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Even after all this time away Chance was still helpless against this Kristoff, he could never truly walk away.

Filled with lust and fury.

Did Kristoff truly love him?

Why was he even still standing there?

Chance could just easily go back inside, but why was he hesitant?

Kristoff's brows drew together, "fuck my cock is hard." He announced.

Chance groaned, he felt defeated, hated himself for what he was about to do. He took measured steps back to Kristoff, his hands shot out and grabbed him at the back of his neck.

Then they were kissing, tongues tangling, lip biting.

To Chance it was madness, but maybe he was mad.

His mind was racing, a sensation like he never felt before rushed over him, could he do this with Kristoff?

The hot gentle breeze made it worst, Chance shivered, actually wanting more.

Never breaking their kiss Kristoff reached down, fumbling with Chance fly shoving his pants to his knees, then his.

Chance jolted when heat seared his cock, and their shafts made contact. He hissed in a breath, feeling his knees go weak when Kristoff grabbed him with one hand and cupped his balls with the other.

Chance did the same, mimicking Kristoff's actions, strange sensation flooded him. Then their lips met again.

Kristoff broke the kiss, grinning at Chance, "I often dreamt of the day."

Chance's eyes were stormy, and Kristoff didn't dare to say anymore, afraid he might pull Chance out of his trans.

Chance looked down at both their members, he licked his lips and Kristoff prayed he was thinking of taking it between his lips.

Chance suddenly grabbed Kristoff's nape, giving him a hard look. "I swear this will be the last time."

"For a minute there I thought you were going to blow my whistle," Kristoff smirked.

Chance managed to shake his head, still with an intense look in his eyes.

"Not even if I say pretty please." Kristoff gasped when Chance tightens his grip.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up." Chance warned.

"Every time I'm inside a female, I hope it brings you pain." Chance added after.

"I might just have to chain you up then," Kristoff remarked, he moved his hips into Chance's rough hands, feeling himself on the brink.

Kristoff was the one to break first, cumming all over Chance length.

Chance took a deep breath, then mumbled something.

"Didn't even make me cum." Chance hissed, and he wanted to, he could feel himself building, but just hands weren't enough.

Could he bend Kristoff over right now? Feed him his dick, would it feel the same as a female?

"No, I'll never fuck you." Chance said aloud, "but you better make me cum." He grunted.

Kristoff accepted it as a challenge, pumping hard and fast.

Chance balled his fist, "ahhhhhh!" He yelled as his seed spilled, his eyes rolled back in his head, he won't lie it felt so good.

All too soon Chance pulled away and landed a punch on Kristoff's face, causing him to land hard on his bare ass.

"Well that hurt, right in the ass," Kristoff grumbled.

"You like things up your ass." Chance struggled to get his pants up.

"Um no, I have never had it up my ass before, never the one on the receiving end." Kristoff rubbed his cheeks.

"Well I don't give a fuck, and you're. Not. Getting. My. Ass." Chance finally got his shit together and was ready to leave for real this time.

Chance tumbled, not realizing that his knees were so weak, Kristoff had made him undone.

"Kristoff, please after this leave me alone." He strode off after saying those words.

"After this little blood-curdling moment how could I?" Chance jumped to his feet.

"You said you would!" Chance shouted.

"Correction, I said if after this you don't want anything to do with me then I'll leave." Kristoff gave a lopsided smile.

"You little shit, you followed me here." Chance blamed.

"Well, you kissed me," Kristoff smirked.

Chance groaned and ran his hand over his face.

"Just leave me alone Kris, you can never love, you don't know what it is to love anyone." Chance walked off.

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