Daddy, Make Me Forget (BWWM)

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"I don't like when you lie to me, babygirl", he spoke coldy, forcing her to keep eye contact. Just as it had arrived, his demeanor had gone from threatening back to loving instantly,"It's okay to ask for what you want, you know that?", he reminded sweetly, caressing the curve of her cheek. Reece nodded, taking a deep breath. "Now tell me, what do you want babygirl?", Maxwell asked carefully, never once breaking her gaze. "W- wan- wanna forget." She didn't wanna sit down and talk about how the session made her feel; she wanted him to impale her on his big thick cock until she couldn't think at all. "Want me to help you forget?", he asked softly, his thumb tracing over the curve of her hip,"distract you from it all, hm? Want me to make you feel so good you don't remember anything else?"

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Reece slumped against the front door after closing it, her body weighed down by a feeling she couldn’t quite explain.

She had had one of the greatest breakthroughs in her career as a Child Psychologist. A patient of hers had finally decided to open up to her after more than 5 years of sessions. The poor child had gone through Hell to say the least and to hear him explain everything that had happened him made her eyes water at the thought of it.

While in school, Reece was taught to empathize with her patients, but only to a certain extent. You didn’t wanna fall into a mental state when you are supposed to be the foundation for others, but here she was, broken down. She didn’t even take off her work clothes, far too disparaged to do anything, sitting on the couch, body curled up.

She was a mess.

In the silence, she could hear the gears of the front doors lock and soon the click of the door opening and closing. It was silent for another moment before a deep voice broke it.

“Babe, I’m home!”

She blinked at the loudness but didn’t dare respond.

“Reece! Baby?”

She didn’t react as Maxwell continuously called her name. She was usually ecstatic when her husband arrived home, but now she couldn’t help but flinch at his approaching footsteps. Panic rose inside her; she would usually have dinner ready by now. Would he be mad? Angry? Disappointed? She had no idea why she was reacting this way; Maxwell had never hurt her before, yet she couldn’t help but break down. She pulled her knees closer to her chest, burrowing her head inside, praying that she would calm down.

Maxwell walked further inside, searching for his lover. She hadn’t responded when he calls and he didn’t recall her saying she was going out. His question was answered when he walked into the living room to see Reece on my couch.

He thought she hadn’t heard him because she was invested heavily in the tv, but he was confused when he saw the TV was off. His eyes immediately softened before looking at his wife,“Rough day?“, she usually got quiet when her work day was especially hectic and this didn’t seem like an exception.

Reece still didn’t speak, eyes blank. “Honey?“, he further pressed, sitting down next to her. He was starting to worry more and more as the time passed,“Please talk to me”, he begged, forcing her to look him in the eyes. It hurt him to see her barely hold his gaze

Instead of verbally responding, Reece crawled into her husband’s lap, her arms and legs latching around him. Still not knowing what to do, Maxwell placed his hands on her waist, rocking her slowly to and fro.

After a couple of minutes, Reece began to fidget making him stop his menstrations. He stilled, waiting for her next move. She pulled away from his neck and look him square in the eyes, her face soft yet unreadable, emotions swirling in those chocolate pools.

She looked at his face, his rugged features, his worry lines and thick beard. Sometimes she had to sit back and acknowledged how truly handsome her husband. Her eyes moved down to his lips and her own tongue subconsciously poked out to wet her own lips. Without any warning, she surge forward, pressing her lips to his.

It took Maxwell a moment to catch on and reciprocate, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her close.

Their bodies began to work in autopilot, their hips grinding against one another, teeth clashing in a bruising yet soothing kiss. Reece practically whimpered as his dominating tongue forced its way into her mouth.

Her nimble fingers trailed down to his sweater, tugging weakly on the bottom. She huffed childishly, her bottom lip poked out only for Maxwell to tug on it with his teeth before toying with it.

When Reece pulled away from him, her lips were swollen and red, her cheeks flushed as her chest rose and fall in a need for air. Still, she tightened her hold around her large husband, pressing their bodies as close together as possible through their clothes.

She shivered as Maxwell leaned forward to connect his lips with her throat. She hissed softly from the course hairs of his beard scratched against her delicate throat.

Maxwell held her by the side of her neck, continuing to plant soft kisses along her jawline,“Feel better?“, he whispered in a husky voice, sucking on her earlobe before drawing it between his teeth.

Reece didn’t open her eyes, nodding her head before burrowing her head into his neck for comfort. She was startled by a growl vibrating in his chest and a large hand wrapping itself around her throat, pulling her from her hiding spot. Brown locked with cloudy grey and blue eyes.

“I don’t like when you lie to me, babygirl”, he spoke coldy, forcing her to keep eye contact. Just as it had arrived, his demeanor had gone from threatening back to loving instantly,“It’s okay to ask for what you want, you know that?“, he reminded sweetly, caressing the curve of her cheek. Reece nodded, taking a deep breath. “Now tell me, what do you want babygirl?“, he asked carefully, never once breaking her gaze.

Reece took another deep breath, trying to gather enough words to make a sentence,“W- wan- wanna forget.” She didn’t wanna sit down and talk about how the session made her feel; she wanted him to impale her on his big thick cock until she couldn’t think at all.

Maxwell was silent for a moment, taking in her request,“Want me to help you forget?“, he asked softly, his thumb tracing over the curve of her hip,“distract you from it all, hm? Want me to make you feel so good you don’t remember anything else?”

Reece practically keened at his words, biting her lip in order to bit back a moan. The way he spoke turned her brain to mush. ‘God yes.’ She looked up at him with big, glassy brown eyes.


Without any further prompting Maxwell nudged her off his lap and stood up from the couch, making her whine at the lack of contact. She needed to feel him against her. Her husband shhed her cries softly, bending over to grab her thighs, hoisting her up into his arms.

He carted her through the house and up the stairs to their bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed before working to remove her clothes. He undid the buttons of her blouse, pulling it from her body before moving to her skirt. He was less gentle this time around, roughly dragging the material down her hips and off her body completely, leaving her in black bra and panties. He hooked his fingers on the sides of her underwear and pulled them down her slender legs. Vulnerable and meek, Reece pressed her legs together. Maxwell didn’t mind, he would coax her thighs apart with ease.

He removed his own clothes, stripping down to his boxer briefs, straining around his hefty member. Maxwell crawled up her body, his large hand cupping her chin while the other was planted beside her head. Reece keened under his predatory gaze, wanting nothing more than for him to take her.

He lovingly caressed her cheek with his thumb before she grabbed his wrist in her small hand, guiding his thumb into her mouth, sucking on the digit. Maxwell enhaled deeply at the sight,“So needy babygirl”, he cooed, watching her tongue twirl around it. Maxwell slowly withdrew the digit, now shiny with her saliva.

He pressed a seering kiss to her lips, one deep enough to leave her breathless as they parted. He loved the dazed look in her eyes because of him; he swore to himself that he would do it again before the nights end. He planned to make her cum until all her mental strain was drained from her being. She put so much of herself into her patients and taking care of others; she needed someone to take care of her and make her shut it off after hours for both their sake. That was exactly what her Daddy was for.

He moved back down her body, hands on her thighs prompting her to part her legs. As expected, she granted to request, spreading her legs to reveal her- no his beautiful pussy; a patch of dark hair above her bare slit and lips. He could already see her arousal, pussy twitching and clamping in hopes of something more and he would give her just that.

He slotted his shoulders between her thighs, resting on his stomach for a perfect eye level veiw of her vagina. He enhaled deeply, basking in the scent of her; tongue peeking out to wet his lips. He raised his head, meeting her gaze where she was watching in intently and smirked,“Gonna fuck you with my tongue”, as he said this, his hand was on her flower and rubbing.

Already strung-tight and sensitive, Reece reacted to the pad of his thumb on her slit. Maxwell carded his finger up and down her folds, right coated in her juices. He moved to her clit feeling her bud rise under his hand as he watched her.

Every gasp.

Every whimper.

Everytime her body twitched because of him.

He didn’t miss a second of it.

Maxwell only broke his gazing to dipped his head down for their lips to meet, brushing his lips against her but never connecting full on. Reece sucked in a breath in anticipation, wanting nothing more than to feel his powerful tongue inside her like he had promised. She flinched when he smacked the inside of her thighs, once on the left and another on her right, rubbing the reddening flesh afterthefact.

Marvelled at her reaction he nestled his head between her legs, flicking his tongue against her slit. He wasted no time getting to the nitty gritty, lapping at her like he was in a race to get to the center of a Toosie Pop. He moaned in pleasure at the sweet and exotic taste he of her; he could never get enough of it. He would be content to be between Reece’s thighs for the rest of his life if he could. He loved to eat her out; the way the soft petals of her lips gave way for his tongue; how vulnerable and exposed she was with his mouth on her; the way she called out for God at how amazing he was; how she would squirt on those occassion that he had particularly outdone himself. He didn’t know about DJ Khalid but he ate the pussy and he ate it well.

He shifted onto his elbows, putting his hands under her thighs and raised them up and apart so his mouth could reach every crevice inside her. He slurped and sucked on her cunt, toying with her labia bewteen his teeth and blowing on her clit before dipping his tongue back inside her.

Reece was a withering mess above wanting more and wanting to run away from his expert tongue all at once. Broken high pitch pleas ran from her mouth like a babbling brook, her legs flexing and toes curling in his hold. Maxwell lowered her legs back to the mattress, as to avoid any pain or strain in the process.

“God I your taste,” he admitted shamelessly before ducking his head back down to lick and suck on her dripping core,“Can never get enough of you babygirl.” Reece flushed at the praise, hands going to her breasts and fondling them.

Maxwell brought his thumb down to her entrance and dipped it inside, moving his tongue inside beside it to add an extra sensation of pleasure. He removed it, replacing it with his pointer and middle finger, growling at the clenching heat around his digits. He watched them move in and out of her pushed, watching her stomch flex and listening to her sounds as he moved in and out. He slipped his tongue backk inside, next to his fingers, curling both his tongue and fingers inside her and making her sea stars in an empty sky.

Reece knotted for fingers in his hair to bring his mouth even closer only for her hands to be roughly yanked from his hair,“Keep your fucking hands up!“, he barked, pinning her wrists at her sides. She has disobeyed his basic instruction. He was in control and she was supposed to sit back and take what he offered,“Be a good girl for me, I know you can”, he corrected, drawing back to release her, placing a soft kiss on her inner thigh. He would not reprimand her this time; she knew better than to do it again.

Reece nodded her head, pulling her hands back over head, gripping the pillows to ground herself.

Maxwell went back to licking and sucking on her pearl. He treated the hardening bud like an Altoid, painting his tongue with the taste of her. Reece wiggled and squirmed, fisting and yanking the comforter from the bed. Her legs were shaking under his palms, a silent gasp leaving her mouth as he tongue-fucked her to orgasm. Her back arched deeply off the mattress, only the whites of her eyes visible as it slammed into her.

It wasn’t until Maxwell had sucked every last drop of her nectar from her cunt, did he stop. He drew back, beard wet with spit and cum. He looked pridefully at his work, her caramel lips redeemed and swollen, shiny with spit and juices still leaking from her entrance.

He called out for his wife, but she didn’t respond, her ear still filled with white nose as her heart pitter-pattered into her chest. It was not until a gently hand was planted on her belly that she came to, a soft ‘babygirl’ on her husband’s lips.

She blinked free from her daze, titling her head down to look at him. Maxwell had sitten up on his knees, hand still rubbing her soft tummy. A soft mumbled sound left her lips, letting him now that she was still present and waiting for his response.

He smiled, sharp white canines glittering beneath wet rosey lips. “You feel good?“, he asked her,“Loosened up for Daddy?”

Reece let out a gurgle before swallowing the lump in her throat,“Mhmm”, she answered, nodding. Good, he would not continue the scene until some tension was released prior; the benefits of foreplay.

He went back down between her legs, kissing her stomach and she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from giggling at at the ticklings of his beard. Maxwell could still feel the vibrations of her frame under his touch and grinned against the flesh, biting it playfully before blowing a raspberry on her belly. She squealed out that, a innocent laugh leaving her lips and burrowing straight into his heart.

He came up to her face, her laughter ceasing as his cold and calculate returned as did the bubbling in her gut. He kissed again, but this one more quick than the last, just enough to leave her wanting for more. He pulled away, his hands plants on either side of her head as she looked down at her, willing himself to not get lost in the beauty of his babygirl.

“Want you ontop of me; want you to ride Daddy’s cock”, he told her, staring into her deep chocolate eyes as he spoke,“Want you to ride my cock, think you can do that for me babygirl?” Make no mistake, he thoroughly taking control and giving Reece exactly what he wanted, but he would not give up the sight of his baby girl in awe as she sunk down on his thick shaft. Well atleast not yet, that is.

Reece was in the same boat, nodding at him,“Y- yes Daddy”, she answered. He peeled himself off her and allowed her to sit up as to take her place. Despite the lack of feeling, her legs she sat up on her jelly-like limbs and shuffled on the bed. She reached behind her back, undoing the clasps of her bra and pushed the straps off her arms to release her round milky breasts. Her small light brown nipples erect were they decorated each breast, making them look even larger. She itched to cupped them, squeeze and roll the buds between her fingers to relieve even a little bit of the arousal that was flooding her lungs and body. She just wanted patiently like the good girl she was, back straight and hands on her knees as she waited for her daddy.

Maxwell laid out flat on the bed, pillow under head as he got in the best position for his neck and back; her wanted the perfect view of her top of him and nothing less. Feeling her anxious gaze boring into his brief, he smirked, now sure to tease her tenfold. Slowly, his hands went to his waistband, toying with the elastic before his hands dove inside, squeezing his cock. Once then twice before stopping and he looked over to Reece, her eyes trained on the straining buldge, nails digging into her thighs. His babygirl was so obedient despite her impatience; he would be sure to reward her for it.

He finally pulled down his underwear, wiggling the briefs off his ass and down his legs to kick them onto the floor before laying back down. His heavy meaty dick slapping against his belly, his thick mushroom tip a dark reddish pink color, precome dribbling onto his abs. He heard a muffled whimper from his wife’s direction, her lip now between her teeth as she forced herself to wait.

“Don’t be shy”, he said, patting his firm pelvis in invatation,“come sit on daddy’s cock, babygirl.”

With a newfound excitement Reece rushed to complete his orders. She stumbled over on her knees, planted her hands on his shoulders as she three her leg over his lap and straddled his narrow waist. She sat down ontop of him, feeling his shaft between her pussy lips. She couldn’t wait to have him inside of her.

Maxwell put a hand on her hip, eagar for when he would grip them as he helped her bounce on his cock, her breasts jiggling with every descending, head tossed back as she called out for him like some lustrous and sinful prayer. His cock twitched and the veins in his arms flexed at the mental image.

“Up, babygirl”, he instructed, tapping her thighs. She knew what to do and he was gonna let her do it.

Reece nodded and with her hands on his pecs, she leaned forward to raise her hips. Maxwell took his cock in his hand, carding between her lips to wet his tip before aligning his thick swollen head with her entrance. He didn’t even have to tell her before she began to lower herself.

Her breath hitched as she sunk down on him, her eyes screwed shut and brows furrowed in concentration. She willed herself to relax, taking down more and more until her hips met his. Once she had taken him balls deep inside, she paused, taking time to adjust. He was so big and long, reaching and filling up every inch and more of her walls. She was so full, speared on his cock with nowhere to run. She could feel him far past her cervix, feeling his throbbing cock inside her womb. She was always shocked to know that she could take him fully. Maxwell always went on about hos tight she was yet could take him; he’d swear that her pussy was made for her daddy’s cock, that he belonged there.

After a few moments of waiting and murmured filthy praises from Maxwell beneath her, Reece began to move. Slowly at first, raising slightly before moving back down, rolling her hips before rising again. The whole time Maxwell just watch the place where they connected, her pussy lips stretched out around his shaft. The sight was like porn in its own and he could watch it forever.

Slowly but surely she grew accustomed to him inside her, building up a steady pace above him, Maxwell’s hands her waist, to help her to rise and fall on his cock. She was dizzy with him, his dick making it almost impossible to think. She covered her mouth as her once soft sound rose to high octaves, always self conscious of her volume.

“No, let me hear you, baby girl”, Maxwell grunted, unhappy with her muffling her sounds. She was a noisey one in bed and lived for the screams of wanton pleasure he would wringe from her body. “Tell Daddy how good it feels. Tell me how much you like riding Daddy’s fat cock.“, he puncuated his request with a heavy hand on her ass.

Reece’s back arched at the sting, falling forward to braced her hands on his chest, moaning as he massaged her butt in his large hands. She started again, returning to her prior rythmn, no longer trying to hide her sounds. She threw her head back in ectasy, filling the room with her sex-fueled chants.

Her grinding suddenly faltered as images of the boy suddenly popped into her head, completely unwarranted. Him crying as his parents beat him and did unspeakable things to him, locking him in a basement after.

Reece was brought from her dangerous thoughts by a thrust that sent a surge of ecstasy through her body, making her cry out. Maxwell grabbed her by the hair and brought her forehead down to his,“Stop thinking!“, he growled hotly in her face, repeating his harsh rhythm until tears prickled her eyes. She hiccuped out her cries, trying to escape his hold, but his grip was like vice as he tortured her cervix continuously.

She continued to push at his chest,“D- da- daddy!”

Maxwell surged up and flipped them over in one swift motion; now Reece was completely at his mercy.

He was grinding so deep inside her, she could feel him in her lungs. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head so far she didn’t even know if they’d come back,“Oh my G- gammf!”

His pace accelerated, his tip now hitting her g-spot with perfect precision. She knew he was close and she wasn’t far behind. Maxwell lowered his lips to hers, tangling their tongues in the dirtiest way he could, panting into her mouth,“Where do you want daddy to cum, hm? Want daddy to cum inside this tight little pussy, baby girl? Fill you up until your dripping and pregnant with my baby?”

Reece whimpered at the thought of being full of his cum: feeling it in her womb, being so full that his seed ran out of her in white waves from her lips. That was exactly what she wanted. She nodded her head frantically, silently begging.

“Words babygirl”, he reminded, wrapping a hand around her throat while the other was planted by her head. He began to squeeze adding slight pressure, not cutting off her air but doing enough to make fireworks explode behind her eyes. Reece’s entire body shook as she faught to keep her eyes open,“I- in m- me Daddy, c- cum in my pussy please, o- oh God!”

Maxwell sat up on his knees, hooking his arms under her legs, drilling into her without a shred of restraint. He gripped her breasts in both hands, her hands over his as he squeezed. Her back arched completely off the mattress, her eyes going to the back of her head as it crashed into her like a wave.

All the while, Maxwell continued to fuck his cock into her, the pleasure almost turning into pain with her sensitivity. The dirty blonde watched her come undone, his cock coated in her cum creating an utterly filthy sound between them. It felt like eons before she had stopped cumming, eyes falling closed for a moment as she tried to stay grounded.

Her husband just watched her as she trembled at the aftershocks of her orgasm. He sat up on his knees, staring down at her with heavy eyes,“You ready babygirl?“, he asked, chest rising and falling from exertion. He knew her orgasm had taken a lot out of her, but they were not done until he made true of his promise.

Reece just looked at him with half-lidded eyes, mouth open but words failing to come out. Her silence was rewarded with more rough handling of her person as he slung her knee over his shoulder. “You hear me?“, he grunted, taking every bit of advantage from the angle to spear into her cunt. He could practically see the disassembled pieces of his wife, her eyes glazed over, cheeks flushed and wet with sweat, her hair fizzy and messy from where it had fallen from its bun. He felt a sense of pride at his accomplishment; he was such a good Daddy for his babygirl and he wouldn’t give it up for the world.

His wife was reduced to whimpers, looking up at him with those eyes that told him exactly what she wanted so desperately to ask for, knowing that he would give her exactly what it was.

He thrusted hard into her in succession before he slowed his pace, carding a hand through his wet hair and pushing it out of his line of vision. He did not want a single thing to ruin his view; not a damn thing. He pressed his lips to her calf, carressing the skin of her knee. “Almost there, babygirl”, he told her, giving her a moment to catch her breath. He knew that his objective was reduce her to nothing, but she did not want to push her farther than she was able to.

They stayed like that for a long moment, Maxwell buried deep inside her as he murmured sweet nothing into her thigh, his beard scrapping her leg. Her skin would no doubt be red and raw in the end, she could already feel the sting from the air between her thighs. Maxwel would make a mental note to kiss and rub her sore spots with oil in the morning.

“D- daddy?“, she mewled, fidgeting under him, face pinched in a frown. Maxwell felt the faint clenching around his length and squeezed her leg in restraint. Even with her walls already constricting around his meaty cock, she had managed to keep her tightness and somehow even make it even tighter. Whenever he was inside her, he felt as if he would never get out, not that he wanted to.

“Sure, you’re ready?“, he questioned, breaking dominating personna caving slightly as he questioned her. Reece nodded up at him, bottom lip between her teeth. She wanted it; she wanted him and his cum. She needed to be full of him; weighed down the essence oh him. She inched to rock down onto him but she was pinned down by his hips.

Maxwell, being ever persistent, halted all his movements now,“Color?“, he asked, eyes tracking down her body down to the place where they were one and the same; her pussy lips still stretched wide and red from his pounding.

“Gr- green Daddy”, she answered, voice fragile yet desperate,“Ne- need it; give it to me please”, she begged, hands grasping at the sheets in her reach.

Never one to deny her, Maxwell placed a final kiss on her leg before leaning forward to draped himself over her again. She was partly folded beneath him, her right knee touching her shoulder, the hard peaks of her nipples against his firm chest. They looked in eachother eyes and the pure trust and love in Reece’s gaze was just overwhelming in every way. His hand went to her cheek before he slotted their mouths together. She immediately responded, enough energy returning for her to bring a hand to her heavy breast and the other to her fairly stretch leg.

Maxwell slowly restarted his motions, first starting out slow as he poured everything he could into their kiss and before long he was assualting her cervix once again with gut-wrenching thrusts, her eyes in the back of her head and broken mewlings falling from her lips. Maxwell didn’t eleviate, giving her everything he could; she deserved nothing less. He could feel the the constricting sensation in his abdomen and he knew what that meant. “Gonna cum all up inside daddy’s pussy; gonna fill you to the brim with my nut”, he chanted, accelerating his speed until the slapping of his balls and thighs against her thighs were the loudest thing in the room.

Reece was pushed up the bed from the sheer for of him, the headboard barely missing her head. He was close; she knew it. His breathes were coming out in choppy grunts, his hands digging deep enough into her skin to assure her of the bruises that would be present.

Maxwell’s hips stuttered slightly as he was nearing the edge. The veins in his arms flexed as he let out an utterly primal groan as he found himself cuming. He pumped once, then twice and another four more time as he breeded her pussy. He showed no sign of stopping until he was sure he had flooded her womb. Still, dizzy with his orgasm, he slammed his mouth to hers in the the most desperate and wet kiss they could muster.

Reece could feel the combination of their love juices seeping from her pussy and she couldn’t deny the floatiness she felt as she drifted away.

* * * * * *

Maxwell reached over Reece’ small frame and grabbed the glass of water that he’d strategically placed on the bedside table earlier. “Come here babygirl”, he murmured shaking her softly. He knew how she got after a subdrop; she was tired but she needed something in her system. That scene took alot out of her and with her stressing, it would be even worse.

Reece whine lazily but sat up nonetheless, closing her lips over the rim and taking a long sip. Maxwell watched cautiously as the muscles of her throat flexed as she swallowed. When she was finished, she pushed the cup away, sinking back into the mattress, burrowing into his side.

He put it back on the table and wrapped his arms back around her, pulling her on top of him. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, earning a whimper, guiding her head into the crook of his neck.

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