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3 years 4 months, that was how long Kristoff hadn't seen or heard from Chance, it was like he had vanished completely from the face of the earth. He spent days thinking nothing of Chance.

While Chance's mind would drift to Kristoff only once in a while, but hated it, hated what Kristoff had done to him. He tried his hardest to forget, forget the kiss, the sensation, the pleasure.

Where are you? Kristoff would wonder, searching college, after college. Campus, after campus, to find Chance.

Their separation had gone on long enough.

Kristoff wanted his best friend back, maybe even expand on a few parameters of their relationship.

No that's not what Chance wants, he always spoke about kids and a wife. But they can get married, and adapt even, that's if Chance would want that.

Would Chance want Kristoff, accept him?

And that's exactly what Kristoff was about to find out, he had finally found Chance.

In a small town in Colombia, not too far from Santa Marta, studying Marine Biology.

Chance was sitting in the shadows of a somewhat run-down bar, all to himself, seeming deep in thought.

Kristoff's brows drew together, Chance seems to have changed, his hair was longer, he now had a clean-shaven face. And his blue eyes seemed more intelligent. And his body appeared to have grown, became fitter.

A very beautiful black hair, dark-skinned native joined him, she planted a hard kiss on his lips.

Kristoff choked back a wave of jealousy, he never knew such strangling emotion before he met Chance.

A man passed by and slapped the female he was with on the ass, Chance immediately shot to his feet. And pushed her out of the way.

"Watch it man," Chance grated, obviously tipsy.

The other man was at least a foot taller than Chance, meaner looking, no doubt apart of some gang.

"Or what?" He snapped, pushing Chance back.

"You need to back away." Surely he wouldn’t brawl with a man like him, he was bound to have friends, weapons even.

"You do not want to do this with me tonight." Chance warned, it didn't seem like he was going to back down.

"Do what? Kick your ass, steal your cheap whore? Maybe that’s just what I want to do. Fuck her on this table too."

Conversations in the bar came to a hush, sensing a fight everyone shuffled for a better view.

When the man's gang members lined up behind him, Kristoff made his way through the crowd.

Chance slurred his words, "I know your type punk, just another thug. You've got no hope of actually bedding a female, so you settle into rape, mother must be so proud."

The man swing but Chance managed to dodge and used a serving tray to hit the man several times in the face.

"Chance!" Kristoff called out.

Chance turned towards Kristoff, hair tumbled over one of his eyes, and he impatiently raked it back.

Their eyes met, Chance heaved a sigh, wondering if their last encounter had killed Kristoff's attraction or made it burn more.

From the smoldering expression on Kristoff's face, Chance would say that nothing had changed.

And after years of being apart Kristoff's lopsided smile affected him still.

Chance gritted his teeth and left the bar. No doubt Kristoff followed behind.

"No word for your old friend?" He called, but Chance walked on.

Men on bikes rode past giving Kristoff the creeps, Chance knew about Colombia all too well. With all the drugs, violence, crime, corruption.

But he can't deny that the women and men were, without a doubt, beautiful.

"Oh come on, you can't still possibly be mad about what happened." As Kristoff said it, he eyed a group of females passing by, dressed in only bralettes, booty shorts, and flip flops.

That night had fucked Chance, he had never desired a male before or since Kristoff, he even questioned his time with females. They just don't entice him anymore, no matter their body types, or how much they put out.

"Tell me why you're here. To torment me?"

"Testing a theory." Was Kristoff's simple reply.

"Don't you miss me, Chance?" Kristoff cooed.

The way Kristoff said Chance's name made his pulse race, and the night flashback in his mind.

"Oh fuck off.'' Chance grunt.

"Yes, I would love to fuck you." Kristoff skipped over to Chance, as they waited for the cross sign.

"Still in denial about our little moment, I know how much it affected you." Kristoff was now leaning on a post.

"I for one enjoyed it, every ungodly minute of it." Kristoff was still talking, not even realizing that Chance had walked off.

He ran after him, "you might want me out of your life, but we can have so much fun together."

Chance sprint away, he didn't want to hear any more from Kristoff, his presence was too much, bringing back too much.

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