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"I need to go get some more detergent. Please don't touch anything." Chance gave Kristoff a look, he placed his hands in his lap and kissed him.

As Chance left a lady with curly hair stared after him, she made a face, then looked back at Kristoff.

"Are you two together?" She asked.

Kristoff at first didn't hear a word she said until she made her way over and repeated the question.

"Hmm, yes." Chance gave her a sideways glance.

She looked him up and down, "I'm Stacy."

"I've seen you around, that rich playboy millionaire. I thought you only liked women, never took you for a guys guy." Stacy played with a lack of hair.

"Billionaire." Kristoff corrected.

"I can help you, cure you." Stacy smiled.

"Do I look sick to you?"

Stacy opened her mouth but before she could reply Kristoff stopped her.

"The only sick person here is you, a disgusting little trash-"

Stacy slapped Kristoff across the face.

"See, nothing but a little trashed whore that throws herself around to make herself better. Now you hate me just because I spoke the truth." Kristoff smirked.

"You know nothing about me," Stacy screamed.

"It's topical of you. Think you're all that, gets rejected, says some dumb shit, blah blah blah."

Stacy's face turned red, "this is not the end of it you overly rich, selfish bastard."

Kristoff simply shrugged.

His lack of response made Stacy storm off, giving him the finger as she did.

At first, he would have been scared for anyone to find out that he was gay, he was so afraid that the few men he had sex with would have ratted him out, but surprisingly they kept their mouths shut.

They were the only men he had ever 'experimented' with, but then there came Chance.

He felt a spark when he first lays eyes on him, he thought it would go away, but no Chance evaded his very being.

Kristoff didn't care what Stacy wanted to do, see, or exposed. It was his life, and even if he lost all his money as long as Chance was with him, he'd be just fine.

Finally Chance came back, noting the nasty glares Stacy was giving him.

Chance paused to glance at her, the rolling of her eyes said it all.

She hated him.

Chance greeted Kristoff with a kiss and a blue slushie.

Kristoff grinned, bringing his lips to Chance, deepen the kiss more and more.

That was when Chance noticed Stacy videoing them.

Chance pulled away.

"Don't mind that bitch."

Kristoff told him what had happened, at first he didn't know what to think, then Chance did something he didn't expect.

Chance grabbed him by the waist and kissed him hard.

"Wrap your legs around my waist." Chance told him, Kristoff was taken back but did just as he was told.

Chance cupped his ass.

"You fucking fags!" Stacy screeched.

She stormed out forgetting all about her clothes, threatening to send the video and pictures to TMZ, and every gossip blog there is.

"Well she's a sour grape," Chance said.

Kristoff shrugged, "all-cause of rejection."

"Aren't you scared about what your family would say?"

Kristoff shook his head, "honestly I don't. As long as it doesn't scare you off when this comes out."

"Well you fucking arrogant bastard, I'm going nowhere. You got me for life." Chance winked.

And once again Chance left Kristoff speechless, he never would have expected him to say those words.

He grinned, "good, cause you couldn't get rid of me even if you tried."

"I know." Chance agreed.

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