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Kristoff woke up to light kisses on his neck, and a strong grip on his hips.

He fanned at the person, mumbling in his sleep.

"Wow, Kristoff is refusing me." Chance nipple at his neck.

Kristoff turned around at that, "I'm awake now."

Chance mouth found him, tongues fighting for dominance.

Chance twisted on his back, bringing Kristoff with him.

"What a way to wake up." Kristoff laughed, sucking at Chance's neck.

"Fuck." Chance got out, pushing Kristoff's shorts down and slapping his ass.

Kristoff grinds his hips.

Again in one Swift movement Chance had Kristoff on his back, pressing their bodies as close together as they could.

Chance pushed his pants to his ankle, placed his hands under Kristoff's ass, and pulled him closer.

Chance glared down at him with a burning in his eyes, "I'm going to fuck you until you scream my name."

"Fuck you until the neighbors complain." Chance kissed him greedily.

Kristoff gulp, ready to take all of Chance's length.

"Us--use the lube." Kristoff managed out.

Chance did as he said, oiling his fingers up then grazed his slick forefinger between Kristoff's cheeks.

Causing a moan to escape both their lips.

Kristoff tried to rock his hips, but Chance held him fast. "Don't be greedy now."

Kristoff moaned at the sensation as Chance circled him, then slowly ease a finger inside.

Chance squirt oil on himself, getting ready to enter Kristoff's virgin's ass.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Chance reassured Kristoff when he saw him staring.

He held his length guiding it to Kristoff's entrance, "fuck." He breathe out, he had just the tip in but that was enough to drive him wild.

Chance took his time to ease further and further, as to not hurt Kristoff, it was unbelievable how tight he was.

Kristoff held his breath trying to relax, biting his lips through the foreign object, trying to get used to the feel.

Chance circled his hips, going deeper and deeper until he fed all of his length to Kristoff.

He drew back his hips back then thrust, bringing forth moans from both of them, Kristoff arched his back to the sensation.

Silently begging for more.

It was like Chance heard his thoughts, he slowly withdrew, then inched back in.

He continued to draw his hips back and roll it forward, he wanted to fuck Kristoff harder but was afraid of hurting him.

"More, Chance more," Kristoff begged, pulling Chance towards him.

Tongue licking his mouth, when Chance gave him entrance Kristoff sucked on his tongue.

Chance knew there was no going back now, he had lost all his resolve.

Kristoff grinds his teeth, gripping the sheets and curling his toes.

Both cried out, cumming in a unison.

There were no words for how both of them felt, it was a spellbinding moment for them, new sensations, and experiences.

Kristoff rolled to his side feeling his eyes closing down, letting out a satisfied sigh he curled up closer to Chance, who enveloped him into his strong arms and playing in his dark hair.

Chance closed his eyes as well, there was no turning back now.

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