Sexcapade (Completed)

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Photoshoot Partners

The Story of Skylar and Clarissa

I was running late this morning. My alarm clock did not sound. And why would it, right? I forgot I didn't put my damn phone to charge last night.

Luckily my neighbor woke me up with his loud music. Now, I ran to the photoshoot agency like a madwoman.

I had taken a quick shower before coming. So needless to say, my hair was bouncing around like crazy since there was no time to comb through it.

I wore an oversized sweater, baggy blue overalls, and white converse, with no makeup other than the red on my cheeks from so much running.

I was fairly shy when it came to people when I don't feel familiarized with them; so most time, I wore oversized shades. Plus, it helped my skin since I tried keeping my face bare for makeup before a photo shoot.

I tossed my duffle bag to my back and ran towards the elevator. The door almost closed, but I managed to get in thanks to the guy inside.

"Wow," I thought to myself in a whisper. He was hot. He had light brown hair, with those fair lips that beg to be bitten, especially the bottom one that was more swollen than the top. I could tell he licked his bottom lip from time to time since it was a fairly pink shade.

He was so well built, I could tell by the way his buttoned-up navy blue shirt hugged his arms and chest. His black dress pants fit him perfectly, but I couldn't make out his facial features completely. Just like me, he hid behind sunglasses.

By him, stood a beautiful young girl. She wore a tight silver dress with white closed-toe heels and her hair in loose curls. Her makeup was perfectly applied, with her plumped lips and smokie eye shadow. She looked like she belonged on the cover of STYLE magazine. She was completely tranced by her conversation on the phone, making the guy seemed irritated.

I didn't want to seem rude, so I hung my head and kept my nose out. Soon as my floor came, I sped walked out. I had arrived just in time to help Kelsie prep for the photoshoot before mine as I promised.

So, I quickly mazed through the photographers and staff rummaging through.

"Kelsie!" I called out smiling as I made my way through.

She glances over as she fixed her lens. "Hey! You made it! Oh my god, thank you so much! You have no idea how much I need you. Come on, follow me." I hugged her tight and smiled, she turned and sped walked to the area she was shooting today.

From what it looked like, she was going to do intimate scenes of a couple in bed.

There was a bed set before us, with white sheets that looked like it had just been thrown in there. There were nightstands, one with a lamp and books, the other with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Ok. . .so, what do I do?" I ask her, placing my bag down by her equipment and resting my hands on my waist.

"I need you to help me set up the lights. Then we have to make sure we bring a few snacks and water bottles. The guy is very calm but, his girlfriend is very particular. She always comes and nags if we take too long. But as long as we feed her, she's cool." She rolls her eyes making me laugh.

"Ok. I'll do that," I said and got to work. Thankfully, I never mind helping out. The guys had taught me to set things up, so I had no trouble helping when needed. Plus, no one knew O was the real boss here.

After I set the lights up and finished prepping the cameras for her, I went downstairs and grabbed a tray of snacks, including fruits, sports bars, and more. I got a plastic bag and placed waters, juice, and even a bottle of rose for me while I worked with Kelsie.

When I got there, there were already problems. My hair was a mess, so I placed the stuff down on the table and placed my hair in a loose bun.

"What am I supposed to do? Play pillow fights and make out with the fucking pillow? If she's not here in twenty minutes I'm out! This is the third time she does this shit. I want a different partner Kelsie." The hot guy was annoyed.

I remember Kelsie had told me about a model that was always getting wasted and wouldn't show up for her shoots because of her hangovers. I'm glad I worked alone as a bikini model. Poor guy.

"Skylar I'm sorry. I know your frustration, just give her ten more minutes, just ten more. I promise, if she's not here, I will call the agency myself and get you a new partner. Someone much more responsible and takes her job seriously."

"Good! Do that." He said, pacing back and forth. I could tell he was furious. Yet, now that he had taken off his glasses, he seemed way hotter than before...

He was now wearing a loose t-shirt and sweat pants with white socks.

"Hmm. Yeah, typical Sunday morning love session." I said out loud.

Kelsie heard my voice, throughout all the commotion. She scratched her head in frustration, walking towards me.

No one knows that I am the real owner of this agency except her. Which it's why I tend to dress normally and try to avoid getting caught. I hate when people start kissing ass when they find out I'm in charge.

The only thing I do like is my bikini sessions which usually only appear every three months on a single tinny page in a magazine.

I was ok not getting my face fully blasted out there. " Hey, water girl. Serve me a glass of wine will you?" The girlfriend had begun to protest.

"Um sure," I said grabbing a glass and pouring one for her.

Kelsie walked about, her phone on hand as she dialed time and time again.

"Kels-" I called out. She had forgotten I was still here, pacing back and forth in frustration.

She held her thumb, biting the shit out of her nail, looking down at the phone.

"Kels?" I whisper yelled making the girl and her boyfriend turn. Thank goodness I was still wearing my glasses. They couldn't see how embarrassed I felt right now. I hate when things go wrong in my company.

"Clar- oh my good I'm such an idiot. You! Of course, why didn't I think of it? You can fill in for her." She gasped, suggesting I should fill in for the model that was MIA. Though I was about t suggest I call and get a replacement for them.

"Yeah, no. I don't think so." She quickly walked towards me placing her hands over my arms.

"You have to. Please Clarissa I'm begging you. Plus! This is your responsibility to make sure your business runs smoothly you know?" She whispered the last part out.

I gulped down hard. He was hot, I'd love to do a make-out session with him. But I doubt he'd agree to it.

"Why not?" His girlfriend suggested making both Kelsie and I turn.

"I'm sorry?" I asked, flabbergasted that she'd be ok with this.

"Fill in for the model. My brother thinks you're cute. I don't think he'll mind."

We both were shocked, did she just say, brother?

"Wait. You two are siblings? I thought you two were-"

"Oh gross! Me and Skylar? God no! He's my older brother. I just like to tag along because I get free food!" She said smirking, making me laugh.

"Do you really think he won't mind if I filled in for her?"

"Pff, please. . . you'll be doing him a favor. He hates working with Mindy. She's such an annoying diva."

I laughed and Kelsie agreed with her.

"Ok. I'll um. . . I'll do it. As long. . . as he is ok with it." I looked at him, he had his back towards us looking out the huge wall-size window out seeing the city.

"Go. . . go get yourself ready with hair and make-up, I'll talk to my brother." I didn't have time to reply when Kelsie pulled me and took me to Tyra, our best and favorite artist.

I got my hair straightened and made into loose curls, and went with light make-up to make it look natural. My long brown hair cascaded down to my butt so smoothly.

The first session was in pajamas. They made me wear booty shorts and a loose crop top style t-shirt without socks.

I placed my robe on and made my way out. He looked rather irritated from how long he had to wait today.

Either way, I made my way out. His eyes went wide and dark as I took off my robe. Being a bikini model was awesome, but it also meant I had to work out like crazy. Making sure my body was flawless.

"Ok. Let's get started, shall we? Skylar this is Clarissa, your new partner. Clarissa, this is Skylar. Congratulations, you have now been promoted to romantic couples sessions and will be partners from now on." Our eyes locked, there was a bit of tension between us at this point.

He was so damn hot. He smiled mischievously noticing my rosy cheeks.

"Hi." His husky voice made me want to melt. Wait, did I hear Kelsie right?

"Wait, Kels- I!" I was about to protest, but he stood before me making my heart leap uncontrollably.

"Is that ok with you?" His voice vibrating through my body making my insides curl beautifully.

I stared at him silently. My mouth gawked open as he took off his shirt. He was completely ripped. Just a few tattoos, not too much. Which was fine with me. I had one going across my left ribs also.

"U-um... Yeah. It's fine." I said sheepishly.

He grabbed my hand and took me to stand before the bed. His hands cupped my face making me gasp.

"Now. Just relax. We have been dating for months now. We've been intimate before, but tonight, we both feel incredibly into each other." He set the scene for us. He had a good imagination for us.

He leans in, his lips grazed my lips, making my heart run wild. "Tonight, we're not just ready to have sex, but rather become more passionate. Making love for the first time."

Holy shit, this sounds so erotic. He has a good imagination.

"Now, I'm going to start kissing you. Just go with the flow, ok?" I nodded, unable to say a word making him smirk.

My hands softly rested on his hips. I hadn't noticed Kelsie had already begun snapping pictures. It was just me and him now.

His lips pressed against mine. He tasted so sweet. I was nervous, but his kiss was so damn hot, it made me feel as if we had been doing this for a long time.

He places his hands on my butt, pressing himself against me. Our kiss heated instantly, his mouth invading mine beautifully.

My hands went to his neck, as we continued to kiss passionately, pressing our bodies together. His hands parted my legs, pulling me up, making me wrap my legs around him as he made us go on top of the bed, resting my head softly on the pillow.

I was getting so turned on. This didn't feel like a photo session anymore. Rather I felt we were alone. He parted our kiss, making me gasp for air, kissing my neck and collar bone making me gasp. A low moan escaping me as his hands began to roam my body.

"Fuck!" I whispered, making him smile.

"You're a natural. Relax, you're doing great." He says making me smile through my nerves.

He grabs my left thigh, pulling my leg up and making my leg wrap over him. I was becoming so wet at this point. I was getting nervous that he may notice. This was very unprofessional.

"Oh god," I whispered, tilting my head back as he leaned in to kiss my neck harder, leaving wet kisses and gripping my thigh harder. But it sent me over the edge when he started grinding himself against me. His bulge felt hard, it made my core throb and making me get wet. .. More than I already was.

I push on his chest. And got off, gasping frantically for air.

"I- I'm sorry...I can't." I said as I fisted my hands and walked to my fitting room quickly.

His chest rose up and down quickly. He looked bothered, and I know I probably ruined our session, but I was getting so turned on.

I made my way to the room and went inside, just as I was closing the door, he stopped it. He placed his foot on the bottom and stopped the door with his hand.

"Wait. Clarissa." His husky voice making me step back to the small room I was in.

"Skylar, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin it for you. I just..." I uttered out as he closed the door quickly behind him, locking it and standing before me.

There was a lustful look in his eyes. I wanted to jump on top of him and making him take me. God, this is insane! I have never had a one-night stand. Hell, the last time I went out was over a year ago.

Silence overtook the room for a few seconds before he took me again. His lips pressed against me, his hands wrapped around my waist tight, making me place my arms on his hard chest. He gripped my butt placing me on top of the vanity.

All the make-up falling on the floor. He pulled me towards him, pressing his hard bulge against me as we deepen our kiss.

My hands roaming his sculpted arms and shoulders, interlacing my fingers as I tugged softly on his hair.

"This is crazy," I whispered as we parted for air, his forehead against mine as we both frantically breathed out.

"I want you, Clarissa. I want you bad. And I know you do too." And he wasn't wrong. The pressure in my core was unbearable. I needed him in me now. I was throbbing so bad, I felt the pressure building in me higher each time.

"I know there's chemistry here. You know it. You caught my eye since you went into that elevator." He declared making my stomach flutter.

"Am I right?" He teased, kissing my neck making me moan.

"Maybe." I gasped making him chuckle.

I moaned as he softly laced his fingers in my hair and kissed my neck. He swiftly took off my shirt. I traced my hands against his abs. His muscles contracting by the touch.

I could not hold back anymore. I wanted him badly. I tugged on his pajama bottoms and pulled them down as far as I could.

He didn't have underwear. His dick twitched, bouncing as I made his pants fall to the ground, making me admire his length. He had an admirable size. I just knew it would take me a few seconds, the least, to adjust to that thing.

He ground feeling my hand grab his dick, pulling the shaft back. I licked my finger and ran it across the tip making it perk harder.

He grabs my hair pulling me to kiss him. His kiss was hungry and passionate. He pulls me closer and lifting me enough to pull off my shorts, in one swift move, he enters me, making me gasp.

He muffles my cry with a kiss thrusting eagerly, hungry.

A lustful moan escaping me every other second as he thrust deep inside me. His length hard and thick, filling my core to perfection.

"Oh fuck. You feel so good, baby." He grips my butt, pressing me against him harder as he thrusts deeper and harder inside me. "You like that baby?" He says panting as he quickens and deepens his thrusts, making my toes curl.

"Yes. I love it. Don't stop. Please don't stop." I say grabbing his neck tighter. He continues to thrust in me, my back hitting the back of the vanity, making everything fall to the ground.

"Oh god yes. Harder. . . harder." I utter out, opening my legs wider to feel him deeper in me as if it was even possible.

He lets out a lustful growl, pulling me in for a kiss. His hands cup my breasts as he unclips my bra, making it fall to the ground, and taking one into his mouth. He sucks on the nipple as he continues to thrust inside me harder. I can feel myself getting so wet, it makes it slippery under me. His hand gripping my butt and the other one cupping my face as he kisses me. Our tongues dancing in perfect sync.

"Oh god....mmmm" a moan escaping me as I feel the pressure mount higher. I know I'm close, I can feel myself tightening around him making him grunt.

His hand playing with my clit, sending me higher in my mount of pleasure.

"I have. . . I'm almost there." He grunts to my words, speeding up more and thrusting deeper inside.

"Come with me, Clarissa. Let it go, baby. Come with me." He says as he thrusts deep, slowing his pace. A heat spreading through me as I come and orgasm at the same time.

"Mmmmmmhhh" I moan loud, biting my bottom lip and throwing my head back.

He grunts loud, placing his head against my chest. I can feel him throb inside me as he finishes inside, pulling my legs apart and gripping my ass tight as he makes his dick go deep inside me.

We slowly part. He cups my face and kisses me as if we had been lovers for the longest time.
6 months later:

After that session, Skylar and I became photo partners. We did shoots in beds, at the beach, in lakes. Romantic scenes in restaurants and so on. We were the it image for many companies, especially for wedding rings.

Two months into our work together, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been dating for 4 months now. Last night during sex, he asked me to move in with him.

This morning as we speak, he's helping me take my stuff out of my apartment and placing it in his trunk to take me to his place.

"Ready love?" His husky voice startling me as I place my bag in the back seat. I turn and wrap my arms around him.

"Ready." I smile kissing his lips.

"Come on. We gotta hurry, wouldn't want to make our boss mad for being late to today's session." He says smirking and winking an eye.

"Well, you can always seduce her into your bed. I'm sure she can let it go this time." I say making him chuckle.

"In that case, you think she won't mind going for a few rounds before work?" I throw my head back laughing as my arms wrap around his nape.

"I'm sure she won't mind," I say biting my lip and claiming his lips.

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