest, tell her it was wrong. But I wanted this too. She tasted so good. The throbbing between my legs awakened again, and I began to get wet. My eyes closed as she pulled away softly.

"Cassi- I. . ." I was speechless. She blushed and pulled away. Her eyes held a hint of sadness and she began to walk away, embarrassed.

"Cassidy wait." I stopped her as her hand almost reached the door. My hands-on her shoulders as I pulled her back against me.

She turned, her head hung low. "I crossed the line. I'm sorry, but I have been wanting to kiss you for so long. I'm. . . I'm in love with you Elle. I've loved you for so long. It made me so mad to see you with Skylar, I'd get so jealous when I would see you around him."

I cut her words short, kissing her back. Our kiss heated instantly, a fire I didn't know I had inside for her.

We kiss hungrily for each other as my tongue massages hers. Both tongues sweetly dancing in perfect harmony.

She gripped my breasts, giving them a tight squeeze and twirling her thumb against my nipples as we continued to kiss. I moaned and walked back as she pushed against me, until my ass was against the sink's counter.

"Get on top of the counter." She ordered, my hands went back as I lifted myself off the floor and sat on top of the counter. She pulled my hair back, interlacing her fingers on my hair as she kissed me vigorously. I moaned through our kiss, my hands around her shoulder and neck. Her breasts against mine, rubbing against each other.

She parted my legs, placing herself between me and gripping my butt, pulling me against her, making me wrap my legs around her. My pussy throbbed and my core heated making me extremely wet.

"Oh fuck, baby you're already wet for me." She whispered as she slowly moves my bikini to the side and glides her fingers down my throbbing core.

A moan escaping me to the feel of her delicate fingers along my folds, biting her lower lip. "Mmm, Cassi- that feels so good," I utter out as she slowly places a finger inside, lowering herself between my legs and rubs my clit with her tongue. I bite my bottom lip and pull her up, undo her top and take one of her breasts in my mouth. Slowly twirling my tongue on her nipple making her moan.

"Mmm, naughty Elle. Mama likes that." She says as she glides her fingers back inside me and quickens her pace fucking me with her fingers, and enters a third one making me gasp. My mouth gawks open as I feel myself on the edge of coming. "Mmm, Cassidy. . . I love that. Don't stop." I stutter, her fingers fucking me hard and oh so sweet at the same time.

"Oh yes baby, you're so tight. I can feel you're almost there." She takes her fingers out, stopping me from almost reaching my orgasm, making me whimper.

"But! Mama wants to taste you." She says as she pulls my ass closer to the edge of the counter, pulling my leg on top of the counter and resting my other leg on her shoulder. She glides two fingers in again and slides her tongue along my throbbing core and up to my clit. Liking hard, digging her tongue inside me and licking away all my juices.

"Oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I whimper, feeling myself climb my climax as she speeds her fingers and sucks my pussy harder.

"That's right. . come for me, baby. Come for me. Let me taste your delicious juices, Elle." She pants, throbbing her fingers harder inside me and hitting my g-spot perfectly. She licks and sucks my clit one more time sending me over the edge.

I come in her mouth, we both moan loud as she eats me and I indulge in her sucking my pussy. "Oh yes. Yes...fuck!" My breath was erratic as I climb my climax and orgasm so good. It feels like never before.

I slowly put my legs down as she softly licks away all my cum and juices, making me whimper every time she glides her tongue delicately along my clit.

"My turn," I say as I hop off and push her against the shower, turning on the water and taking the showerhead in my hand. I begin to eat her pussy. Gliding my tongue along her folds and clit. She quivers in my hand, moaning as she grips her breasts and bucks her hips, moving against my mouth. She tastes so sweet.

I put a second finger inside her, making her gasp. She feels so good, so tight. I finger fuck her, slowly, delicately. Then I slowly quicken my pace and run my tongue along her clit, sucking softly as her juices pour into my mouth making her come quickly.

She pulls my hair, making my face closer into her pussy. I suck on her folds and clit making her moan as she rides her orgasm and comes in my mouth. I slowly wash her with warm water as we kiss passionately.

We kiss our way inside the room, disregarding the crew and the fact we're naked. She throws me on the bed, making me gasp. She giggles and crawls in a sexy way towards me.

"Oh Elle. . you have no idea how bad I've been wanting to fuck you. I'm going to put my pussy against you and make you scream my name." She teases, trailing her tongue over my nipples, flicking them with her tongue, and placing her fingers inside my pussy, my back arching as I feel her fingers quickly fucking me with force.

"Mmm, Cassi. . stop teasing. Fuck me already. Fuck me now, I want that pussy against me!" I whimper making her giggle.

She hops off, her beautiful naked body running to a drawer. She moves stuff around and comes back with a vibrator. My eyes widen and I bite my lip.

"No. No, Cassidy, don't. . . mmmm." She places the vibrator inside my pussy in full blast, making me throb with pleasure. "Mmmm!" I bite my lips, throbbing with pleasure.

"You were saying?" She giggles, grabbing my right knee and taking it on top of her shoulder. She rides me, and the pleasure of her pussy grinding against mine along with the vibrator sends me off the top.

I moan uncontrollably as she rocks her hips on top of me. My heart racing and my breath caught in my chest as I try and take in all the pleasure she's making me feel.

I take my fingers and rub them on her clit, making her head tilt back. Her pussy torturing me as she continues to rock her hips on top of me, gliding her opened folds against mine. "Oh shit. . . shit. . .shit. . . ohhh fuck yes. . . . I'm there. . . I'm coming." She yells throwing her head back and speeding her moves making me moan uncontrollably as I come again. I can feel her spur out her water along with mine. My ass feeling completely soaked as her water and mine glide down my core and my ass.

Her hips slow down, making my orgasm more bearable. "Oh, fuck yes." I breathe out. She slowly takes the vibrator out and licks my stomach until she comes to my left nipple, gliding the tip of her tongue, taking my boob into her mouth, and sucks on it softly.

"Mmmh. . . . no more. Please. . . no more." I beg her, whimpering as my whole body tingles and throbs sensitively.

She sighs with a big smile. "Five-minute break?" She narrows an eyebrow looking at me, as she kisses my lips.

"Mmm yes. Five minutes. Then, it's your turn on the vibrator." I say making her bite her lip. I take her lips and kiss her, turning us around as I hover over her.

"You were incredible," I say as I kiss her softly.

"You were amazing Elle. Can we do this again?"

"Yes. Again. And again, And again." I say as I slid my hand to her throbbing core.

"Oh fuck yes, Elle. I love you."

Cassidy and I have been living together for the past three years since that night. I am madly in love with her. We take a week off every six months to spend time in the yat. Her dad found out about us a few weeks after we became involved, though he was mad at first, he soon came to agree with our relationship.

Tonight, I'm planning on taking her out to diner. I'm going to ask her to marry me.

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