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Before the night ended Kristoff and Chance's video was all over the internet, along with some made-up lies from Stacy, and her friends that weren't even present.

"We tried to force them into a back door foursome?" Kristoff was shocked by that part.

"Who even talks like that? First of all, it's an orgy and second gross."

Chance said nothing, the only thing that stuck to him was the fact that they called him a nobody, and wondered if it was all about money and if Kristoff was forced into this.

Someone even commented that Kristoff should blink three times if he was being held captive.

Kristoff's phone was all the while being blown up with calls, from family, friends, and nosy people trying to get the 'scoop.'

"And the old man just won't stop calling." Kristoff threw his phone on the sofa.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Chance pulled Kristoff into an embrace.

"I don't know Chance! Is this ok?" Kristoff pushed him away.

"What is this?" Chance could see the panic in Kristoff's eyes as he asked.

"I don't know ok," Kristoff yelled.

"Maybe you're just panicking cause you didn't want to give up on your lifestyle, you never expected this to come out and only wanted a fun ride with me." Chance's face was blank as he said it.

Kristoff didn't respond, he just scratched his head and turned back to the computer.

Chance tried to hold onto Kristoff, he wanted to know what he was feeling.

But Kristoff pulled away, "just leave me alone Chance."

"I've no one to blame but myself, just an idiot for trusting you. I knew the type of person you were, but still dived, like I did saw this coming." Chance's face was still void of emotions.

"Commitment does scare you, you talk your talk but look at you now. Tail between your legs." Chance laughed.

"Can you just shut the fuck up, this isn't about you right now?" Kristoff sneered.

"This is very much about me too Kris! It has every goddamn thing to do with me!" Chance yelled.

"Whatever." Kristoff turned away from him again.

"So does this means your done with me then?" Chance's voice broke.

Kristoff remained silent, his face pale.

Chance gave a humorless laugh, then walked to his kitchen he wanted to be level head, pouring himself a glass of water and another for Kristoff.

But to his surprise Kristoff was gone, Chance span around in disbelief, thinking that he was just in the bathroom.

Chance questioned himself, questioned what would happen to him now.

Kristoff could easily do damage control, but Chance. How could he face his friends? He wasn't ready to come out to them yet, Kristoff was just a friend to him for all they knew.

What would they say and think now, how would it affect his life?

Would Kristoff ever come back?

Chance began questioning himself, maybe he wasn't good enough, or maybe too good?

Hours turned into days, Kristoff hadn't contact Chance since that day.

He thought of clearing the air, but first, he had to speak with his father, because he wanted his family to stand behind him when he goes public.

Which his father hasn't said a word to him since he got to the mansion.

Just his sister who raised a brow at him, "I thought you said Change was only a friend."

And his brother who grilled him.

Kristoff went to the roof with a bottle in hand, wondering if Chance would ever forgive him.

"You look horrible, did you two have a bad breakup?" Kristoff didn't have to look to see who it was.

It was his annoying ex and his sister's best friend.

"Now I see why you dumped you." Meghan's voice was low and seductive as ever.

"I dumped you because of your rotten attitude, you are nothing but a spoiled brat who thought the world revolved around you," Kristoff told her truthfully.

Meghan laughed, "said the most self-centered person I know."

Kristoff glanced at her, she held up her hand.

"Not here to argue, just some advice. If you truly liked that guy go back to him, never let anyone tell you how to live your life. So what if the world knows your gay? It's the 21st century for fuck sake." Meghan playfully punched his arm.

Kristoff didn't reply, just stared out at the lights.

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