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Chance enfolded Kristoff in strong arms, he never expected to see him break down, hell he never expected to see him at all.

"So this is who you are? I wish you both a happy life." Malcome spat, he spat on the ground before them, he gave them a nasty sneer then turned away.

"Chance?" Kristoff said in disbelief, wondering how he got in, and who let him in.

"I'm here," Chance held on the back of Kristoff's neck, resting his forehead on his. Both of their hearts racing, excited to see each other.

"So this is your lover?" Kristoff's uncle announced, he stood there staring at them both. "A round of applause for my faggot nephew and his faggot lover." He gave fake applause and acting like there was an audience in the room, as he gestured for them to do the same.

"Why don't you go elsewhere with your ignorance, I would say go find something productive to do, but you wouldn't know productivity if it hit you in the face." Kristoff waved him off.

"You better behave yourself nephew, and watch how you speak to me, or must I put an ass whooping to your backside like I should have done all those years."

Kristoff smirked, "oh please do uncle, I'll relish in it." Kristoff playfully licked his lips.

His uncle looked on in bewilderment, "you little f--"

"Faggot?" Chance cuts in, "it's the 21st century get with the new terms or hop off the wagon."

Just then a maid called for Kristoff and Chance to enter his home office, Kristoff gripped Chance's hand tighter. Chance gives him a comforting squeeze.

As the two walked into Mr. Pantovic's office he gave them a once over, he closed his eyes with a shake of his head. "I forbid this union!" He shouted, causing the butler to fumble as he poured them Whiskey.

When Mr. Pantovic opened his eyes again they were wild and ablaze and full of unreadable emotions. "I'll cut you off if I have to." He added.

"Then we'll go live on a farm, living off anything but the land, and hunt deers and wild pigs for meat," Kristoff announced, sounding crazed.

Chance shot him a sideways glance. Say what now? Chance thought.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I rather live like that in exile with you than anyone else," Kristoff muttered.

"We care about each other, so please just give us a chance." Chance tried to reason. "I understand that we possess two dicks between u-"

Mr. Pantovic waved a hand to cut them off, "I just can't stand to see my son throw his life away with someone of your caliber, you have to understand that he has so much potential."

Chance raised his hands, "wait so you're not upset because I'm a male?"

"I don't care a fuck that you are a male, I give a fuck about my son's standard or lack thereof." Mr. Pamtovic gazed at them.

"Dad, are you serious. You were the one who thought us about not judging others, but here you are, doing just that. You don't even know half the man Chance is, he opened my eyes to so many things. Especially about those people around me."

Mr. Pantovic sighed.

"Dad I'm truly happy," Kristoff told him.
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