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"We'll do something, but my way." Chance finally said.

Kristoff shot up at that, "what do you have in mind?" He was eager, dying even, to feel Chance's body pressing onto him.

"Come here, pull my pants down and have a taste." Chance demanded.

"Now there Chance, I'm never one to-"

Chance grabbed onto Kristoff's head cutting him off, "it's either you suck my cock, or forget about ever having a chance with me."

"It's all in the name."

Kristoff stared up at Chance, he didn't know if he was serious or not.

Kristoff slowly unzipped Chance's pants, pushing them down, along with his underwear to his knees.

Chance's semi-hard cock sprang to life, almost poking Kristoff's eye out.

"Fuck man, control yourself."


Kristoff eased over with an open mouth, his hot breath made Chance jerk forward in anticipation.

"You perused me, and begged me for this, so now do it." Chance patted the back of Kristoff's neck, begging him to have a taste.

Chance pinched Kristoff on his neck when he was still frozen in place, pulling his head backward. His firm lips found Kristoff's, tongue licking.

Kristoff moaned at the feel, trying to match Chance.

But all too soon, Chance pulled away.

Kristoff was left panting, Chance gave him a smirk, then he did something Kristoff never thought he would ever see.

He spat on his dick then pumped his hand up and down the length several times.

Kristoff finally mustered up enough courage, Chance balls were his first victim.

"Fuck me." Chance surge forward.

Kristoff greedily took on the full length, almost choking as he did, Chance's eyes rolled back into his head.

He felt his shaft getting harder and harder, as the wet heat from Kristoff's mouth moved up and down.

Kristoff's nails dug into his bare ass, trying to bring him closer while flicking his tongue as he sucked.

Chance gripped Kristoff’s head, forcing his cock even deeper.

No one had ever swallowed so much of him. "Fucking suck all of me, this is what you wanted."

Unable to stop himself, he thrust between Kristoff's mouth.

Chance felt his balls drew up, his toes curling, on the brink of release.

Pulling back, Kristoff managed out, "not yet sweetheart.”

He swirled his tongue around the tip-off Chance cock, then dipped his pointed tongue between the slit.

"Take my cum," Chance gritted out, has he pumped his hot semen into his friend's mouth.

Chance cried, trembling when Kristoff continues sucking him hard.

After the onslaught Chance lay sprawled on his bed, filled with nothing but euphoria, Kristoff took that as a sign and lay with his head resting on Chance's chest.

"Can't denied your love for me now." Kristoff teased.

He only felt Chance's warm breath on his neck, and the only sound was their beating hearts.

Kristoff traced his fingers along Chance's chest, Chance instinctively lift Kristoff's hand.

"We need to set certain ground rules if we are going to do this." Chance still had Kristoff's hand in his.

"I'm a very jealous person, I don't wish to share you in any way. You'll always be bottom, I'll be damn if I allow you to dominate me." Chance contemplated what else to say.

"I'm not so sure about the bottom part their buddy, I'm always--"

"You'll only have me and me only." Chance spoke, not even listening to what Kristoff had to say.

"Chance I can't-"

"Can't commit?"

"I won't lie, at first I viewed you as nothing but a conquest. But as our friendship grew, so did my feelings for you." Kristoff sat up, he wanted to see all the expression playing out on Chance face.

"Just give it time." Chance said, then closed his eyes to dismiss anything Kristoff had to say.

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