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As promised, Kristoff had opened Change's eyes to a dazzling new world, taking him everywhere.

From erotic rainforest adventures, Film Festivals in France, and whale watching in Alaska.

Even plying him with the finest delicacies and jewelry, custom-made suits, a car, and a penthouse.

Still not knowing how their friendship blossomed for a drink, to trips.

Chance didn't mind, the world is now his for the taken and he would do just that.

Just not in the way Kristoff wanted him to.

Chance would always complain about Kristoff's lavish spending.

"My money is bottomless." Kristoff would always say whenever Chance complained about the price tag.

It made Chance felt like a cheap whore, someone that could be bought easily.

He was just a lowly man, after all, nothing more than a stray dog.

So why him, why Chance?

The two had packed three months of traveling into only three weeks, rarely sleeping, becoming inseparable.

They matched appetites, will for Kristoff at least.

He would bed a male as readily as a female.

He had no preference now and invited Chance countless times to join them on one of their bouts.

Chance wished Kristoff would stop trying to seduce him, he had no interest in men, and never will. He didn't think he would be able to be anyone's bottom in life.

Chance had stuck to one female, he met her right after the gala.

But for some reason she wasn't cutting it, it was like something was missing, a spark maybe?

But as usual, all fun had to come to an end, Kristoff had to get back to work.

While Chance decided that he was going to college, seeing that only well-educated people got by in life.

"Will you miss me when I go?" Kristoff inquired, he stuffs clothes in his luggage, not bothering to fold them.

You know I will." Chance said truthfully, never in his life did he have someone to call a friend.

He was alone all his life and now even if it was Kristoff who tries to bed him every chance he gets.

"Even though we have so many differences, our background, occupation, friends. We don’t have much that ties us together but thank you, you are nothing like I first thought you to be." Chance added after.

"Not a stuck-up son of a gun?" Kristoff laughs, he was still hoping to have more with Chance, more than a friendship.

But he was willing to wait, wait for Chance to accepting him, the world still didn't know about Kristoff's little adventures. Thanks to the many contracts he had the many men he had bedded with signed.

Kristoff would wait, they finished each other’s sentences, their minds seem to be synced, and best of all they trust one another.

But did Chance's affection for Kristoff ran deeper than he makes it out to be?

Kristoff is beloved by everyone, celebrated by his fellow companions, and social circle.

For the first time in so long, Kristoff couldn't get something he wanted, to dominate another male he so desired.

But he knew it was only a matter of time, Kristoff could see the curiosity in Chance's eyes.

He began to suspect he could truly seduce Chance, drag him over the finish line.

But when the time was right.

Kristoff just couldn't resist now, Chance just looked so mouth-watering in a simple white t-shirt, and blue faded jeans.

Chance turned toward Kristoff to crack one of his many jokes, which weren't really that funny but Kristoff laughed anyway.

"I’ve done a lot of things, but--"

Kristoff's mouth met chance.

Sensation flooded them both, electricity crackling up and down their spines.

Too much, too intense.

Chance tensed to jerk away, but Kristoff darted his tongue between his parted lips.

'Fuuuck.' Change allowed his mind to wonder.

Their tongues touched.

Kristoff threads his fingers through Chance's hair, drawing him even closer.

Breaking away from Kristoff felt impossible to Chance, his minty breath was sending him over the edge.

Some kind of madness was overtaking Chance, he even gave a tentative flick of his pointed tongue.

Then another.

Why can’t I stop? He thought, trying to fight off a moan, his knees were getting weak, his cock hard. As he explored Kristoff's mouth.

But all too suddenly Chance pushed Kristoff away, now coming to his senses, he backed away.

Did he just got hard for a man, did he just do that?

Chance ran a hand down his face, he felt passion, need, desire.

But at the same time Chance felt raw, naked, exposed.

"What have you done to my water? I'm straight. Why would I want another male?" Chance looked at his hands in bewilderment. And swore that that would be the last time Kristoff will ever hear from him again.

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