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Chance lay in his bed thinking back to seeing Kristoff, he didn't know how to react. First, he was taken aback by his killer good looks, he knew that handsome men were in Colombia, but Kristoff's beauty was incomparable.

The playfulness in his eyes, that damn smirk he always wears when he knew he is right.

Chance sighed, then rolled on his back, he just couldn't help but think of Kristoff. Could he really be with a man?

He raised his hands to look at them, there was no way he and Kristoff could work, Kristoff was a heartless, heart breaker who only fuck people for the fun of it. Chance is still surprised his nymphomaniac friend hasn't caught anything yet.

Kristoff was just going to fuck him once then throw him to the side, like his many conquests.

Chance would be damn if he let any man possess him in any way, especially a man like Kristoff. Someone that doesn't know how to love or commit.

Chance never had a family and he wanted that, a wife, kids, a dog, and a cat even. That's just something a man could never give him, he could never give up a women's warm body, the feeling of being inside them, their tender breast to suckle on.

And he knew that Kristoff would never change, he was just a rich, selfish person, he only knew how to use, refuse, and abuse.

"God, you look so hot laying like that," Kristoff's voice was low and seductive.

Chance practically sprung from his bed and scrambled to his feet. "How the fuck did you get in here?" His words came out in a sneer, his hatred boiled even more.

"Some hot chick sucked my dick for my admission, hope her dad doesn't find out." Chance could hear the smirk in his voice, thinking that the bastard was scum like always.

"Please leave." Chance sunk back on his bed.

"If you truly want me gone, then make it worth my while, spend this one night with me." Kristoff was normally the top, but considering how dominant Chance was, he figured he would be falling on that dick.

"Fuck off Kristoff." Chance waved him off, he was not up for this conversation again.

"If you still want nothing to do with me after our night of pleasure, I vow to never bother you again," the smirk was in Kristoff's voice.

"I will never fuck you, talking 'bout night of pleasure.' I'm not built or born like that, I was a street thug, still is and a man is never and will never be on my raider." Chance felt defeated.

In one swift movement, Kristoff jumped on the bed, pulling Chance on top of him.

"What the fuck man!" Chance trashed around trying to break free. He bucked and thrashed even more when Kristoff's hand reached for his cock, slowly pulling his zip down.

Kristoff managed to grasp a hold of Chance's shaft, it was hard and pulsing, and he could feel the pre-cum beading at the tip.

"Why are you so hard my friend?" Kristoff whispered, licking Chance's ears.

"I'll kill you fo--" Chance stops when Kristoff pumps his hands up and down three times.

"Enjoy this moment, cause it will never happen again."

A rumbling laugh came from Kristoff, he knew that Chance would give in, knew that he would give himself up to him.

With a defeated groan Chance relaxed into Kristoff's grip. "You better make me come, you prick. And then when you're done, I'm gonna gut you."

"Oh sweetheart, nobody has ever fucked my guts out before, but I'll look forward to it." Kristoff kissed the side of Chance's neck, making him shiver and clench his ass with each strike.

Kristoff ground his cock against Chance's back, feeling his erection ready to burst, desperate to penetrate Chance's backside. He would never push his luck, afraid to chase him away after he finally made such progress.

Chance manly scent made Kristoff drunk, he sucked on the skin of his neck, trying to fight the pressure as it builds and builds.

Imagining pounding into Chance with his thick, veined cock. Ripping into his virgin ass, the very first man he would ever convert.

Chance couldn’t hold back his seed, he lost all sexual control, unbelievable to him that a man would make him cum. Pumping cum in Kristoff's palm, he cried to the ceiling as he ejaculated.

Kristoff tensed against him, yelling as well, "Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck." Losing his seed as well.

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