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Kristoff ran a hand through his hair over thinking about his situation, though his parents never said they supported him, only that it's his life and he can do as he pleased.

Kristoff didn't know what to decide, to choose Chance or live his life in a lie and lose someone that he truly cared for forever.

He had already betrayed Chance enough for not being there for him, the media dragged him without even getting to know him, they accused Chance of so much falsehood. All the while Kristoff stood by and said nothing, he didn't once go to the defense of the man he turned out.

The world hated Chance, but at the same time praised him. Maybe because of his money and influence.

Then Chance's words came back to him, telling him to be careful who he considered has friends, cause money can't truly buy a person.

Boy was Chance right, Kristoff looked to his left then right, no one was there, not one of his many friends, or even their friends.

Just then there a loud commotion from outside, Kristoff ignored it then, ever since all that has happened paparazzi would try to break in to get pictures, hoping to see Kristoff on one of his 'conquest with another male'.

But Kristoff was shocked to see that it was Malcome, looked out of par, drunk, and half-crazed.

Malcome shouted insults after insults at Kristoff, slurring his words as he did, it was hard to make out his drunken words. It was especially harder when he broke down crying, pulling at his hair and falling to his knees.

"How could you do this to me?" Malcome cried, his eyes bloodshot and nose red.

Kristoff gave him a stupefy look, wondering why Malcome was behaving so out of character and bawling in front of him. Thinking that it must be an act, Kristoff turned away from him.

"How could you cut me off and freeze my cards you gay fuck!" Malcome yelled at Kristoff back.

Kristoff stopped in his tracks, "is that what this is all about?" Kristoff didn't turn around. "Me not wanting to support your lifestyle anymore with my money."

Malcome face twisted with hate, "do you know how it feels to have your card decline before so many people, do you know how embarrassing that is."

Kristoff shook his head, "of course I don't, my money is bottomless remember." Kristoff gave a smirk, not in the least feeling pity for his former best friend, he already saw his true colors and felt no sympathy towards him.

Malcome tried to talk but Kristoff made a motion off cutting him, "Oh sweetheart, do you know how I feel to abounded in my time of need and self-loathing? When all my fake friends have left, the partying stopped, and so did the phrase."

"You reap what you sow, I just wish I had seen it sooner." Kristoff turned to walk away, as he did he caught a glance of thing.


Chance was there watching the entire ordeal, Kristoff's heart raced, he is afraid to make a move.

Thinking that it might be nothing but his imagination.

Chance caught sight of Kristoff and his heart constricts, he looked better than before, and him standing up to Malcome made him one hundred times sexier.

The two stared at each other, Kristoff at Chance and Chance at Kristoff. Willing each other to break first, Kristoff was the one to lose that fight.

Standing before him was the man he loves, looking all glorious. Kristoff could feel something warm running down his face.

Tears? Kristoff touched at his cheek, was it from joy?

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