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Chance walked around for hours trying to find Kristoff, he almost gave up thinking that he must have been captured and sold or is somewhere under two females.

Chance walked around thinking that he might as well enjoy his last few days felt in the country.

What Kristoff didn't know was that he was ahead of his class, and finished a few months earlier than normal, he was just enjoying the place.

Another country to cross off his list.

"Ahhhhhh, there you are sweetheart. I must put a tracker on you. For a big guy, you sure know how to hide from me." Kristoff pressed his body onto Chance.

"I never hide, you're just an ass." Chance pushed past him and continued sipping his coca-cola.

"Don't be like that darling, this was supposed to be a nice laughing bounding session." Kristoff ran after him but making sure to stay clear of the man with three iguanas on his shoulders.

"Blasted beasts," Kristoff mumbled.

Chance entered a small street sidebar, ordering two lemon drop shots for himself, the minute he took a seat five females flocked him.

Rubbing his chest, squeezing his thighs, and pulling at his hair.

Chance felt oddly uncomfortable, normally he would ravish in the attention from such lovely females, especially when they were more than willing.

But not now, he strangely felt sickened by their actions.

Them dancing, shaking, and twerking on him didn't turn him on.

He rubbed a hand over his face not believing what was happening to him.

"Ladies please stop," Chance held up a hand, but they only giggled and spoke in Spanish.

"He said stop!" Kristoff's voice rang out, he weaseled his way between the women. "He's mine." He announced, licking the side of Chance's face.

That got the attention of the few people at the bar.

"What the fuck, Kris!?" Chance shoved Kristoff off him.

"Is there a problem, sweetheart?" Kristoff smiled, making sure to draw more attention to them.

"You prick!" Chance truly didn't know how to react, he was grateful for Kristoff pushing the females away, but was licking his face necessary?

Kristoff gave his ever cocky smile, "you look tense."

Chance gritted his teeth, mostly because he was somewhat turned on, and his man part was semihard.


"Very." Kristoff down one of Chance's shots.

"I'll show you tense." Chance pushed Kristoff back playfully, "you want me, pretty boy?"

Kristoff's eyes lit up at that. "I thought you would never ask."

Chance gave a wink then left the bar, Kristoff was stunned, he didn't know if he was joking because of the liquor he had or if he was being serious.

Kristoff chased after Chance, he wanted more than ever to know if he was ever going to get a chance, would Chance ever allow him to more than just jock him off?

"You can't resist me can you," Kristoff said, after catching up with Chance.

"It's not all about you."

"Isn't it?"

"I just want to know one thing, did you think of me?" Kristoff inquired.

Chance didn't stop until they reached the outside of his apartment, "did I?" That was all he said.

"I do admit that I masturbate to the thought of our kisses." Chance gave a wink.

Kristoff sucked in a breath and wasted no time running after Chance.

"Kristoff, the generous lover that no one can keep, does he even want to be kept? Do you want me as a partner, or is it just for a night just like the rest?" Chance questioned.

"Only knows how to fuck, but not to love."

They paused, waiting for the elevator doors to open.

"Wounded," Kristoff said, following behind Chance.

"How long would it be before you grow bored of me?" Chance whispered.

Brows-drawn Kristoff watched Chance for a while, "I am trying, my friend. I want only you, I'm sure of it."

"You can't force things, Kris. Sometimes you have to let things be." Chance voice was quiet like he was not sure of his own words.

"Easier said than done, maybe you don't fear me leaving you, maybe it's fear of you abandoning me," Kristoff said, it was more of a tease. Which made Chance groan.

Kristoff wasted no time in sprawling out on Chance's bed.

"What are you doing?" Chance kicked his shoes off.

"Resting," Kristoff said simply.

"Don't you have your own place?" Chance narrowed his eyes.

There was a staredown between the two, Kristoff was the first to look away because he didn't know what Chance was thinking there was just an intense burning in his eyes.

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