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"Just shut the fuck up and go to sleep Kris." Chance pulled a pillow from under Kristoff's head, threw it at the foot of the bed, and landed with a groan.

There was a deafening silence, leaving Chance with his thoughts until he drifted off. Making up his mind before he did.

"And where the fuck are you going?" Chance came out of the small bathroom just in time to see Kristoff heading for the door.

"You don't want me here Chance, so might as well I leave. Good luck with the rest of your schooling."

Chance leaned on the frame of the bathroom door, he knew damn well that Kristoff wasn't going anywhere. He would stay in Colombia the entire time and watch him from afar.

"You wanna go for lunch?" Chance asked.

Kristoff squealed and clapped his hands, "I thought you'd never ask."

"Don't ever do that again, it is weird." Chance pushed himself off the wall and slammed the door behind him.

"So sensitive," Kristoff murmured.

He didn't have to wait long before Chance stormed out of the bathroom and stalked out of the room, he didn't even wait on Kristoff, who had to jog to catch up with him.

"Slept well, sweetheart?" Kristoff asked, he walked close to Chance with his hand brushing against his hand.

"Just can't keep your hands to yourself can you?" Chance stuffed his hands in his pocket, causing his already tight pants to hug his ass even more.

"I'm surprised that you can even keep your dick in your pants." Chance continued on.

"Well if I wasn't in public." Kristoff grinned.

"How long would it last before you got bored and strayed?" Chance kicked at a stone.

Kristoff wondered if Chance wanted to give it a try, he knew that he had to be serious, or else he might lose him forever.

"As I said, I never--"

"Don't give me that silver tongue talk." Chance warned.

"Remember I know you, one night stand Kristoff." Chance mocked.

"Is that the reason for your hesitation, or is it cause I'm a male?''

"Both," Chance replied without hesitation.

"You can't keep dwelling on that forever...., it's not my fault that everyone wants my cock. Maybe if I didn't have a cock?"

Chance pinched the bridge of his nose, "maybe I don’t object to the fact that you have a cock. Maybe I object to the fact that your cock has you."

Kristoff stopped, "that makes no sense."

"Cause you have no sense."

"Look Chance, I really do like you. You have no idea how much I feel for you until you actually let me show it." Kristoff's voice was pleading.

Chance stopped to look at him, "it's hard for me to just change from my ways. Please understand that, understand that I have to come to terms with all this."

"If it's kids that you want, we can adapt. Get a surrogate."

"That's not all Kris! I want loyalty. Your words mean nothing, I don't want your money or any of the fancy shit. You of all people should know that too."

Chance glanced at Kristoff when he noticed a very attractive female jogging by, dressed in a sports bra and yoga pants. With her tits bouncing up and down.

But Kristoff's eyes were elsewhere.

Again Chance glanced at him when a group walked by.

Kristoff seemed fixated on a long chain-linked fence, or rather what was behind it.

Chance tapped Kristoff's shoulder, causing him to almost jump out of his skin.

"You okay?"

"Just look at them." Kristoff never took his eyes off the Iguanas on the other side of the fence.

"They are harmless," Chance pat Kristoff on the back causing him to jump again.

"Calm yourself." Chance walked away, not in the least concerned about the oversized lizards.

Kristoff's eyes trailed off to view other scenes, he had never been to Colombia before, mostly because of how the news portrayed the place.

He found that the people were not only beautiful but friendly, and the place was cheap. His 10 billion easily tripled there.

Kristoff found himself wandering around, losing sight of Chance and the reason why he was outside.

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