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For almost a month Chance couldn't get over Kristoff, blaming himself for falling for him, for believing that he would stay.

For a second Chance allowed himself to play with the thought that Stefan would come crashing through his door, he even played with the thought that maybe, just maybe Kristoff would go public and profess his love.

But those never happened, he never came, Kristoff went silent.

Chance felt like he was going insane, he didn't realize how much Kristoff had gotten under his skin.

The only thing he could do again leaves the country, go somewhere new.

But he wanted Kristoff. The person that turned him out, turned away from him, ran away in times of trouble.

The attention that he was getting made it worst, he couldn't leave his apartment or go anywhere without some random person trying to take his picture.

Chance ran his hand over his face, he felt out of it.

Was Kristoff even thinking about him?

He tried calling his phone countless times but got no answer.

All he was hoping for, was for it all to go away but it didn't.

Instead every weekend the media would go crazy, with something Kristoff did.

Kristoff was out clubbing with a female, 'was he truly with that girl, or is it all for publicity?' They would ask.

Kristoff was out golfing, Kristoff did this, he did that.

Chance threw his glass at the wall in anger, pulling at his hair he blamed himself again, he should have never gone to that party, never initiate any conversation, or even become friends with Kristoff.

Kristoff had destroyed his resolve, introduced him to a type of lifestyle, and now everything has crumbled.

Feeling all cooped up in his apartment Chance decided to go for a drink, but thought against it after stumbling a few times, he had already had too much.

"Damn you, you ignorant childish fuck! You ruined my life!" Chance yelled, breaking down.

Feeling defeated.

Struggling to find his resolve again.

After another five days, Chance got enough courage to go out, get some shopping done, and tried to enjoy the day, but there were too many eyes.

Some looked on in disgust, some had looks of pity.

But Chance had decided, decided that he could try and move on, and find a female that is willing to overlook this whole mess. Maybe start his family like he always wanted to.

But all he wanted was Kristoff.

Chance still had it in mind that Kristoff would come begging for forgiveness, and vowing that he could commit.

But Chance had to accept that Kristoff wasn't coming back.

Neither will his friends that made it seem like he had an incurable highly contagious disease, his so-called sister left as well.

He lost the job also, within a week after the news they sent an email.

But yet they don't discriminate.

Chance went about his day, stopping at his favorite Chinese restaurant, they were the few that still offered him a smile and encouraging words.

Chance ordered his usual, his mind drifting back to when he and Kristoff would come here, laughing and not caring about the world around them.

Then a thought hit Chance, the world knew that Kristoff was a player, but why didn't they know that he went both ways, it wasn't like they were hiding.

Everyone from the neighborhood knew, or maybe they just thought they were really good friends.

And what about Kristoff's friend, he could never remember his name, but wasn't he gay? Didn't he know about them?

Chance shook his head, he wanted to detox his mind from Kristoff, forget about him.

Chance was so deep in thought that he bumped into someone.

"Sorry." The two said at the same time.

"Oh, hey." The girl said.

"You're the girl from the supermarket," Chance pointed out.

"My name is Abigail." She tried for a smile.

Chance apologized again.

"Hey, hmm. This might not mean much but I'm sorry for how I acted that day, and what is happening now." Abigail gave a genuine smile.

Chance nods, "thanks, I'm trying to get over it."

There was an awkward pause, then the two tried to talk at the same time.

"You wanna come back to my place? We can share." Chance bleated out, holding up his food.

Another pause.

"Shit sorry, that was inappropriate."

"No, it's ok I guess," Abigail said softly.

"I just need someone to talk to." Chance tried.

"It's totally fine.'' She told him, then gestured for him to take the lead.

Before Chance could enter his apartment, his usually grumpy neighbor stopped him.

"Hey man, how are ya holding up?" He asked.

"I'm doing alright Miller." Chance told him.

Miller lingered a bit, "listen, I know we got off on the wrong foot but if you ever need anything, I'm just across from you."

"Huh, thanks." Chance was taken back, to say the least, he never expected Miller of all people to sympathize with him, he didn't know he had a soul.

Miller pat Chance on the shoulder and left, saying he was going to the gym.

That night Chance cried himself to sleep in Abigail's lap, she didn't judge him, and he was grateful for it.

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