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Once again Chance found himself undressing Kristoff, having to fight to pull his pants off, which accidentally took his underwear as well.

Chance stared at his semi-hard manhood, he looked away but knew he had to fully undress Kristoff.

Chance soon found himself brushing his fingers over Kristoff's cheeks, and took that time to admire his body too.

He wondered how his pink nipples would feel between his lips, and under his fingers, how it would feel for him to run his tongue over his smooth chest.

What it would be like to kiss his neck, suck on his ears.

Never have Chance thought this way about another man, but with Kristoff how could he not.

Chance was easily the top and his cock pulsed at the thought, the thought of dominating Kristoff in every way.

He wondered what Kristoff would taste like, fresh or salty.

The idea of being inside Kristoff made his cock got harder. Never had he fucked another male, would it feel the same as a female?

He hadn't even had ass before, and wondered how it would feel, tighter than a female or what?

Chance wanted Kristoff so bad, even more than how he desired a woman, but would Kristoff be faithful.

Chance left his bedroom at that, calling it a night to settle in on the living room's sofa.

Kristoff rolled to his side feeling groggy, the smell of food made his stomach rumble.

He kicked the sheets off, noting that he was naked, a grin spread across his face.

"Well hello there." Kristoff's grin got wider when he saw Chance busying himself in the kitchen.

"Couldn't resist, could you?" Kristoff rocked his hips forward.

Chance looked him up and down, "well good afternoon to you too. Please. Go put some clothes on, you can borrow some of mine."

Kristoff winked but did as he was told.

When he got back to the kitchen Chance slid a plate over to him, Kristoff inhaled deeply, his mouth-watering, for both his food and Chance.

"Please eat and stop looking at me like that."

"But you're hot."

Chance chuckled then shook his head.

"We need to talk, set some serious ground rules. But first, eat." Chance ordered.

Not long after Chance went for a shower, walking out with just a towel around his waist, he made a show of dropping his towel and could hear Kristoff gulping.

Chance pulled his pants on, ending the show of his ass.

"I'm the rational one, and you are unstable. Nonetheless, I have done some thinking and, Kristoff. I do want to be with you, which means this crazy lifestyle of fucking everything that walks has to stop. If you want me, commit to me and I'll do the same."

Kristoff stared with eyes wide open, he was in disbelief, did Chance just said what he thought he did?

Kristoff jumped on Chance at that, "oh happy days." He cheered.

"You fucking child." Chance pushed him back. "I'm not done." He added.

Kristoff agreed all too eagerly to Change terms, that he worried if he even heard half of what was said.

"So last night I was talking to Malcolm and I told him," Kristoff said after a beat.

"Told him what exactly?" Chance raised a brow. "Did you tell him that we are together?"

"I did."

"And how did you reveal that? Did you refer to me as your man or woman? Is that how you would introduce me?"

"It is ok sweetheart, Malcome has been my trusted friend for many years." Kristoff declared.

"Stop calling me that."

"Don't be rude, besides you just professed your love for me."

"I never said anything about love, but do you truly trust Malcome?"

"I get your jealously Chance b-"

"I'm not jealous!"

Chance pinched the bridge of his nose, "are you ready for the world to know about us, if it should ever get out?"

Kristoff didn't respond.

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