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Play thing- D.M 18+

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"Listen here slut" he said in a growl, his hand came up to my ear and brushed a strand of hair behind it. "This deal is gonna be a very good one, let's just say I'm gonna be your play thing and you will be mine" My breath hitched and I nodded. Hello horny freaky fucks, it's your favorite author🤪. I am here to present you a very VERY smutty story with a plot. It's Draco Malfoy, but if you like the Smut I'm gonna make one of Fred Weasley. Anyways love you, and happy reading.

Erotica / Other
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Alright before we start I would like to clarify a couple things. Please read them!!

1. This is just basically smut but it's does have a little plot but that's besides the point. They are still in school but they are 18 or over.

2. So since we're not vanilla babies this story will contain the following, degration, praising, knifes, blood, chocking, tying up or ropes, threesomes, and some other stuff. There will be warnings before the chapter.

3. If you would like other characters with lots of smut I'm gonna make a Fred Weasley one similar to this one. If you would like other characters just lmk

4. If any of the stories get taken down I will probably post them on Inkit or Ao3. I have an Inkit account already so if you want it's there. @Riaweasleyyy is my Inkit account.

5. Okay so I know it says 18+ but can we all be honest do we even listen to that? I say this because I'm not even 18 and I'm writing and reading smut. So if your 18 under then I don't really care but if you are 12 under I would like to ask you to leave because I mean....I really don't want to ruin anything for you. Sorry.

6. I haven't written smut in first person yet so I'm trying it out but third is what I'm doing for now.

7. I will finish both of my other stories then do these ones. Or not who knows, I'll see how I feel. My first one should be at least 50-60 chapters. The second one should be at least 40-55 chapters.

8. All of these SMUTTY stories will be in modern time so 2021. The use of phones will come up a couple times but not always.

9. There will be sometimes were the use of drugs it alcohol is in there so that's that. Also Fred,George and lee Jordan are in the same grade as Harry and everyone else.

10. If you don't like the smut or anything like that please don't be a dick and report it, I put plenty of warnings before so you should have some clue about how it's gonna go. Please don't report it, just leave if you don't like it.

11. I don't own any of the harry potter character or plot or anything like that. J.K.R owns them so yeah. but I do own Flora Stonewall:)

Anyways I would like to introduce you to our characters. Mwah love you💋
Flora Stonewall (Emma Mackey)
Age 19
Also you may be thinking why would Draco get with a hufflepuff and a muggle born? Well that's just the fun of it right?

Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton)
Age 19

Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)
Age 19

Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch)
Age 18

Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint)
Age 19

Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis)
Age 19

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)
Age 19

Theodore Nott (Young Leonardo DiCaprio)
Age 19

Didn’t let me import pictures so yeah. Sorry.
The twins and some other people are mentioned but not fully there so yeah. Enjoy the new story💋
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