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Kristoff stayed the entire day with Chance, deciding that he didn't want to leave so soon, afraid that with him out of sight Chance might change his mind.

He just listened on as he told him about his time in Colombia before he had arrived. Lost in imagination Kristoff didn't even notice that Chance stop talking or even got up.

"Well then, let's get merry." Chance clapped his hands together, before he could make any further move Kristoff was already pushing his pants down.

"Wine, you jackass, wine." Chance shook his head, but Kristoff kept his pants the way it was.

Kristoff sipped his wine, and licked the drops from his lips, Chance watched on mesmerized.

The urge to be inside Kristoff was undeniable, almost unbearable.

He leaned forward, nipping at Kristoff's bottom lip, just where the wine had stained.

Kristoff threads his fingers through Chance's hair, and he pulled him closer.

"Please don't hurt me," Chance said, breaking the kiss.

"Never." Kristoff breathes out.

Chance span Kristoff around, pressing him on the counter, kissing and licking at his neck.

Kristoff moaned, pushing his back into Chance more, his knees almost went weak when Chance's hands ran over his body, squeezing his hips and grinding into him.

Chance was quick to pull Kristoff's zip down, and grasping him.

"Fuck." Kristoff rocked forward into Chance's palm, feeling the rough skin on his sensitive own.

Chance ripped the button-down shirt Kristoff had on, he pinched and rolled his nipples between his thumbs and forefinger.

"You do want more?" Chance grunt out, feeling himself getting harder and harder.

Chance gripped Kristoff's erection, and pumped his hand up and down, Kristoff's breathing itched.

"You said you have never been on the receiving end, are you ready and willing for me to plunge into you." Chance nibbled at his ear.

"Yes, I am." Kristoff had been waiting for it.

"Come, bed." Chance pulled at Kristoff, his cock hanging out.

Chance knee between Kristoff's leg, gazing down at his reasonable size cock.

Chance gripped him, moving his hand up and down, spitting on it as he did.

Chance leaned down, giving a tentative lick.

"You don't have to."

Chance ignored his words and gripped Kristoff's balls, causing him to clinch the sheets.

Chance took the head into his mouth at first, pushing down more unto his length.

Kristoff arched his back with a moan, anticipating Chance's next move.

His hot, wet mouth worked its way up and down on Kristoff, he didn't think anyone has ever sucked him so good before. Or maybe because it was from Chance, his conquest, someone he had pursued for years.

Chance cupped Kristoff's balls, and played with them the best he could, the taste of his friend was driving him wild.

He couldn't get enough, and he didn't want to stop, wanting to drink down all of Kristoff's semen to the last drop.

While Kristoff was thrusting harder and faster, begging Chance to suck him dry, he was grinning all the while. Thinking that he was getting his wish.

Kristoff felt himself staring to trimble, already on the brink to bust, his legs got weak, and he gave a yell.

To his surprise Chance didn't back away, he instead continued to suck, and swallow.

Chance gave a victorious grin, then got on top of Kristoff to give him a taste of himself.

Chance grind onto Kristoff while trying with feeble attempts to undo his pants.

There was a slamming sound but the two were too caught up in their passion to notice it, not even the sound of dropping keys, or heels clicking on the floor got their attention.

"Holy shit, my God." A female gasped.

Chance broke the kiss, while Kristoff was still jerking at himself.

The female stared at them eyes wide, mouth open, face red, and hands shaking.

Chance gave her a look and she ran from the room.

"Shit." Chance hopped off the bed.

Kristoff tried to pull him back, not willing to lose the heat of the moment but he pulled away.

Chance went into his kitchen to see the female drink wine from the bottle and talking to herself.

Her head snapped up at the sight of him, "what the fuck!!"

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