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Kristoff raises his glass to Chance, "shall we have a toast?"

Chance raise his own, "what should we drink to?"

"The bottom, of course." Kristoff smiled.

They down their drinks and the waitress was quick with the refills. She gave Kristoff longing looks as she does.

No doubt she wanted him between her legs but her kind and his would never mix.

It was still a shock to Chance that Kristoff was still this close to him.

It puts him on edge, not knowing what Kristoff was up to.

Chance had heard all about Kristoff. All his accomplishments, all his conquests.

Kristoff is not one to be messed with, he can make you disappear in a snap.

Kristoff noticed the deep frown between Chance's brows, signifying that he is deep in thought.

No doubt trying to figure out the upper-classman.

Kristoff took that time to admire Chance.

He has only been with one male before just out of curiosity, he has never been interested in another, well until now.

And it wasn't just any man but a street kid, who never knew the luxury of the finer things in life.

Kristoff's gaze roams over Chance's flawless, yet rough features.

Smooth skin, sad blue eyes, a well-chiseled chin and jawline, and a mouth that could make anyone cum.

It was no hiding though, Chance went through some tough years. Seemed to be still going through it.

It was obvious that his nose had been broken one time too many, he was in need of a shave, and maybe even dental care.

Once the waitress left again Chance uttered these words, "now that I've accepted your payment, ask your questions but nothing too personal."

"Straight down to business then." Kristoff took a swing from his fifth drink.

"Very well, why are you here?" Kristoff interrogates.

Even though he didn't mean the question in a malicious way, it still made Chance uneasy.

"Why not be here?" Chance countered, he sat up straight trying to act tough.

"Well from what I have observed, you seemed bored of this Gala. Maybe not what you had expected it to be?"

"How long have you been watching me?" Chance asked, he was now on edge, not trusting Kristoff or anyone in the room one bit.

"Long enough to grow intrigued," Kristoff met his gaze. "I must know what you were thinking in coming here," Kristoff added.

"I'm not used to revealing private details to strangers." Chance took a generous swig of his drink, blue eyes growing stormy.

Mostly from worry.

Kristoff ran his index finger along the rim of his glass, seemingly deep in thought, "so have ever been with a male before?"

Chance seemed taken aback by the question, he shook his head. "Not my cup of tea."

"It wasn't mine either until I had a sip." Kristoff took a drink, then licked a drop of wine from his lip that he purposefully let slip.

The words hold Chance rapt before he blinked back to attention, not knowing how to respond.

'How to respond to that comment?' Chance contemplates.

'Oh, I see. Very good. Thanks for sharing.'

"Well then," was all Chance brings forward.

Kristoff quickly changed the subject, seeing Chance's discomfort.

He didn't even know why he blabbed about such a secreted detail of himself.

"Join me, sweetheart. My treat. We'll travel the world." Kristoff smiled coolly.

"If you think to seduce me, it won't happen. I will never desire a male." Change got up to leave, but Kristoff grabbed his hand.

"Why me? Why not these many others that you have eating out of the palm of your hands?" Chance pulled away.

His hands were once again in fists.

"Like I said, just seeking friendship." Kristoff got up as well.

More intrigued than ever, to see how far Chance would go.

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