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The two spent the rest of the time in a bar, drinking their fill and sharing rounds with other patrons.

Kristoff slurred his words and smiled at everything, which Chance took as a sign to leave.

"Oh, buddy old chum." Kristoff laughed, as Chance carried him.

"So does this means we are together now?" Kristoff muttered out.

"Don't count on it." Chance told him.

"Come now, I'm gonna put you to bed." Chance managed to pull Kristoff's boots off.

"Can I sleep on top of you?" Kristoff bit Chance's bottom lip.

"Christ have mercy." Chance groaned.

"You don't have to have that with me babe, no mercy." Kristoff stumbled on the bed.

"I won't take advantage of you when you're in this drunken state." Chance pulled Kristoff's pants off.

"Not even if I begged." Kristoff gripped his manhood.

"I don't want you to be mad at me later." Chance said, feeling conflicted as he gazed at Kristoff.

"I can never be mad at you baby." Kristoff winked, hands still on himself.

"Please stop doing that, now hands over your head."

Kristoff grinned but complied.

"I bet you can't get enough of my body." Kristoff teased.

"Childish, arrogant, asshole. The list goes on." Chance pushed him back gently.

"Flamboyant too, people call me that a lot." Kristoff yawned.

"Can you stop talking for once?" Chance pushed Kristoff back onto the bed once again, trying to tuck him in.

"Just so you know, I give you full permission to take advantage of me. Touch me, suck my cock, or maybe push your cock between my cheeks. Do whatever you want with me." Kristoff mumbled before drifting off.

Chance watched him for a while as he snoozed lightly, and mumbled a bit. Wondering how he ended up in bed with a man, especially one such as Kristoff.

Kristoff rolled on his side curling up to Chance, he was about to push him away but decided against it. Soon finding himself drifting off.

Kristoff was surprised to see Chance's suitcases all packed and near the door the next morning.

"You're leaving." Kristoff sprang from the bed but felt dizzy.

"Yes, I'm American aren't I?"

"What, what about us?"


Kristoff's face tightens at that, was Chance going to just leave, abandon him in Colombia?

"Our flight leaves at 8 tonight, so you have enough time."

"Oh." That was all Kristoff sa

"What? You thought I was going to leave you? You'd get into too much trouble, besides I'm here for you, to take care of you. You'll need it, a lot." Chance reassured Kristoff.

Again Kristoff was speechless.

Chance had to cross the room, he grabbed Kristoff by the shoulders. "Relax."

Chance gave him a quick peck on the lips, "you smell, go shower." Chance gave him a playful push.


The minute Chance and Kristoff stepped off the plane, Kristoff's called best friend Malcolm was already pushing him to party, he was the one to pick them up from the airport, saying how much he missed Kristoff, but yet he never picked up the phone to call.

Chance had asked Kristoff once if he trusts any of those around him, and how he knew that any of them weren't just groupies, only along for the ride and money.

Kristoff had no answer.

Malcolm was busy telling him about a hot new club they should try, and all the hot babes they could bed.

Kristoff's eyes lit up at his friend's words, almost forgetting about Chance.

But of course,?? he begged Chance to join them, which he did for the night. Even though feeling a bit jetlagged, he still tagged along.

The club wasn't Chance thing, he was also too tired to enjoy himself.

Chance left without telling Kristoff, deciding to give him his space, and time, to see what he'd do, the ball was all in Kristoff's court now.

But Chance knew that he wouldn't hear from Kristoff for awhile.

He lay on his bed, promising to unpack in the morning, he went over all that he and Kristoff had talked about on the plane.

He closed his eyes, but a brief knock on his door almost scared the pants off him.


Chance had to catch his friend as he fell forward, drunk out of his mind.

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