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Kristoff paced the living room of his father's mansion, on edge.

His father had finally come home after so long he finally decided to speak with his son.

Kristoff knew his father would give him an ultimatum.

His father always expressed his displeasure for homosexual men and women, but would he understand Kristoff and his feelings for Chance.

Even though he was afraid of his feelings, he didn't know how to feel after all those things were said about him. His family's reaction towards him, his friends that just up and disappeared.

But all in all, he might lose the only thing in his life that mattered the most, especially if he doesn't act fast, he just hoped that Chance didn't give up on him.

He had been forced to not see Chance, all in the name of the family, had to do damage control so his father didn't lose his business partners.

The entire time no one thought about him, his feelings, or what was happening to Chance.

They always told him that there was no press as bad press. So what's so bad about this, why stop him from going public with Chance?

It was difficult for Kristoff to explain how he felt about Chance, he couldn't read the look on his father's face, and his mother was looking everywhere but at him.

His muscle's tensed as he willed his father to say something, anything.

"Well, son." He started, "you won't be the first or last gay person on this earth."

Kristoff raised a brow, was that it? That's all he had to say?

After he was doing all the talking for what felt like hours, all his father had to say was you're not the first and won't be the last.

"I did consider you as a misguided whelp, but not inherently flawed." His uncle stated, then raised his glass towards him, like that was the best words to say to your nephew.

"Lost to this world." His uncle added.

Kristoff held back the few words that he had to say, knowing that it could be damaging to his uncle.

But who was his uncle to judge?

It's not like he contributed anything to this family, it was between Kristoff and his parents, for some reason his uncle wanted their validation. Their approval.

Kristoff stared his father down, he knew that his father overlooked the many fuck ups he had done, but this, this was worst.

"Worthless." His uncle chimed in.

"But who are you to talk, the biggest screw-up this family has ever seen, I might be gay but at least I was never charged for rape. And I do have my own company, unlike you who has to leech off of us." Kristoff hated his uncle, who always had the most to say.

"What was that boy?" His uncle slapped the table.

"I said at least I'm gay, and not a rapist." Kristoff formed slowly, smiling cooly. Watching as his uncle's face turns red.

"Could you two not do this, please?" Kristoff's mother asked.

"This is between our son and us, if you haven't noticed not even his siblings are present. We have a reputation and we are trying to sort that out, so why don't you leave us." She got out.

Chance felt like gloating, to yell in his face, to laugh at his uncle but held back.

"Very well Sonja." He said, fixing his shirt as he exited the room.

Kristoff gritted his teeth.

After all the humiliation, the memes, the fun they poked at him on social media. His parents' silence was the worst, worst than that time a one-night stand of his claimed she was pregnant.

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