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Kristoff pounded impatiently at Chance's apartment door, the door directly across from Chance swings open and a miserable face appeared.

"Keep it down will ya!" The man yelled.

Kristoff flipped the bird, and the angry man slammed his door.

Of all the fifteen people that lived in the apartment, he was the one to find a problem with everything.

Kristoff hit the door with his fist harder, growing more and more impatient.

Chance rolled to his side, then you heard the loud knocking again, he groaned then looked at the time, it was only a quarter past five in the morning.

Chance threw his hands over his eyes, he was going to skin whomever it was.

Chance eventually rolled out of bed, to open his door.

"Well took you long enough." A somewhat pissed-off Kristoff pushed past Chance.

The grogginess left him immediately, he rubbed his eyes then watched after Kristoff.

"What are you doing here so early?"

"The old man was getting annoying, besides I didn't want to be any way from you for too long." Kristoff grinned.

Chance pulled him into a kiss, Kristoff pushed him away and wiped at his mouth.

"Eww, morning breath." He teased.

Chance pushed him playfully.

"I hope you didn't miss me too much," Kristoff winked, Chance rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Hardly even noticed you were gone." Chance walked away to lay back in bed, he missed the warmth and soft floral scent of his sheets.

"Come lay with me, I know you must be tired." Chance pat the space beside him, he didn't have to tell Kristoff twice.

He cuddled up to Chance's side, chatting up a storm, only to realize that he was snoozing lightly beside him.

Chance yelled out in his sleep, thrashing around, after his nightmare that was brought on by Kristoff shaking him awake.

"You bastard, I was having an amazing dream, then I was falling out of an airplane because of you." Chance hit Kristoff with a pillow.

"Well if thou didn't sleep like a fucking log, and heard when I called out thy name thou wouldn't have had such nightmarish slumber," Kristoff said.

"Have you been reading my books again?"

Kristoff grinned and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"It's time to wake up, I'm hungry." Kristoff pout.

Chance glanced at his alarm clock, it was almost noon.

"Come on Channy, feed me."

"How about my cock down your throat?"

Kristoff pretends to think it through but shook his head, "food Chance, food."

"Let's go to that new Chinese restaurant, I heard old grumpy from across the hall saying that it's good."

Not before long, the two were walking around the neighborhood, Kristoff was the one that convinced Chance to walk around for a bit and enjoy the weather.

Kristoff noticed a few women jogging by who gave them flirty eyes, one even stopped to tie her shoe', that wasn't even untied, but she only wanted to get their attention.

Kristoff grabbed Chance's hand, stuck his nose in the air, and walked by them.

A smile played on Chance's lips, but he said nothing.

Only continued walking and goofing around, with Chance giving Kristoff a piggyback ride until they arrived at Golden Dragon.

"I'll have whatever you're having." Kristoff nodded at Chance.

"Three servings of special fried rice, extra eggs, and shrimps. Twelve spring rolls mixed, two servings of sweet and sour fish, and six spicy meatballs." Chance ordered.

He stepped back after and pulled Kristoff with him so that others could move up in line.

Chance leaned on the large window, folding Kristoff in his arms and resting his chin on top of his head. Kristoff settled back in comfort a small smile playing on his face.

Just then the cashier from the supermarket entered, she was accompanied by three other females, all chatting up a storm.

Her eyes scanned over the small restaurant, looking for a male to buy them food. Then her eyes land on Chance, her eyes widen and her mouth formed an O.

She quickly turned away, but now and then her eyes would look back to Chance.

"Who's that?" Kristoff quizzed.

Chance sighed but told him about his run-in the other day.

"Maybe I should have a little word with her." Kristoff fought his way out of Chance's arms, who pulled him back.

"No need for that." Chance kissed Kristoff softly on the lips. Earning themselves looks from everyone in the restaurant.

Kristoff a smirk ready to remark buy Chance covered his mouth.

"Not today."

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