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Kristoff stir to the bright lights shining through the crack of the curtains, Chance was gently snoring beside him. He took that time to admire him, his lips, the stern look on his face even in sleep.

Kristoff bit his lips, anticipating his move.

He ran a finger over Chance's lips, then his jawline.

Chance's eyes peeked open, and a small smile graced his lips.

In one swift movement Kristoff stride Chance, to his surprise Chance placed a hand on his hips, an intense look in his eyes.

Kristoff leaned forward closer and closer until their lips met.

The kiss was slow and sweet at first, then Chance took the lead, licking Kristoff's lips begging for entrance.

Kristoff broke the kiss with a face-splitting grin, "I guess this means we are making progress and that you will be mine."

"Don't buy into it." Chance rocked his hips, causing Kristoff to bounce up.

''Well, when you do shit like this, how can I not?" Kristoff moved his hips in circular motions to grind on Chance.

"We should go get breakfast." Chance gently pushed Kristoff off him.

Leaving his companion to wonder, who the player really was.

Was Chance just leading him on just because?

The two got dressed quickly, without Chance saying a word, and Kristoff stealing glances at him.

"So where to?" Kristoff was the one to ask.

Chance didn't reply, he just leads the way and Kristoff followed.

The two walked for maybe ten minutes to a house that had a small restaurant/kitchen to the side.

Chance ordered his usual sausage, rice, chicken, and tea.

Again Chance was quiet, only staring at Kristoff with watchful eyes.

Kristoff eats in silence as well, trying to avoid Chance's eyes, he was dying to know what his friend was thinking the silence was maddening.

"Let's go to the beach." Chance said, it was more like a demand, which left Kristoff to think that it was a test.

Was Chance testing him?

Well if so Kristoff was going to make sure he passed.

They didn't have to walk far, the sun was out, and so were the beautiful people.

And the annoying vendors were everywhere, grabbing at tourists, shoving trinkets in their faces, and even trying to pick their pockets.

But Chance knew how to avoid them, and had to be steering Kristoff clear of the vultures.

Kristoff took that moment to hold Chance's hands, who didn't complain, he just leads him through the streets until they reached their destination.

"Ohhhh, let's go on that." Kristoff pointed at the water-cycle, he wasted no time in stripping off his clothes and ran towards the crashing waves.

Chance followed slowly behind, still fully dressed, having only rolling up his pants when he got closer to the water.

"Hurry up Chance." Kristoff waved, he smiled like a small child.

"You can go as far as the last buoy, try not to sink or crash into anyone, otherwise have fun." The man took some money from Chance, then tend to two other couples.

"If you weren't so uptight this would have been romantic," Kristoff said, then placed his phone on the small middle portion after snapping a few photos.

Chance gave him a side-way glance, "can't you just enjoy the moment and shut your big mouth?"

Kristoff huffed and pedal as fast as his legs could manage.

"Childish." Chance shook his head.

After reaching a distance the two stop pedaling, and just sat there watching the waves.

Chance pulled out a six-pack of beer, "cheers to this day, to life."

Instead, to drink, Kristoff tried to climb on top of Chance but the quick movement caused the cycle to rock, and sunk on one side.

"You fucktard." Chance complained, trying to save the beers.

Kristoff ignored his words, pulling him close to wrap his legs around Chance's waist.

"Can you--"

Kristoff kissed him, but Chance pushed him back.

"My phone and wallet were in my pocket."

Kristoff kissed him again.

Change gave in and kissed him back, cupping his ass under the water.

"Just try this Chance." Kristoff broke the kiss.

"I never said I wouldn't." Chance pushed him away then.

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