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Chance drew Kristoff closer to him in a warm embrace, glad he was back in his life.

Kristoff didn't spear anytime and explained everything to Chance as they drove back to Chance's place.

"I'm glad we managed to wear the old man down and make him see reason, I'm sorry for how he was and viewed you," Kristoff said, reaching out to rest his hand on Chance's thigh.

"Eyes on the road you dumb prick." Chance yelled.

"I sure missed our banters, and again I am truly, truly sorry for abounding you like that, I should have been there for you sooner and not care what others thought." Kristoff brings forward.

"It is ok Kris." Chance nodded at him.

"Why are you being so nice to me after what I did? I fucked up that day. And I fucked up months ago by not coming back to you. I am so sorry for that."

Chance’s brows drew together. "I don’t regret what happened between us, because I love you truly. But I’ll kick your ass if you do something like that again."

Kristoff parked just outside of Chance's apartment looking up at the imposing building, he swallowed hard.

"I'm sorry I didn't have faith in you." Chance touched Kristoff's hand, Chance gazed over Kristoff's face.

"I still can't believe that you came to my father's house to plead our case." Kristoff cracks a grin, "you must love the hell out of me."

"You’ve managed to worm your slimy way under my skin, Kris. When you left, you took my heart and a piece of me with you. Go easy with on me, okay?" Chance nod.

"I'll protect you always, just as you'll protect me," Kristoff promised.

"You saying you love me?" Chance cracks a smile.

"Madly. I already knew from our time apart, the next day to be exact." Kristoff smirked.

Chance pulls at Kristoff until he was over the passenger side of the car and striding him, Chance lifts the bottom of Kristoff's shirt to caress his side.

Kristoff sucked in a breath, "your hands are so warm," he told Chance wrapping his arms around his neck.

"All the better to hold, guide, and protect you with." Chance smiled, planting gentle kisses at the side of Kristoff's mouth.

"Ready for the press conference tomorrow then?" Kristoff gazed down at Chance.

"As long as you're by my side, arrogant asshole." Chance teased playfully.

Kristoff's lips curved, "always."


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