Sexcapade (Completed)

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My Brother's Best Friend

The Story of Nikki and Travis

Every year at the end of the school year, a bunch of my brother's friends and mine gather together and go camping.

It's a small private campsite, with about ten huge cabins with 5 to about 10 bedrooms per cabin. We always booked the largest one with time thanks to dad who is close friends with the owner.

We finally had our last day of school yesterday. So! Here we are, 7 in the morning finishing uploading the cars to take off. My brother is a year older than me. He will be off to his senior year of college and I will be starting my junior year.

It's a bigger reason for us to celebrate. We had both decided to go to a nearby university since we live close to various great options.

He attends UC Irvine, and I go to Cal State Fullerton, both are great universities. His best friend Travis of course followed in my brother's track and attends the same school as him.

I decided on making my bestie Celeste tag along, she's super cool to hang out with. I always feel more confident at a party when she tags along.

I grabbed my last bag, placed my phone and charger in my pocket, and went downstairs to get in the car.

I wore blue denim shorts, a crop top in white, and black camo boots. I placed my hair in a messy bun and my dark brown oversized sunglasses and went outside.

My brother, William, and Trevor were outside arguing already.

"Can we go now? I want to get breakfast somewhere before we take off." I said making them turn. My brother rolled his eyes and glanced at his phone.

"Fine! We'll figure out the sleeping arrangements once we get there. What do you want to eat baby girl?" My brother was always the prince charming. He'd never dare talk rudely to any girl. Especially me.

Travis thought I hadn't noticed the way he was eyeing me from head to toe, but I shrugged it off. He was always a jokester with me. A perfect way to masquerade the fact we messed around A LOT. And when I say messed around? I mean we were fuck buddies, big time. He was so damn good in bed.

"Ok. The others are on their way. We need to take a few cars and leave the rest back here. Otherwise, we have to pay for extra parking spaces." My brother spoke in a monotone voice.

He was always the mature one in the group.

Twenty minutes later, my grumbling stomach complaining of hunger, and a teasing Travis mocking me each time my stomach grumbled and we were finally on our way.

Half an hour into driving, my brother made the other two cars pull over at a gas station. He not only needed to fill up for gas, but Travis and I giggled at how pissed off he was, saying he was tired of hearing Travis and me bickering.

"Get out of my way Travis! I need to go in there and get some food!" I complain at his rudeness, sitting in my way.

He chuckled, unwilling to budge, regardless of how hard I pushed on his back. I thought for a second, and realization came down on me as I remembered one of his weak points.

I bit my bottom lip and went on all fours, cat walking behind him. I leaned as close as possible to his ear and traced my lips along his neck making him grunt, tilting his head to the side. It made me giggle silently.

"Please Travis. I'm hungry. Can I please go get something to eat?" My lips brace his skin lightly making goosebumps along his skin.

"Fine. Go." He moved quickly, making me squeak. I jolted up and got off the car, running inside to grab food for myself. I went for one of those premade cheeseburgers, a bag of Doritos, some candy, a coffee for now, and a soda for later.

All the meanwhile he looked at me with arms crossed and nodded in disbelief. I swayed my hips happily as I finished preparing my burger.

He came and grabbed a breakfast sandwich for himself. He loved the way I prepared coffee so he grabbed a cup and lifted it giving me a sad puppy face.

"Ugh, fine!" I rolled my eyes and grabbed the coffee cup from him. I prepared it the same way I always do for him. An 18 oz cup, with 8 hazelnut creamers, 8 vanilla creamers, and one of those extra caffeine shots for an extra boost. I stirred it, sipped it, and gave it back with a smile.

He smiled and gestured me to get in line, I grabbed my stuff from his hand and went to get in line.

A guy was paying before me so I waited for my turn. Travis came behind me, placing his hand on my waist. I hate when he does that. It always turns me on. The last I need is to soak my panties in another two-and-a-half-hour drive.

"Your turn beautiful." He whispers in my ear, making me shiver. I place my stuff down, the young clerk scanning each item, then Travis comes placing his stuff down and pulling me back, against his chest.

"All together please." He asks, placing his hand around my neck and shoulders.

"Aww, thanks, Travis. And here I was thinking you were gonna be a jerk to me all weekend long." I pouted my lips, making him chuckle.

He looks back realizing all our friends and my brother were already outside and we were out of sight. He leans in, pulling my head towards him planting a big kiss on my lips.

"Me? A jerk to you? Never babes." He gives his card to the clerk as she giggles towards us, scanning his card, and gives it back to him.

"Care to help me carry my stuff?" I ask sheepishly. He smiles and grabs some of my stuff as we walk out together.

The rest of the ride was smooth. My brother kept rolling his eyes as he sees how Travis and I always manage to go from bickering to treating each other like best friends.

He kept pocking at my food, and so did I biting his breakfast sandwich.

Celeste sat shotgun with my brother and kept laughing at how we kept joking around and pocking each other like five-year-olds.

After the long three-hour drive, we finally made it to our destination. Travis helped me get out by extending a hand out to me. We both stretched and went straight to our favorite spot, the lake. It was right in front of the cabin we stay. Plus, there was a pool on the other side.

We quickly took off our shoes, shirts, and shorts and dove right in. We could both careless of who was looking.

He jumped out of the water by me, scaring the shit out of me as usual. He grabs me, bridal style making me gasp and giggle. I held on to him tight around his neck. I knew his motive, and if he was thinking of throwing me inside the water, he was going down with me.

"Hey, Travis! Stop fucking around and help me carry all this shit inside." My brother calls out making us both stop and looks at each other. I was still holding him tight. He clears his throat and lets me down softly.

"Gotta go. Duty calls with sergeant William Hawk. We'll catch up later?" He smirks as I nod yes, and walks to the car grabbing a towel from his bag, patting himself dry before grabbing more bags.

"Shit Nikki! How many bags did you girls bring? We're only staying for a weekend you know?" He sneers making me flip him off.

By night time, and after many many drinks, loud music, and loads of food, everyone began to settle down to sleep. I wasn't feeling sleepy at all. But it was still so hot.

I decided to go to the pool by our cabin, dressed in a black two-piece bathing suit. The bikini had tied straps on both sides and I loved the top that hugged my boobs beautifully. It was hard for me to find a good bathing suit because of my D cups. They always came up too revealing.

But I loved this one, it was the perfect size and not too revealing. I grabbed my towel, placed my sandals on, went to the kitchen, and grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass, making my way quietly outside.

My heart skipped when I saw Travis there. I debated on turning around when I heard him call my name making me stop.


I turned on my heel again and smiled. "Yeah."

"Are you coming in or what?" He says as he leans on the edge, crossing his hands on the top.

He looked so fucking good. He had a clean-cut hairstyle, short and well-maintained stubble, muscles in all the right places. I loved his dark brown eyes with huge dark eyelashes, dark eyebrows to match.

I cleared my throat and walked slowly. It was one thing to tease him, another to be completely alone. He was my weakness. I always gave in to him.

My panties were soaking wet just to think of all the naughty stuff we've done. I walked slowly, placed my towel down, and sat by him. He moved over, placing himself between my legs, and caressed my thighs.

"I missed these beautiful legs, you know that? You had me hard as fuck the whole ride here." He made me gasp at his words. I bit my lip, to hide my smile.

He softly pulls me to him, the water felt so good, not too cold, just perfect.

"Is that so?" I ask sheepishly.

He grunts as I wrap my arms around him. I was glad the lights had gone off, giving us more privacy other than the moonlight.

He grunts as he feels my legs wrap around him. "You shouldn't do that Nikki. You know what'll happen if you do that." He says gripping my hips against him.

"Me? I'm not doing anything. Just here, enjoying a good evening, under the moonlight, taking a little dive to cool down. That's all." His lips graze softly along mine.

He quickly claims my lips, biting my bottom lip to give him access to my mouth. He invades my mouth, torturing me with his lustful kisses. A moan escaping me as he kisses me vigorously. He always gets the room right next to the pool with the sliding door. Before I know it, he's walking up the pool steps with his hands around my butt, holding me against him.

Our bodies drenched in pool water as we leave a trail behind. He slides the door open and closes it, locking it behind him.

He softly puts me down, still kissing me. His hands undoing the ties on my bikini and top making both garments fall on the floor.

He holds my left leg up, and slowly places one finger inside my walls, massaging them lightly and grazing my clit slowly. A moan escaping me as the pleasure builds beautifully in between my thighs.

"Be a good girl. Please daddy will you Nikki?" He says pulling down his shorts and boxers.

"Mmmm." I bit my lip as I take his length in my hand. I pull back his shaft and lean down to my knees. I slowly stroke him, gently and slowly at first, just like he likes.

He tilts his head back, grunting as he feels the warmth of my tongue on his tip. Slowly tracing circles on it as he spurs precum on my tongue.

I swallow before taking him in my mouth. I begin bopping my head, thrusting him in my mouth slowly, engulfing as much as I can. His moans and grunts as he begins to fuck my mouth only make the pressure in me increase. I begin to thrust faster, deeper inside, making him grip my hair as he pushes his dick harder in my mouth making me gag a few times.

Just as he feels he's about to climax, he pulls out making me pout. "Baby? I wasn't done!" I whine making him chuckle. His body was shaky as he quickly grabs me, pulling me up and kissing me on my lips. He grabs my ass, slapping me on each cheek, and makes me wrap my legs around him.

He throws me on the bed, ruthlessly parting my legs and taking me in his mouth.

"Hhhaaahhh." I gasp, throwing my head back and gripping the covers under me tightly in my hands.

His mouth beautifully licking and sucking in all the right places. He's always fucked me hard, mercilessly, but each time, it just gets better and better. His tongue fucking me and touching my clit at the same time, sending me off the edge.

"Oh fuck. Travis?" I utter out between moans. The pleasure is so damn good, tears begin to fall both of my eyes.

His thumbs slowly flicker my nipples and gripping my breasts lightly.

He enters a finger, curling it a bit to where he knows my g-pot is. In just a few months we have been secretly messing around, he has learned every inch of me. What I love him doing to me, and what makes me wild.

"How's that baby? You like that?" He says as he enters another finger with more force.

"Oh god yes. I love that. Faster daddy. Faster." I utter out making him claim my lips, I can taste my own juices as his kiss becomes hungrier.

He takes me in his mouth again and continues to thrust me with his fingers. Just as I'm about to come, he takes his fingers out and turns me around. Moving my legs apart.

"Oh, baby. You know just how daddy likes it. Lay down for daddy, and lift that ass for me." His voice was shaky as I obey.

I get on all four, placing my chest and head on the bed as my ass hangs in the air.

He places a condom on quickly and begins to pound me. A grunt escaping him as he enters me slowly, first.

His thrusts slow and lustful soon become fast, hard, and hungry.

He thrusts deep and vigorously inside me making me bite my lip and grip the sheets tight. The harder he pounds me, the closer I feel myself come. My juices wetting my inner thighs until I'm completely soaked.

"Oh, daddy. I'm almost there." My voice utters out shaky.

He grunts at my words, feeling my walls tighten around his dick. His hands gripping my hips hard, digging his nails on my hips. A grunt escaping him at the same time I moan aloud. The climax of our ecstasy interlaced as we both come together. His chest pressed against mine as I feel his soft thrust as he spills himself inside me.

I slowly crawl to the middle of the bed and collapse there. He lays down beside me, pulling me to his arms and lifting my chin to kiss my lips.

"That's my girl. You know exactly how to please daddy." I giggle making myself snuggle into his arms.

"Don't I always?" I mock him making him chuckle.

He runs his hands softly on my arm and back as I begin to fall asleep. My heart always aches after this. Tomorrow, we always go back to acting as if we were just friends. Just, normal.

"Nikki?" His voice sounds faint as I begin to fall asleep.

"Hhmm?" I manage to reply.

"I'm going to talk to your brother tomorrow. I want you to be my girlfriend. I don't want to hide us anymore." He says making my eyes widen and a smile on my face. I glance at him with a smile and see a smile in return.

"You are?" I ask worriedly.

"Yeah. I want to be able to hold you like this every night. Make love to you without feeling guilty. I want everything with you, Nikki." He says leaning down and kissing me.

2 years later- the same cabin

We were gathered on the table laughing foolishly. Drinking beers and eating barbeque ribs my brother and his new girlfriends Talia had prepared for us.

"Ok, now for dessert!" Talia says sheepishly as she passes out cute glasses decorated with white and milk chocolate mousse and garnished with a strawberry and whipped cream.

"Oh wait!" She says taking back mine.

"Ah, hey?" I pout making her chuckle.

She gives it to Travis, making me stick my tongue out at him. We are still dating, more in love than before, and sex gets better each time we do it. Which, it's at least once a day since we live together now.

She goes over and grabs the last glass for me, making me smile.

"Thank you!" I say as I grab my spoon. I eye my dessert, my eyes widen in shock as I see a beautiful princess cut diamond ring next to the strawberry. My eyes fill with tears as I grab the ring making everyone awe and gasp.

I turn to face Travis and realize he is down on one knee.

"I told you, Nikki, I want everything with you. Will you marry me?" I launch myself in his arms yelling repetitively.

"Yes! Yes!" My lips claiming his lips as he places the ring on my finger.

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