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Chance woke to something caressing his face, he moaned and mumbled then open his eyes. There was shock, hatred, and annoyance flashing across his face.

"You sick fuck." Chance gritted out, punching Kristoff in the chest.

He made a huffing sound and rubbed at the spot. "Well good morning to you too sweetheart."

"Never call me that!" Another punch landed in Kristoff's face, drawing blood.

Chance climbed into Kristoff, wrapping his hand around his neck, squeezing with all his might.

"Ready for round two I see." Kristoff rocked his hips, grinding his stiff cock against Chance's morning hood. He smirked when Chance's cock jerked in response.

Chance quickly got off him, "we are both males, this can't happen." Chnace held his head in his hands, all sorts of things ran through his mind.

"Conclusion, you fucking enjoyed that, and soon we'll be going to my favorite part." Kristoff smiled, he got up from the bed and strode over to where the bathroom is.

"Just get the fuck out." Chance was defeated, how could he have feelings for another man? He couldn't believe he just fucked his friend's hand, lost his seed in it.

Giving up, Chance went wash himself, even though he knew that what had happened won't be cleansed away so easily.

"Wash my back, if I wash yours." Kristoff's rich voice came, he checked out Chance's ass imagining his dick between those tight cheeks, his cock pumping semen inside him.

"Glorious." Kristoff slapped Chance's ass, but he didn't react. He did it again, but still no reaction. There was just a blank expression, thinking that he might have broken his friend. Kristoff started to apologize.

"Save it!" Chance punched Kristoff in the chest, causing him to dub over with a fit of cough.

Chance left without another word.

Thinking that maybe a whore house would help him, help sort out all the thoughts in his mind. But no one called to him, the gears in his head were turning too much, Chnace didn't even notice the three female kneed before him.

Their tongue worked wonders, sucking on his member, flicking their tongue, even sucking his balls, but that still brought no pleasure to him.

"Fancy seeing you here," Kristoff strode over to Chance as if he wasn't following him. Kristoff watched as the ladies' hands, and mouths move up and down Chance long thick shaft.

Chance relaxed back on the couch, this time forging interest and pretending he was enjoying himself.

"Are you saying that I can't find pleasure anymore?" Chance raised a brow, his body jerked as one of the females' dipped her pointed tongue between the slit of his cock.

Kristoff flashed him a smile, "why would I ever sweetheart, I already have two females on reserve. I'm simply here to indulge, just like you. This body will die soon, so I gotta make it last and share it as much as I can."

Kristoff's gaze dipped to the females before Chance again, something flashed in his eyes, then he quickly looked away. Drumming his fingers on the armrest of the sofa, Kristoff's eyes were all over the place, fighting not to look at Chance, and the rod he was blessed with.

Chance heard the females whispering, saying that Kristoff should join them, which made him shot to his feet and startle both Kristoff and the females.

Before Kristoff could fully react, two very shapely women whisked him away, he dared to look back at Chance, whose expression was stony.

"Can we get a room too?" Chance surprised even himself, the females giggled but nod.

He followed behind them, his cock still out, bouncing as he went. No one seemed to mind his attire, greedy female reached out to touch him, while men looked on with respect.

"On the bed." Chance kicked off his shoes.

"Ride me." He demanded as soon as he lay on the bed, the room was dimly lit with a soft orange glow to it, and a sickly scent of incense burning.

He needed to get lost in sex, needed to get what happens out of his mind. But instead, it only made him aroused more, thinking back to last night.

The word bisexual crossed his mind, but could he ready be?

Suddenly the door was kicked in, and Kristoff was pulling Chance out of the room, and out of the whore house.

"You just have to ruin everything I enjoy don't you?" Chance pushed Kristoff off him.

“When was the last time you--"

Chance cut Kristoff off, "you took me from those females because you’re jealous to see me with anyone else."


"Admit it, even with your friends, whenever they give me the slightest acknowledgment you get jealous, why?"

"Because I want you, no I love you damn it." Kristoff snapped.

Even he was surprised at his confession, did he loved Chance?

"You are sick." Chance spat and turned to walk away, then glanced over his shoulder. "Someone like you can never, or even know what it means to love."

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