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Chance couldn't fight it anymore he needs Kristoff, missing his ignorance and cockiness. He has to find a way to get to him.

Chance has only been to his father's place of residence once before, for a party. Could he get past again, especially at a time like this?

It was killing to know if Kristoff still had feelings for him, but it would kill him even more if he showed up and Kristoff had truly moved on.

Then Chance had decided he will go, and no matter the outcome he'll accept it.

Chance didn't know the first step to take, how to go about reaching Kristoff.

He felt defeated and placed his head in his hands. Take the risk or go mad, take the risk or go mad. Chance chanted to himself, then gave a bitter laugh.

There was a time Chance thought he have gone mad for having feelings for another man, but look at him going mad for said male.

Chance decided to seek help, help from the most unlikely person. Kristoff long a time friend, Malcome.

On this second ring Malcome picked up, there was music playing in the background, loud shouts, and females laughing.

Chance perked up with a tiny spark of hope, thinking that Kristoff must be there, the two parties all the time together after all. And even shared a few women.

"Hey Malcome, don't hang up it's Chance." Chance began, his words were rushed as to not knowing what Malcome would do.

"And what the fuck do you want?"

Chance's ears rang at those words, "to talk to Kristoff, is he close by any chance."

There was silence, then Malcome voice came harshly, "and why the fuck would he be? I'm no longer friends with that fag, Kristoff is dead to me."

Chance was shocked he never expected to hear those words, but then again he shouldn't have been surprised, he saw through Malcome from the beginning and knew that he was only friends with Kristoff for the money.

Chance sighed, calling out Malcome on behalf of his beloved lover. "You seemed to be the bigger fag here Malcome, a gold digger that has been leeching off Kristoff, but what will happen when all that money runs out? Remember where you came from."

"You should watch who you're talking to, and be the one to remember where they came from."

Chance could tell that Malcome was wounded, "I sure do gutter boy, but that's what makes me a better man than you."

Malcome was once again silent then Chace hangs up, he had no choice now then to go find Kristoff. Even though he did not doubt that Kristoff was out nailing everything that moves.

Chance second-guessed himself, maybe he could truly find a woman this time, get married and raise their children. That's what he always wanted, well in the beginning he did, now he only wants Kristoff.

"That fucker played my head in." Chance said aloud, then let a heavy defeated breath.

But Chance had already made up his mind, he will go to Kristoff this night, no matter who tried to stop him, he just has to see Kristoff. Even if it will be for the last time.

Chance wanted to know if the feelings are mutually returned if they could start again or go their separate ways.

Chance got up at that, determined now.

He quickly got dressed in a burgundy long-sleeved shirt, a pair of black pants and sneakers, hair pulled back in a man bun.

Hoping that he looked formal enough to be in the presents of the Pantovic.

He left his apartment.

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