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"I"m straight. Why would I want another male?" Chance mumbled to himself as he placed the short distance of his bedroom.

He ran his hands through his hair several times, he didn't understand, thinking that there must be a logical explanation.

And drugs, like he had originally thought, wasn't it, he should know because he did a drug test on himself and nothing, it was all negative.

So did that mean he did catch feelings for Kristoff?

But he wants kids, that could never work between two men, could Kristoff even give up his whorish ways and commit to just Chance?

There was a crashing sound, startling Chance.

Kristoff stumbled to his feet, brushing invisible dirty from off his shirt.

"What the fuck? You know what? Never mind." Chance contemplated how to kill Kristoff, and if he could get away with murder, maybe make it seem to look like a mugging.

Chance watched Kristoff's steady gaze, "like what you see?" Kristoff's ever cocky voice rang out.

Chance shook his head, in that moment he pounced on Kristoff who smiled, until Chance's hands wrapped around his neck.

He squeezed but dropped his hands with a heavy sigh, "what have you done to me, Kris?"

Kristoff didn't seem fazed at all, "nothing yet."

Before Chance could react Kristoff pushed him back onto the bed, kissing him deeply, Chance responded inviting Kristoff with his tongue.

'Why does this feel so good?' Chance wondered when Kristoff started to grind on him.

Not long after Kristoff collapsed beside Chance, breathing hard.

"Weak." Chance said, more to himself.

He threw an arm over his face, 'what the fuck just happened?' Shock consumed him, he just gave in to Kristoff, twice.

Chance shifts his arm to glance at Kristoff. He had a smug satisfied grin.

"You voodoo me didn't you?'' Chance said.

Kristoff leans up on his elbows, giving Chance a quizzical look. "Voodoo? Where and why would I even do that?"

"Louisiana." Chance said simply like it made all the sense in the world.

Kristoff repeats his statement, as it rolled around in his brain.

"Yes, the French Quarters has a lot of witches and those types of shit, so you must have paid a hefty price for this, this magic." Chance said, waving his hands.

Chance shot up at that, "that's what you did wasn't it?"

Kristoff raised a brow, "what kind of drugs are you on darling?"

Chance scoffed.

"Be at ease, lover." Kristoff teased, watching as Chance brows drew together.

"I want children." Chance stated.

"I can give you kids," Kristoff replied.

"Are you-you-ugh-fucking-forget it?" Chance stammered.

"Not only is it remotely impossible for two men to have children, I know that it is remotely impossible for you to commit." Chance added.

Kristoff opened his mouth to argue, but Chance countered that. "I know you, Kris, you bore easily, can't even keep a partner for more than a week. So how do I know that won't be the same case between us?"

"I love you, Chance," Kristoff said, reaching up to caress his face, Chance swat him away.

"And what do you know about love?"

"Tell you what, if we fuck and neither of us likes it. I'll leave you alone forever." Kristoff raised a hand and placed it over his chest in an oath.

"That will never happen!" Chance bellowed.

"You're right, I can never leave you alone." Kristoff tapped his chin.

Chance eyes raked over Kristoff, could he fuck another male?

Slide his dick into someone?

"Just let go, Chance, I meant it when I said I love you. The fact that I never chased anyone, or even brought them places before. Even you know that you know all my secrets, my dreams, everything. Things that I don't even share with my family, you know that." Kristoff was defeated.

He wanted Chance more than anything, he felt like a little school girl that catches butterflies whenever Chance was around.

Kristoff's mouth curled into a grin when he saw Chance nodding, thinking he was saying yes.

"Why do I even bother explaining things to you?" Chance sighed.

"Think about it, we could have a good long run at this." Kristoff touched Chance's knee.

"At what?"

"Us as life partners."

Chance let out an unamused laugh, "no. You think of no-one except yourself! Why did I ever become friends with you? Nothing but a selfish player with no thoughts of the future, you have your dad's money at your disposal after all. So any fuck ups you do, puff it's gone.

"Have you ever thought about all those females and males you have been with? How they must have felt? You took a part of them, a part they'll never get back for crying out loud. But do you even care?"

"Are you even fucking listening to me?" Chance sneered.

"Sorry I was nodding off." Kristoff smiled lazily.

"Why do I even bother?"

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